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Europcar Mobility Group is a French car rental company founded in 1949 in Paris. The head office of the holding company, Europcar Group S.A., is in the business park of Val Saint-Quentin at Voisins-le-Bretonneux, France.

Today Europcar operates in 140 countries covering Europe, North America, Western Asia, and Africa. Since May 2006, Europcar has been owned by Eurazeo. Keddy is the Europcar leisure rental sub-brand.

A customer they lost talks about "Booked a car online, they didn't have any car left when we arrived to pick it up, holiday ruined. We also had to raise our voice to have a receipt for cancellation as they wanted to dismiss us without it simply because the staff couldn't be bothered to produce it. If you care about your plans, stay well away from Europcar".


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Former Employee - Programmer says

"imagine an IT dept where the managment have no interest or knowledge in IT, working with them was hell. some really big high pressure projects and the managment think IT systems grow on trees or something managment have a very rude bullying culture, HR are the worse so there's nothing you can do about it, complaining makes it worse. I worked there for a long time and trust me it is worse than you can ever imagine as the managment do not care and are not interested in the work you are doing."

Former Employee - Rental Sales Agent says

"Low wages No cars Management have nor got a clue Micro managed No breaks No toilet No staff room Not enough staff Customers are treated badly Your not allowed to help customers Cheesy sales techniques I could keep going, biggest reason I hate it was the manager being rude to staff and micro managing."

Current Employee - Sales Manager says

"Poor communication from top down, company regularly lies to you, no higher position so no clear career plan, no ongoing training"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pay, Commission Structure stressful due to its jumps, dealing with customer issues due to management faults."

Senior RSO says

"Higher management is really bad. They do not pay u for overtime and just pay the flat rate. When question them they say u have signed the contract stating u r happy to receive flat rate!!!!! They take over bookings and expect us to do sales with limited or NO car available. Sydney Airport is the worst location to work. The managers are planted from UK. Who come to Australia just to have their little holiday on working visa. Very racist when it comes to promoting people. Though there are deserving candidates for mgmt roles, they would hire someone from UK. The fleet managers are ruthless people. Do not help the front end staff with organizing the cars. If that place is still up and running it is only because of the front end staff who takes all the responsibilities and tantrums from the customers and still manage to put up a great show. There are few managers who drive u nuts by expecting u to pump up the revenue with no resources available. Which is ridiculous.!!!!!!!!!! I am sure none of the RSO's are happy working in a company like this. Only the managers who are planted from UK are happy as they do not deal with any problems they are happy sitting at wash bay and having their smokes ."

Current Employee - Ktw Driver Agent says

"Not knowing the time when you should finish work, very long hours, NO support from management, poor pay, treated with total discontent (your just a number not a name) and above total lack of investment."

Current Employee - Ktw Driver Agent says

"Very long working hours. Never knowing from one day to the next what time you will finish.No breaks.I worked from 0715 until 2245, on Tuesday then had to start at 0545 Wednesday. (Honestly!). Minimum wage . Terrible working conditions."

Current Employee - --- says

"UNETHICAL to employees and customers, Bad pay/awards & hours which causes many problems due to tight budget set by higher management, constant unreasonable pressures from higher management"

Former Employee - Customer Service says

"lieing to customers, is very bad"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"PAY The Greenway system is specifically designed to make it impossible to do your job effectively. The people above you are bonused on your performance, meaning they put pressure on you for their own gain. The pay.... Is incredibly bad. Minimum wage for the service agents... A pittance more for office staff."

Gerente (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa que ve poco por sus empleados y no les interesa en lo más mínimo los problemas personales que se pueden presentar"

Recursos Humanos (Former Employee) says

"No vale la pena invertir, mal pagado, conflicto de interés"

Impiegato di concetto (Former Employee) says

"Mancanza di professionalità poco personale lo e nessun rispetto tra colleghi. Paga misera senza giorno libero. Si lavora tutta la giornata portando le macchine avanti e indietro dai villaggi turistici."

Chargé de clientèle (Former Employee) says

"L'aspect le plus agréable est une fois qu'on est formé, on est autonome. mais cela prend beaucoup de temps. Il y a grand problème de Direction sur les ressources humaines, trop de différences de salaires avec la hiérarchie. Des objectifs impossible à atteindre."

