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Eva Gaëlle Green (French: [e.va ɡa.ɛl ɡʁeːn]; born 6 July 1980) is a French actress. The daughter of actress Marlène Jobert, she started her career in theatre before making her film debut in Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers (2003). She achieved international recognition for her portrayal of Sibylla, Queen of Jerusalem in Ridley Scott's historical epic Kingdom of Heaven (2005). The following year, she played Bond girl Vesper Lynd in the James Bond film Casino Royale (2006), for which she received the BAFTA Rising Star Award.

A member of REDDIT under the name of ¨u/Nutsford¨ claims Eva Green is a terrible actress, "She may be very pretty, have a great figure, be willing to get me out at the drop of a hat, but she’s a terrible actress. Acting is more than doing an agonized squint. More than doing your ‘low sexy’ voice. Those are the only two things I can think to criticize her on - because they’re the only things she ever does. If she didn’t look like she did, she’d be an understudy in the local am-dram company"


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