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Evonik Industries AG is a stock-listed German specialty chemicals company headquartered in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is the second-largest chemical company in Germany, and one of the largest specialty chemical companies in the world. It is predominantly owned by the RAG Foundation and was founded on 12 September 2007 as a result of the restructuring of the mining and technology group RAG.

A former employee at Evonik Corporation in Birmingham shared his/her bad work experience in a review posted by the KUNUNU website: “Attractive facilities, unattractive workplace. An incredible pressure to perform, nothing is ever good enough. Stress levels very high. Measurement of "performance" variable and they measure performance all the time. Rude, ugly treatment from managers--the worst I've ever experienced”


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no room for creativity, hierarchy, no opportunities for personal development, work-life-balance depends on department"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Over worked and under paid!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No structured training. Lack of career development. High favoritism displayed in multiple departments."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"very slow dicision making process"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In the lab, a lot of samples come through. You are expected to give results in a certain time. That time isn't based off of the time the operators need it by, it's based off of other technicians. If you are a girl, you have a slight advantage because the operators flirt with them. Your rating for the year is almost solely based on how the operators feel about you. You can literally sleep on the job and be slow if they like you a lot. If not, then you will get a bad rating no matter what. They go by a system from 1 to 5 for yearly rating. If someone in the plant gets a 4 then someone has to get a 2. They will make up any excuse to give someone a 2. There is no upward mobility unless you are willing to be there for 10 years and they, again, like you. Some people with way more experience get passed over for someone who has the biggest mouth. Also, 12 hour shift work is great and awful all at once."


"Managers target other managers for bullying that last years. People with chronic attitudes aren't disciplined or dealt with in any way. Raised voices are common."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Originally called Brookwood, then Surmodics, now Evonik, no matter what the name, the management and supervisory staff was, for the most part, shockingly immature and childish. In the employee evaluation meetings, I heard the most petty, childish, unconstructive things said by managers in public about their direct reports. Not from all, but it was tolerated by all, especially the top bosses. It would feel like being stuck in an eighth grade clique or "mean girls" movie. Not to imply this was one sex or the other, both male and female managers have a problem with maturity. I would also hear managers throughout the years refer to their employees using dehumanizing terms, almost like they were mechanical tools. The top management also encouraged an atmosphere of "separatism", the employees who had originally come over from SRI in the beginning (2005, I think) were heralded, over and over again, as the great explorers who risked their lives to head westward in the great expansion. Everyone else was left to feel like the unwashed hoards. Get over it."

Human Resources Manager says

"If you are a woman in this company - you either have to be under the age of 30 or an Engineer. There is no respect in this old boy's network for any woman 35+ with a brain. If you look at HR - most if not all of the staff are under 30 - it is a running joke within the Company. There are a few managers to respect who are professional and a pleasure to work with - but not many."

Product Manager says

"Degussa (Parsippany) has a strong management staff. The Goldschmidt unit (Hopewell VA) is very poor and suffers from an incomplete assimilation by Evonik/Degussa. Goldschmidt operations in the Americas and Europe operation independently from Degussa. A double-standard exists for north american employees - advancement is reserved for German expatriates. Americans have little/no advancement opportunity. Most decisions are structured to benefit the business units in Germany - for example, transfer pricing and local pricing is set to manage german production unit's profitability. This is o.k., except that American managers remain responsible for local profitability without having authority."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place is so horrible to work at I quit after a few days. I tried to report an unsafe leak and was screamed at by the production manager. You would think after 20 some years working in janesville he would of picked up people skills."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Dictator style leadership with a hierarchy loving manager. Being a sycophant and pampering him constantly-speaking German helps as well- qualify you to his circle of “favorite employees” where you can shape his opinions by your own opinions, gossips, lies. It goes without saying that favoritism and nepotism rule this organization. Employee retention is not an existing phenomenon here. On the contrary, he often suggests his employees to leave if they don’t like it there. It has become a joke among Evonik Ticaret employees as he says it to everyone attempting to criticize something. GM acts as an HR, too as there is no HR department and no one in the company is qualified as HR responsible. Team leaders are mostly incompetent and try to micro manage you to the point you wanted to quit. Basically you get harassed if you don’t play it by their rules.No distinctive prosNo HR with over 50 employees."

Good question (Former Employee) says

"Working conditions at that place is very poor. Plant manager is not very good.... at all. And that's say ALOT. Not every manager will be liked but when you run people away at the rate that this person does then you're bound to get your plant shutdown Its even worse the way people who are not in certain groups are treated That place is like middle school , high school with all the games they play. If you're an adult then this place is definately not for you Hopefully the new company cleans house and bring in people who actually know their jobs. Not people who go around rubbing people the wrong way and causing divide in what would be an otherwise healthy workforce.Two plants are next door to it.maybe you can walk across and interview w/o taking any days offPlant management of course. That's numero uno issue then friends of management"

Warehouse Worker/Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"If you don’t like long hours if you don’t like having 12 different people telling you what to do 12 different ways and if you don’t like being watched on the camera all day long way three people are sitting up in the control tower making twice as much money as you watching you in babysitting you and every little move that you make I would not recommend this place it’s a great job for a young person just starting off maybe for a career advancement but definitely not for anybody besides that very dusty work with chemicals which didn’t into your skin your longs not healthy I would definitely not recommend this to anybody over"

Back up Operator (Current Employee) says

"Learned a lot of machine skills, management picks favorites, and the morale is the lowest I have seen. Been lied to by management, and held back from advancement so managements favorites could get the jobs without seniority.401K and benefits are good.Poor training, and back stabbing is the norm."

