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Exact is a Dutch software company that offers accounting, ERP, and other software for small and medium enterprises. Exact develops cloud-based and on-premises software for industries such as accountancy, wholesale distribution, professional services, and manufacturing, serving more than 400,000 companies.

Exact performs poor business decisions, employees are mistreated and management doesn't care about their clients, an actual employee shared a review at indeed.com

"Exact is a losing proposition. Their installed customers are a mess. Management does not care about their customers and they care even less for the employees. Very poor business decisions. Treat the employees in an unprofessional manner."


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Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Exact is a losing proposition. The are trying to sell a product called Macola that is so outdated. The product has had no R & D expeditures other than bug fixes. Their installed customers are a mess. Management does not care about their customers and they care even less for the employees. Very poor business decisions. Treat the employees in an unprofessional manner.NoneOverall, the company just sucks."

Sales Management (Former Employee) says

"Exact is a low down slimy company, period! The culture here in the US is very low down. Upper management tends to "manage"'people out of their positions by using downsizing as a reason, but will turn right around and re-fill the same positions within 60 days. There is NO diversity in upper management at all and the HR Manager is a real ball breaker! The turn over is very high and the products lines aren't selling very well.Nonehealthcare, lack of management opportunities, lack of diversity"

Heavy Duty Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"fellow workers hard to work with . Management try's to pick fights with workers at work, they drink at work. Safety is unheard of . Very unskilled fellow workers.enjoy working on service rigsfellow workers management"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Exact is an international company, the main office is located in Delft, Netherlands. The management in the "Americas" IS NOT the best! At anytime, ANY TIME, this company will lay employees off and to "justify" their actions, they'll use performance evaluation as the reason. They will also lay off some people within an area and call it "restructuring," but it's really to get rid of the low performing people and will rehire for the positions. Don't be loyal to this company is they are not loyal to you. Since Ohio is "employment at will, they will use this to their advantage. Many people have worked there for years, as their previous employers were bought by Exact. What your back and good luck!"

STYLIST (Current Employee) says

"To work as a team it's very important, respect should be mutual and to be dedicated.When were short staff it not easy we work underpressure .Good thing is our management they are so understanding and supportive when it comes to individual matters like famaly issues. What I learned in this company you can grow fast if you show potentialNo free only when we meet targetGood money but problem with transport"

Finishing Department (Former Employee) says

"They have different rules for different people...all depends on how their day is going. Some people get away worth things being done wrong to where others get into trouble over the same things."

GDC qualified Dental Nurse (Former Employee) says

"yes brilliant day was good did admin things culture great every day was fab!!! i dont understand what company exact is and why i am being asked to write a review! makes no sense. please can someone email me and explain why this is necessary please let me know i ddidnt want to write a review for bespokegdfgsgdd"

Latin America Channel Manager (Former Employee) says

"Exact is huge over the Netherlands, it try to eat the world buying business software companies but too fast; The culture on the Netherlands is so different and the company did not understood that.Cloud baseOld technology adquire"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Pros, a very good supervisor that can understand your situations but has limited authority to help with your demand. cons, had to work for a full year to get just one week of vocation."

stylist (Current Employee) says

"I work as a stylist at exact.postmasburg Admin, merchandising, filling, customer services and house keeping. Cellphone consultant. And as a cashier.free luncheslong hours"

Shipping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Entry level job with not much room to grow. Clerical & some light factory work. Ordering, shipping & receiving. I did manage to make some nice acquaintances & have a few laughs. The hardest part of the job would have to have been the somewhat solitary work environment I did find joy in the people I got the chance to meet people from all walks of life.friendlyshort breaks, little human contact"

Financial Controller (Former Employee) says

"leuk bedrijf te zakelijk / formeel je bent een nummer"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A place where you learn how to interact with different customers and to achieve set targets for the company so we can all benefit and also adequate staff incentives.Enough rest periodsNo holidays"

Retail Sales (Former Employee) says

"Working at a retail is great because you get to interact with my people, know how to deal with people Working with people makes u learn so many thingsFree breakfast gift vouchers"

sales and cashier (Current Employee) says

"I've learn so much since it was my first time getting a job, so now I know how to deal with different people and also to know how to work under pressure."

stylist (Former Employee) says

"working with customers was the best,enjoyable job,meeting new different people and learning culture was a great experience,i have never had hard time."

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"Am hard worker.respecting time.window dressing. Figures. Admin.security check. Merchandise.cellphone consultant.floor need and tidy.stockroom also.customer service."

Secretary of the agency business and business (Current Employee) says

"I work in a special factory in management. I love to work sincerely and perfect."

General Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"I would recommend anyone who needs help finding work they will most definitely find s solution to help find a job that fit your skill set, and if you didnt have any skills they will help you and train you"

Sr. Product Marketing Manager Exact Online (Current Employee) says

"Exact is een bedrijf waar veel gebeurt en veel ontwikkeling plaatsvindt. Collegiaal maar altijd meer te doen dan dat er in je werkweek past. Niet erg, je moet de juiste prioriteiten stellen. Fijne collega's die veel delen, maar je moet zorgen voor je eigen doelstellingen. Veel mogelijkheden om je te ontwikkelen.Dynamisch"

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