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Europa FM is a Spanish musical radio station part of the Atresmedia media group. It is based in Barcelona, and it broadcasts throughout Spain on various frequencies. It was launched in 1996 and currently targets the audience between 18-35 (previously 18-55). Roughly 60% of its programming is radiofórmula (that's to say, the music-heavy program with limited interruption).

Bogdana Mihaela shares her opinion on Facebook, "Too bad, too bad Europa FM! I was a fan of this radio station! Fine music! But I notice that you are feeding this state of panic and dementia, broadcasting as often as possible so-called "reports" of media manipulation related to this pandemic of madness! Instead of sticking to fine music and optimistic and encouraging news, help increase the number of mental alienations! You are a disgrace, you have sold yourself to the mafia controlled by this incompetent government! EJECT!"


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Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Poor pay, excessive hours. Inept management."

securitt officer (Former Employee) says

"I remember being employed by this company, boasting they had loads of new contracts etc, next thing you know i totally forgot about them, i get a new job, probably 3/4 months down the line and then i get a phone call asking to cover a site 68 miles away, i was amused that they would even contact me for something as stupid as that, hung up and blocked the number Cons: no work"

caretaker/handyman (Former Employee) says

"Employed at Gateshead college where the college its self is a great place to work. Management at Europa was totally driven by the spend buget which resulted in what should have been easy tasks becoming long and drawn out which resulted in false economy. No chance what so ever of promotion and benefits are the minimum possible. Whilst injured at work through faulty equipment provided by Europa I had to put annual holidays in or be paid SSP. No training was ever given when requested and any training I undertook was at my own expense. All in all Gateshead college is a great place to work as long as your not employed by Europa. Cons: penny pinching management"

Chef Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked for EUROPA fm for 4 years and saw my line manager twice, shocking management with no clear structure or accountability. Cons: felt very unappreciated dedpite growing sales and spend per head"

Security officer /Front (Current Employee) says

"My Role as a receptionist can be very enjoyable and have learned a lot of things to People skills,Computer Knowledge has improved ie word, excel, Cons: No Breaks, lack of support when needed, Money could be better ."

Security Manager (Former Employee) says

"I have only been employed by Europa Services for 2 months. I believe in this short time I have been satisfied. Cons: Don't get paid my lunch break"