Backup Operator / Assistant Operator (Former Employee) says

"i worked at evonik for a very long time.i knew my job very well and had perfect attendance as well.then came the day i got laid off and lost my job to some guy that was there for about 8 months and didn't know his job.management s*cks.co workers are ok but there are some hero's that management loves because they kiss a*s.if you don't kiss a*s you won't make it very far.life is better after evonik because they s*ck.don't bother .no prosmanagement"

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Garyville location for 5 years and befriended some of the hardest working folks I will ever know. The company refuses to compete in the very industrial area and the wages/benefits are lagging behind neighboring facilities. Fast paced work and it will definitely hone your troubleshooting skills. Wages were frozen for a period of 2 years and management told us, and I quote, "If you don't like it we suggest you seek gainful employment elsewhere.".... So I did, along with a large portion of the younger workforce. Great starter job, but does not reward you long term. Very narrow minded management style. Again, greatest hourly folks you will ever have the pleasure to work with.Great teamwork, family oriented shiftWages benifits are not competitve for the area, Lots of mechanical/process issues not resolved leaving operations to struggle every day."

Chemical Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"why am I reviewing Evonik? the union people I worked with were great and like family. especially, since I lived with them more than my own family. forced onto a fireteam, was stupid and unsafe. Luckily, the team was full of very good people.union shop USW L7807rotating shift / no work / life balance"

Praktikum (Former Employee) says

"Versuch macht klug! Mehr gibt es hierzu nicht zu sagen."

KP Assistance (Current Employee) says

"Don't waste your time to be humiliated and treated worse than road kill. Front office managers think they know everything when in fact they do not have a clue."

Technology Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company is actually the agglomeration of many different companies that have been acquired over decades. The culture of the group with whom you work will be very different from the culture in other businesses and regions. Some businesses are quite open to working as a global business (true MNC) while others prefer all decision-making to be made in Germany with R&D outside of Germany only being "contracted." Even within a business line, the site location matters a great deal; some sites are very relaxed and have supportive and collaborative colleagues, while other sites are more complicated politically. Across the board, there are highly skilled, extremely intelligent chemists within this company. If you can find them and get time with them, you can learn a great deal.Very intelligent chemists, particularly within the headquarters of each BLEvery business, region and site is different, pay can be below industry average"

Inventory Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Very political place to work, if you were German with a no experience or skills you were selected as a manager role. very pathetic and no job advancement or training skills. There goal is to keep the German jobs and eliminate everyone else's worldwide. The bad apples get promoted while experienced employees get the shaft.school reimbursementno work life balance, political warfare environment, looked down upon senior employees. management looking for outside employees than internal."

Small molecule Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"Do not recommend Evonik’s Tippecanoe labs worksite. High pressure, stressful, too much required overtime with little/no advance notice, poor communication between and within departments, sloppy adherence to safety/GMP/RCRA standards. This review covers both production & engineering positions"

Transfer Tech (Current Employee) says

"Watch out for dishonest managers and workers, they have the ability to vote you out if the union people have someone they want brought in. The managers don’t fight the union people if they want something done. Everyone is selling each other out. Disrespect is also another problem here, if they don’t like you people will show it in the worst way. they don’t care about anyone."

Technical Person (Former Employee) says

"Strugle with computerOrganize days workAttend meaningless meetingsPerform workCalculate and report workInteract with coworkersnice facility and beautiful campasjob security is non exsistant"

Contract Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Maybe just different culture. Not able to feel the teamwork and people there are not approachable. No communication. Overall, i dont feel good being there."

Controller (Former Employee) says

"Evonik seems to be in constant reorganization mode as frequent changes in upper management leads to someone always wanting to put their "stamp" on the organization. Corporate culture is one where to move up you need to be willing to change positions and locations every 3 - 5 years. Loyalty, experience, knowledge, accomplishments, honesty, integrity, ethical behavior, and a great work ethic do not necessarily count for anything to some of the mid-level managers and decision makers you directly work for. If they If they do not like or want you for whatever reason, a reason will be found to dismiss you.Excellent Benefits.Corporate culture is too political. Moving up is often a function of who you know not what you know."

DCS Technician (T1) says

"If you join Evonik be ready to become a politician. Never believe anyone is your friend. Ever. Do not take a job with the site maintenance or engineering groups. If you have the opportunity to join one of the production facilities, you'll be a lot better off."

Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Name of game = German business culture operating in Americas. Management = hit or miss, some good and some inept for their positions and responsibilities. Many managers of all levels do not communicate well enough, set unrealistic targets (markets cannot bear budgeted expectations within allotted time frames), and do not work hard to learn about their team members. Most managers simply don't care and don't believe they should have to. CYA operation most often times - prohibiting employees from actually carrying out the responsibilities for which they were hired for. Very good compensation."

Sachbearbeiter im Bereich Logistik & Verkehr (Current Employee) says

"Sehr hohes Arbeitseinkommen bei viel zu wenig Personal. Unternehmen ist auf sehr hohe Gewinnmaximierung aus, leider auf Kosten seiner Mitarbeiter. Fortbildungsmaßnahmen sind gegeben, aber meistens außerhalb der Arbeitszeiten. Management ist eindeutig der Schwachpunkt des Unternehmens. Die Kommunikation zwischen den Führungskräften und den Mitarbeitern ist nicht das Beste. Die Einrichtung der Mitarbeitervertretung ist gut.relativ günstiges Mittagsessen .Arbeitgeber fordert mehr Arbeitsstunden bei weniger Gehalt"

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