Driver/Valetor (Former Employee) says

"Zero hours.treat like a dog Min wage.treat rumanians better than English because they kiss bottoms very well. Customers lied to all the time. Also rip customers off on damage to achieve bonus."

Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"Don’t care attitude from the management, rude, dodgy, everything based on lies.Bristol Airport and Horfield branches are with dodgy management. Don’t waste your time with them! Communist attitude, watch you all the time?"

SALES DEPARTMENT (Former Employee) says

"Πολυ ασχημη εμπeiρια και πολυ αγχος για το τιποτα. Απαραδεκτη συμπεριφορα απο ολους.Κοντα στη κατοικιαΚαθολου αδειες"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Nothing to say just i don t reccomend this company, poor salary, nothing benefits, no rights. You are just like one robot for them and doesn't care nothing about you."

Customer Experience Manager (Former Employee) says

"This has to be the worst company I’ve EVER worked for. Extremely underpaid for the work load involved. I can’t express how unprofessional this company is on so many levels."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"The worse experience ever. Underpaid, stressful , zero recognition, impossible targets To achieve as a must, no training, no stability,no keys to deliver car to customers. Full of brown-noses where Everyone is willing to do everythig everything just to become the boss's preferred ones because they dont know what to do with their lifes. over exaggerated expectations in exchange of peanuts."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company....use you all the time and then cluster managers take the credit...they make up lies and RIP staff off...cut hours with no notice and discriminate against people who are disabled and have low income."

Sales Rental Agent (Former Employee) says

"0 hours contracts, the minimum wage per hour, forced to work 6 days a week without any rewards, while the manager wouldn't even turn up for work. Think twice before you apply."

Ejecutivo de Ventas (Former Employee) says

"Necesitan poner a Gerentes que sepan del mercado y motiven a los vendedoresLa venta es buenaNo dan apoyo parejo a los vendedores"

Driver/valeting (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the job, but far too many backstabbers in the team. If your face fits your ok, if not your out of a job, far too many favourites and laziness that gets overlooked because they're the Invincible Three. the management know who they arePaid lunchLong hours, and uncertainty"

Car Park Agent (Former Employee) says

"Most people there don't help you out and put you I difficult position to do all the worrk yourself. Miss leading team leader in returns. Not very freindly staffNoneMin wage"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Typical day - (zero contract hours,minimum wage even after 8 hrs worked) 7:30am start,don't arrive too early,you'll get made to work unpaid until then,expect average 12hr+ day,+ working saturdays.You can also be sent home at a minutes notice unpaid or after you finish your break if no work to cover whole team,rota can be changed at minutes notice to suit company,any plans you've made are irrelevant.Will end up using you're own phone at you're cost to solve company's problems.Current management Unapproachable and hostile to drivers but not with favoured ones who received best runs that were kept especially for then and not first come first served but most of us are seen as the lepers of the company,(high turnover of these due to poor treatment they receive),KPI's,business figures and personal sales bonuses are paramount,so office based personnel/staff are treated much more favourably by station manager.Good delivery & collection driver co-workers eventually get ostrasised and forced out,whilst some lazy,sneaky workers can do no wrong(Nepotism also in part). The most enjoyable part of the job actually was getting out on the road away from the internal politics and inequality caused by management cronyism inside the depot,and releasing those stresses by having some banter with the customers.Would certainly be a decent place to be employed under more superior directorate.There are no pro's.Poor management leading, Long hours, Little training, Undervalued, Minimum wage, Zero hours contract"

Coordinador de Recursos Humanos (Former Employee) says

"lo unico bueno que tenia era el ambiente, hasta que llegó un nuevo jefe que te insulta tanto profesionalmente como personalmente, casi nadie a podido tolerarlo malas prestaciones, de bueno no tiene nada. te exigen mucho por un salario minimo no conocen el significado de etica laboral no respetan el horario inestabilidad laboral, ya que corren al personal a cada rato, sin una verdadera valoracion no pagan lo que prometieron te exigen pagar cuando hay un error de la organizacion de la empresa,el compañerismo de algunas personasmalos salarios, y un jefe que no te respeta como persona"

