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The Channel Tunnel (French: Le tunnel sous la Manche), also referred to as the Chunnel, is a 50.45-kilometre (31.35 mi) railway tunnel that connects Folkestone (Kent, England, UK) with Coquelles (Hauts-de-France, France) beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover. It is the only fixed link between the island of Great Britain and the European mainland. At its lowest point, it is 75 m (250 f


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Rainer Whiston says

"Extremely poor company. Never thought I'd say this but it looks like the only way I'll get my money back is if they go bust. That couldn't happen to a nicer company. I feel sorry for your employees. You need to look at the way you treat us customers. Thieves and crooks is all you are. Flat refused to refund despite the fact that we are in lockdown and unable to travel. Scumbag company."

Ivan says

"If I could leave no stars I would. I purchased a ticket in July 2020 for travel in September 2020. It is non refundable. However, I was unable to travel due to Covid lockdown. I am still unable to travel and do not expect to be able to travel before September/October 2021. Eurotunnel will not extend the validity of the ticket. They keep saying I chose not to travel!! I am not allowed to travel by law, not my choice but rules and laws laid down by the Government. I would expect a little leeway in these exceptional times but no, Eurotunnel could not care less about it's customers."

Richard Robinson says

"During this difficult period Eurotunnel need to lengthen the duration of their 12 month limit on amending tickets. We cancelled last Feb 20 trip and will not be able to use this Feb 21. Other providers give refunds etc. They are a monopoly and this is an abuse of having that privilege...Richard"

Suzette booth says

"Ref: 17220633 -I booked a non refundable crossing to Calais on the 10th March 2020 in order to attend a wedding in Poland. On the 26th March 2020 I had to cancel it because of COVID-19. They gave a booking for the 7th January 2021. I was happy with that at the time because another wedding was to take place the following month and I thought I could use it then. Now, both weddings have taken place and I have no need to use the ticket. However, you are refusing to refund my ticket. This is contrary to advise given which is that you should refund the ticket when the original reason for travel has been cancelled owing to something beyond my control. If I were to travel to Poland/France now, I would be breaking the government’s firm instruction not to travel from a lower tier into tier four. We are in tier 3 and Folkestone is in tier 4. I was told that I could have travelled at any time during lockdown but I obviously couldn’t/shouldn’t. I have been told to transfer my ticket to someone else or take a voucher. I just want a refund as it is not my fault that I am unable to travel. In fact, advice is that refunds for travel, not taken due to COVID-19, should be refunded."

Gordon says

"I am sorry but for a company of this size to take 14 days to process a refund is frankly shocking."

Jayne Fergusson says

"Journey canx due to Covid totally understand that, and appreciate that the call centre is short staffed today but why can’t you contact them by email? That would be great customer service. After hanging on the phone for nearly an hour AND being charged 30p per minute by Vodaphone still can’t move canx journey to a future date. In these exceptional times additional support should be provided to customers."

Mo says

"They can delay you for no good reason and not compensate you what so ever"

d t harbour says

"The worst cross channel service I have ever had the misfortune to use, delays of over 3 hours, no notification by text or e mail before we showed up at folkestone. Corralled for hours with no explanations, no staff present and information boards that bear no resemblance to reality. I will never use this crossing ever again"

Stephen pacey says

"I am unable to travel on the booking and cannot change it. All I want is a credit note from Eurotunnel but I have tried frequently to contact them by telephone. This is virtually impossible. what appalling customer service. I have travelled on Eurotunnel many times before but from now on shall seek other options."

Bryony says

"Awful experience with Le Shuttle. Terrible customer service and it is clear that the company does not give a damn."

Clayton Sadler says

"I had a 5.19am crossing booked for this morning, I realised I would arriving a lot earlier than this, so went onto the app and updated my return journey arrival time, paid the additional fee and was booked on for 1.19am.. Happy days I thought, until I arrived to book in, I them find out the system that was updating my booking was not actually updating it for the return journey but instead booked from Folkestone again.. even though I am already in France.... now I am trying to speak to extremely rude lady at the kiosk and just says you have the wrong ticket and I should spend another £378 to change it back.... I am sure this is some kind of scam, as I am forced to pay twice for the journey...."

Barry Fletcher says

"Iam a frequent traveler with Eurotunnel and have been since it started and spend around £4000 a year just tryed to purchase another 12 to be told they no longer sell them for the time being shameful company they have zero loyalty"

victor broes says

"I have just tryed to book one of my Frequent traveller tickets not realising i used my last one last week i work in Belgium but live in the Uk i roughly buy around 40 plus tickets a year to be told at the moment they are not selling frequent traveller bundles and i would have to book with normal tickets so normally the price of this for a 48 hr return would be around `£90 not now its around £360 this company has no loyalty terrible company"

Hazel Godley says

"To cancel frequent traveler tickets to loyal customers without warning is unacceptable. Don’t expect them to return when you show such contempt to them . Shameful"

Mandy Z says

"Implemented new rules stopping the legal and safe transport of rescue dogs to the UK. No warning, no consultation, poor and confusing communications. Condemning innocent animals to die. Avoid a company that behaves like this."

Heather Dianne says

"Eurotunnel, I'm disgusted that you are preventing animal welfare centre from transporting more than 5 dogs at a time meaning that adoption fees for these poor rescue animals will sore, have you no shame! If it wasn't for these rescue centres thousands of dogs would be destroyed or would be living in horrendous situations and now because of your greed these shelters will be prevented from carrying out their fantastic work without huge cost. Have a heart and save lives and stop this ridiculous rule from coming into force"

Steve west says

"Poor communication and fill a form in to complain advises 'customer support'. As you know Eurotunnel send updates about your return journey and general info. But actual useful info is never shared. Situation Issues in the tunnel and lorries queuing for over 2 miles to leave autoroute to turn into tunnel. Only my experience told me to ignore the queue and carry on to the point where the exit divides into car and feight. Arrived okay allocated a letter for loading - R (1320) - and proceeded to wait as 'call was to be imminent' and the next letter S was expected to be called in 20 mins . As we approached 1300, I ignored the advice drove onto the waiting area , thru the open barrier and onto a train - train departed 5 mins later. So again my experience was ignore the process and go for forgiveness not approval! No Eurotunnel staff on the ground only the 'toilet attendant' advising left for girls, right for boys and the sanitiser is by the door. Thought I would ask for an explanation before I shared. Brooke in customer support said the process to complain is to fill a form. No apology, no ownership and no customer centric thinking. So Eurotunnel are poor in my mind when the could excel as a monopoly providers - no challenge and perhaps determined by the French culture ( who knows) but a good example of how things should be. It is no wonder that people are discouraged from travelling when the actual crossing can be a nightmare"

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