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EVARREST® is a fibrin sealant patch indicated for use with manual compression as an adjunct to hemostasis in adult patients undergoing surgery, when control of bleeding by conventional surgical techniques (such as suture, ligature, and cautery) is ineffective or impractical.

Drugs.com's medically reviewed article on Evarrest mentiones warnings, "Thrombosis can occur if Evarrest® is absorbed systemically. Apply Evarrest topically to the bleeding site only. Evarrest® can cause hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylactic reactions. Symptoms associated with allergic anaphylactic reactions include flush, urticaria, pruritus, nausea, drop in blood pressure, tachycardia or bradycardia, dyspnea, severe hypotension and anaphylactic shock. Avoid application to contaminated or infected areas of the body, or in the presence of active infection. Infection can occur from application to an infected site. Evarrest® contains oxidized regenerated cellulose which adheres to bleeding surfaces. Inadvertent adhesions can occur. Avoid using Evarrest® in, around, or in proximity to, foramina in bone or areas of bony confine where swelling may cause nerve or blood vessel compression. Use the least number of patches possible during surgical procedures because portions of excess patch material can become dislodged and migrate to other areas of the body."


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