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Sand production (Current Employee) says

"The company is all over the place"

Muestrista (Former Employee) says

"Una empresa donde no pagan tu tiempo y si no llevas control de tus horas no te las pagan Cons: No te declaran el 100 % de tu salario"

Chairside Externship (Former Employee) says

"I was an extern and I found the office very fast paced. I never developed a love for general dentistry and probably will try to avoid it as best i can."

Accounts Payable Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company has been out of business for a couple of year now and does not exist anymore"

Gerente de Cuentas Clave (kam) says

"Pésimo ambiente, esquema arcaico, empresa familiar manejada con una infinita falta de respeto a la gente, no hay crecimiento, director no permite que alguien figure o sepa más que el, a quien se osa hacer algo distinto es corrido de inmediato Cons: Todo"

vendedora integral (Former Employee) says

"ambiente laboral toxico por la parte administrativa, afecta a los empleados"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Messed with my money messed me around told me I'm working when I wasn't really unsuccessful place to be honest wouldn't advise anyone to work there at al if you do make sure you get paid"

IT Digital Portfolio Manager (Former Employee) says

"Do not recommend it. Job is a terminal career with no advancement opportunities. Leadership needs training. Projects are fun to work on but culture is limited to imperialism."

JEFE DE COMPRAS (Current Employee) says

"empres que esta en crecimiento por lo que falta personal y mayor administracion de recursos"

inspector de calidad (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa en la que normalmente tu opinión no cuenta y solo se hace lo que los jefes dicen aunque no sea lo correcto. Cons: Falta de relevancia a tu cargo"

Shipping Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Everlast is not a hard place to work. Once you get the hang of your position, it is really quite easy to do the tasks required of you. Typically a day involves picking orders, packing them and doing data entry for shipping labels and manifests, getting weights and/or measurements of the shipments, and staging them for future shipping. Cons: Lack of leadership and support from some in the supervisor positions."

Phone Sales (Former Employee) says

"Hard place to work, was hard to get people intrested about the products you were selling. Cons: fast pace, little breaks"

Sewing machine operator (Former Employee) says

"I actually liked working for Everlast. In the sewing department I had no trouble with my fellow employees and as long as you could keep up with them they have no problem with you. I like the fact that we got bonuses for piece rate as well."

vendedor integral (Former Employee) says

"Buscar maneras de incentivar a los vendedores, evaluar nuevas maneras de atraer clientes Cons: salario"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work, was very repetitive and fast paced. 4 positions of the line were 1 box making, 2 topper 3 packer 4 machine runner. Each ran for 2 hours and we made and packed products for boxing and other sport production"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Good products, productive environment and helpful coworkers quick learning. My boss was really comprehensive and open to teach with patient and dedication Cons: competitive environment"

Attempt supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I think it will take a lot of time and productivity to become someone, I have seen people with more than a decade experience working as a general labor yet."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company didn't tell me they were closing my store until the day they did. Also Corporate office wasn't that helpful when needed."

Andy McGarry says

"Abysmal customer service. No response to e-mails or phone calls. They have taken over my DW club and have managed to make already poor customer service worse, typical Mike Ashley company."

Chelsie says


Absolutely disgusting customer service from Everlast. Rude and unhelpful staff. Don’t get a call back from management when promised! Facilities are rubbish and not worth the money at all.

A contract that should have ended in September is still being taken out of my account the following January! Will not issue a refund! In fact they are now wanting me to send bank statements over the last 16 months showing payment (surely this is something they have)

If your thinking of joining a gym I urge you not to join this one"

Sheryl Martin says

"like many others on here i feel as if i have been taken for a mug, by this company, paid a year up front in February with DW, they sadly went into administration, received e mail to say Everlast were taking over and were going to honor the membership as they had bought the existing business, but trying to get in touch with anybody is a joke, they can send me e mails asking me to join their gym for a great price,how would it be a great price if i have already paid up front !! they sent an e mail saying they have my data due to taking over from DW, but yet don't admit to having my well earned cash, they need to sort themselves out or their gym will be empty!! certainly no good reviews anywhere about this company, we need to stay away and put money in a pocket of someone who deserves the business, the way the country is at the minute you would think this company would want to keep a business, obviously not, went by the gym yesterday certainly didn't look ready to open to me ,empty and dirty , i am taking this further as it really isnt fair to us customers"

Vladimir says

"Very poor and ignorant customer service. Prepaid my membership back in 2019 for 12 months and due to Covid I froze my membership for 3 months. After the administration Everlast fitness clubs closed the gym in the town I moved to live and work. The manager of the gym promised me to arrange my refund for the remaining period of the contract, after providing them with my bank statements and proof of address. I have never received any money back yet. The manager has stopped replying to my email since 02.11.20. I have complaint to the fanacial ombudsman and waiting for their advice."

Andy McGarry says

"Appalling Customer Service. I've moved house and am no longer near a gym. Everlast do not answer the phone, respond to e-mails or Facebook messages. Buyer beware"

Helly B says

"Everlast do you know what appalling customer service you have, you fail to reply to e-mails, you keep me holding on the phone-line forever, you happily take over my membership from DW fitness without my consent, you keep my monies over £700.00 for yearly memberships paid for back in February and not used due to the pandemic. You are a disgrace."