Service agent, Driver (Current Employee) says

"Management is tragic, no social life, too much hours and not competitive salary. Too many duties for small money and the manager won’t listen to you she only shouts at people, don’t know how to run this kind of business.NoneEverything"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"When you work at europcar it a long day cleaning cars and vans collecting car and van and delivering alround kent doing paperwork and working a hand computer that don’t workNo we lose half hour pay for lunchLong hours"

Call Center Agent / Sales (Former Employee) says

"One of the WORST Companies in the World to Work for. Vardakis Group - Hellenic Αutomotive s.a that represents commercially Europcar (not Europcar HQ) in Athens Greece has some Serious Problems when it comes to Payroll every month. As part of companies corporate culture...and not financial problems they just Never Pay Υou until you Resign and every month they recycle staff. Just reply to their ads and you will find out.NothingYou Will Never Get Paid."

William says

"Booked the car to pick up at 19.30 hrs only to find no one there to pick car up. Left stranded at Luton airport along with other customers."

Imran Mirza says

"Rented a car from Germany and asked if it could be returned in Switzerland to which the agent agreed. Not one person mentioned any additional cost. What a pleasant surprise I got when I arrived back in the UK to see the bill. I nearly fell off my chair. A ONE WAY FEE OF approx £2,500 was charged for not delivering the vehicle to Germany. After several phone calls explaining the situation to customer services, I offered to book a next day flight, and deliver the car myself, to which they said that there was no need and that due to an error in the system I would get the penalty reduced. Months passed and not one agent could close the case which ended up being escalated to the station in Germany. I explained yet again that for that amount I could have easily bought a second hand car and drove it myself around Europe. They mentioned that I would get a full refund, and then finally after months of waiting I received an email stating that due to their terms and conditions the one way fee was not going to be refunded. So I lost that money, plus all the international phone calls, and time spent calling their support lines. Honestly save yourself the hassle and don't use them, it will save you a headache in future."

Energy says

"Here are my 'Top 10 – Frustrating Europcar Experiences' from a recent six-month rental and they should give you a sense of the reason I definitely wouldn't recommend Europcar... 10. Waiting to be served (at Heathrow branch) in what seemed like a never-ending queue – as Europcar privilege members jump ahead of ordinary customers (like me) waiting in the queue. I’d be showing on the screen as next to be served and then watch my name drop to 2nd or 3rd place, as privilege members arrived. Nice touch! 9 Entering my local Europcar branch to find nobody at the service desk. Then asking a member of staff outside if anyone was serving, to be told: ‘The girl’s on a cigarette break, she’ll be back soon.’ This one was actually more disbelief than frustration. 8 Calling Europcar to extend my rental over the phone, several times, and each time being told the payment on my debit card had failed. Bear in mind, this is a card I’m using all the time with no problem – it even works fine in Europcar local stations. In most of these instances they extended the rental and told me they’ll take the balance next time I visit the branch, but on the latest occasion I was advised that I couldn’t renew the rental. It was only when I pointed out that there must a problem with their payment system and explained previous agents had allowed me to pay at the branch that they agreed to do the same. 7 Having a Europcar customer service adviser (in Bulgaria) argumentatively insisting I’m not entitled to a five-door car – while I’m looking at my rental confirmation, which clearly states the rental is for a five-door vehicle. 6 Being told by many customer service agents that to call my local branch directly I should ring the branch number and press 3 followed by 2. That's incorrect information. The last time this happened I made clear it has never worked and they checked this and came back to advise me it’s actually 4 that I need to press. I find it hard to believe that so many of the Europcar customer service team are unaware of such basic information. Not being able to call my branch directly wasted large amounts of my time. 5 Getting a Citroen C3 with an infotainment system in French – apparently due to the unit being recently replaced and nobody thinking to change the language. On request, they did change this for me but on my way home I realised both the digital odometer and tripmeter were set to kilometres, rather than miles. I know Europcar is a French company – MAIS OUI – this is England! 4 Discovering the above Citroen had no parcel shelf and so anything I put in the boot was on display to passers-by. I didn’t spot that it was missing until a couple of weeks into the rental and had twice left valuable luggage in the boot – not realising it could be seen. I consider myself very lucky that the car wasn’t broken into. 3 Returning the car with no parcel shelf to my local branch and asking nicely if they could either fit a shelf or give me a replacement vehicle and getting the reply that they had no spare shelf and no other cars in stock to offer me. But then, moments after asking to speak to the site manager (to raise my concerns), being told a car had just been returned and they would get it ready for me right away. An incredible coincidence? Maybe! 2 Having the message COMPOSITE PROTECTION ACTIVATED appear on the car infotainment screen – rendering the unit inoperable. This is apparently a security feature designed to lock the system if someone steals it. Not sure why this one suddenly decided it had been stolen, after several days of working fine, but I messaged the Europcar support team to ask how I address the COMPOSITE PROTECTION ACTIVATED issue. I also explained in my message that I was unable to use any of the screen operations, including the radio. Their reply: ‘Please be advised that according to your rental there is no protection package included.’ I may possibly of considered this quite funny if I wasn't already at my wits' end dealing with Europcar. 1. On getting a flat tyre, ringing Europcar and being told I was covered for the cost of their breakdown service to come and change the tyre but receiving a bill of over £100 for this service. Then writing to them to contest the charge, due to the incorrect advice I’d been given, and being told they would look into it and get back to me. They didn’t respond and some two months later I discover they’ve put me on a watchlist (a kind of blacklist) for non-payment. I was very concerned about this and rang them to see what was going on. In true Europcar style, they passed me from department to department and then advised me it was now in the hands of an external law firm and I had to take it up with them before I could be removed from the watchlist. So, it jumped from them 'looking into the matter for me' to 'being handled by an external law firm'. I consider that preposterous!"