Luke Harmer says

"Attempted to cancel membership due to issues like: No use of jacuzzi/ Sauna / Steam room. Workmen constantly walking though gym during day time opening hours. Lack of water in the shower facilities. Broken equipment left standing for months with a sign on. Mooring and intimidating Personal trainers who display complete disregard for others who are training if they have clients.

When I cancelled my membership via email, mid November, this was not responded too. The first contact I had was automated from the ‘missed payment’, at the start of December. They require another months payment from me, although I wished to cancel halfway through a month I’d already paid for, thus they gained £15 from me on unused gym membership. I find this ‘money grabbing’ rule is very naughty, especially for those who have been paying a rolling contract for over three years.

I called the EVERLAST HO and explained why the payment was not completed and that they needed to address my complaint. This was the 1st of December and I did not receive a call from the NEWPORT EVERLAST gym until the 17th December. I had one call from the manager who clearly has not read my complaint. So I re-explained. She stated she could do nothing for my final payment and that it’s a ‘Head Office’ issue, and they are having difficulties with Head office. I explained that is her issue to deal with and she shouldn’t really be telling me that detail.
She said she would call me back, to which she called later that day. I could not answer as it was between 0900-1700 and I was working. I was left a voicemail stating the head office had decided my complaint was not worth waivering the final payment, and that the payment has been passed direct to a debt collection agency.
This poor service and result didn’t surprise me as I’ve received poor customer service throughout this debacle. I’ve emailed them to explain if they had called me, and spoke to me (or at least left a forwarding number) I would have in fact paid the outstanding months membership. Now I am awaiting, either an email from EVERLAST (which I may get in 2024) or an email/ call from a debt collection service and a black mark against my credit score no doubt.
All this because EVERLAST Newport has very, very poor standards and services, especially since re-opening after lockdown."

Adelina Ivanova says

"Whoever was also scammed by Everlast - speak up! Call Citizen Support line and make a case of it; this way, if we are ever pursued for cancelling our direct debits, we can show exactly why we did it! Do not let these people scam you and take your money for nothing"

Gabrielle Ellington says

"Disgusting and frankly illegal dealings by customer services. When I first joined and paid online I had another 2 months of problems and 3 more direct debit contracts I signed at the club itself because they didn't set me up properly from the start, now same story trying to leave. I issued my notice to leave and accept I have a 3 month cancellation period. Somehow they want to charge me for 4 and saying my notice period can't start because their customer service say so, not what their contract says. They are not honoring their own terms in the contract. I also asked to be refunded for the period I was charged whilst the country was in lockdown, again was told they can't. Simply disgusting, stay clear people!"

Emma W says

"Have been emailing everlast since start of October to cancel my membership. Several emails sent all ignored. I submitted the cancellation form twice again no reply. I sent a private message on Facebook again no reply. I contacted my local branch manager who told me it had to be done online so i tried again and again no reply. Two months later I decided to cancel my direct debit and have now been sent emails saying I have breached my contract and they will take further action!"

Adelina Ivanova says

"Just got another email that I HAVE MISSED MY PAYMENT! The nerve of these people is endless. Tried AGAIN to call them with no response, and wrote my 25th email to their team. It is ridiculous that in the UK there could be company like this."

Chrissy says

"The worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Have been trying to cancel my membership since September. No response. Ring the number online, no answer. Go to your local club ‘just cancel the direct debit’. Overcharging and using a global pandemic as a way to keep charging customers. Absolute disgrace. Avoid. Avoids avoid!"

susan Gravesley says

"Just cancel your direct debit mandates, they'll soon contact YOU instead of you chasing them. Why should you pay for November when the Gym is closed. I know they are offering 25 days in December in lieu of November but that doesn't work for most people. It's a scam."

Bad Gym says


Simon S says

"Shocking and terrible customer service. They illegally created a new direct debit, took money from me despite not being in contract with them for months they are refusing to return the money they took. A criminal organisation owned by Mike Ashleys Sports Direct."

Simon MK says

"I was a DW Sports gym member who got transferred over to Everlast Fitness in the recent takeover.

I too have similar frustrations with cancelling my gym membership with Everlast Fitness. In early October, I emailed their membership department to give cancellation notice. When I got no response, I then emailed the manager of my local branch who advised that I should cancel via their website. So I followed this advice and soon enough, I got a standard response acknowledging my cancellation with a promise of an update once they have processed my request. To date, I have no further response.

I also noticed that they have recently started taking money from my bank equivalent to one month’s subscription without any warning. Alarm bells are now ringing and I have cancelled my direct debit. I do not trust this company any longer.

Hopefully, this Company will do the right thing soon and redeem itself."

Becky Broad says

"Awful company with horrific customer service. Froze my membership with DW and now taken over they’ve charged me in full for 2 months and still unable to get hold of them or get any responses. Do not recommend. Will never join any of their clubs again."

CM says

"Avoid Everlast gyms. Since taking over DW they have taken two unauthorised payments. I have emailed 6 times since August and still haven’t had a reply. I have now had to involve my bank.
Appalling customer services."

Lois Lewis says

"I have had the worst customer service i have ever experienced with this company. Their contract tries to scam you out of all your money and the staff give you all sorts of false information when you make any enquiries about your membership. The gym is ridiculously overpriced and is not covid safe at all"

Jude Figgis says

"Tried to cancel my membership in September - no response to emails - £32 taken from my account on 2nd November. I read Trustpilot reviews and realise that I’m not alone and this is happening to lots of members. Such a shame DW have gone. They were great"