Daga Zet says

"Part 2 Fast forward to Monday, I went to give the car back at 08:20 (please note that all timings are taken from my GPS tracker). Same colleague I spoke to on Wednesday was dealing with another customer. Patiently waiting for 10 min, when he was still with another customer I have asked what is the procedure of returning the car and whether I can just leave the key. He pointed at the hole in the counter where I could put the key through. Again, the lack of customer service skill or simply just thinking amazes me. If there are two customers waiting to give the car back (there was a gentelman behind me) and someone was within the process of renting the car, simple ''I see you're waiting, if its for the return do XYZ.'' I was not given any information what the process was, whether he was supposed to inspect the car or not. From my past experience with car rentals that was always the case. I have taken a few pictures myself. Going back home I didn't know whether I will soon be surprised with an email with a new quote for any scratches or lack of petrol in the car. On top of that, only this Monday I discovered that not one but TWO payments of £228.64 have been taken from my credit card and another £179 was in my pending transactions (later explained over the phone as assurance/ deposit) taking me over my credit limit that caused overlimit fees on my credit card. I have called customer service around 3 o'clock explaining the situation regarding the double charge and the underage fee. Despite previous experience with your advisor's promises on Wednesday, your representative assured me that another complaint ticket will be raised and someone will get back to me. He did also mention that a lot of people complain and are not happy with the underage charge situation. Working in customer service myself I only assume that such information is not to be sharred with a client. So from then on it turned out that the £70.02 that was meant to be processed to be refunded, speaking on Wednesday with the customer service representative over the phone as well as the agent over the counter, that was never raised! There had to be a new query put forward for that! The above reply I received regarding the £70.02 refund answers one of my query but not the rest that I mentioned within this email as well as to the agent on Monday. The issue regarding double payment had not been looked into and recorded as a complaint. Noone informed me what's happening with that money. I then made 6 further phonecalls today, 06/08/2020, 5 of them disconnected/ hung up in the middle of me explaining my frustration that grew with each call and me repeating the same thing to a different person. Noone attempted a call back, if the line actually disconnected that is. I have spent most of my afternoon dealing with this issue. I am now typing this email with one hand, as mentioned before, the other one is broken. The whole experience with Europcar have caused me a lot of stress as well as financial loss for the credit card and phone bill, wasted time when picking up the car, dealing with numerous phone calls and delaying my travel. I am now looking not only for explanation and refund regarding the (double) charges for the car but also a compensation for the aforementioned. If at any point on Wednesday, or even Monday, this was rectified and raised properly, I am sure we would not be in this situation. I am looking forward to your reply to the above."

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