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Emirates Telecommunication Group Company PJSC, branded trade name Etisalat, is a multinational Emirati based telecommunications services provider, currently operating in 15 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

An employee shares his experience on, "The environment is very negative and demotivating. No appreciation of good calibers, the money is very bad considering a big company like Etisalat. There is no chance to become an Etisalat staff member, everyone comes with an outsourced contract."


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"terrible hours and service don't work here"


"Bad attitude, terrible work culture, too much of partisan/racial politics"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no improvement, routine and negative atmosphere"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Do not care about employees Do not care about customers They are all about collecting money from customers and reducing salaries of employees"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"You will never get hired as a Full-Time employee and you will be coming via an agency who will be milking you while you work. Basic pay is changed to 25% only and you will be signing a new contract every 4 years so they can avoid paying you full gratuity by the 5th year. You work in Etisalat spaces but not in the company."

Current Employee - Retention Advisor says

"But as this COVID-19, has started the new protocols are like they want thier KPI's to br maintained without providing sufficient break to the advisors and we put all our efforts to maintain our performance and take company to the top but by putting new updates in the process. It makes the process more difficult. I like we are suffocating. Totally, we are frustated with this process now. We also do not get off on our occasion/festivals and also we do not get the bonus of that beside that we were getting incentives in between but its no more available anymore, atleast provide the holidays on our INDIAN festivals. And even the advisors are coming, provide the bonus of that."

Former Employee - Sr Administrator says

"Lots of politics in the department No Job Security as they may fire even if you spent 10 years in service. Management just gives two consecutive bad ratings in appraisal and you are shown the door. Some recognition are there for hard working people but mostly other people enjoy being yes man for the management"

Current Employee - Senior Java Software Engineer says

"-Very tough environment. -Always works under stress and pressure all days. -Not appreciated"

Current Employee - Senior Developer says

"no growth and increments nice 5 yrs"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"bad experience and I advise no one work there"

GPON FTTH field technician (Former Employee) says

"You need to do overtime without money. If you ll refuse your visa will be cancelled. You will get very less working tools. I mean most of tools will be out of order. No job security. Supervisor are selected on nationality base not on eligibility base. One vehicle for 5 guys.nothingevery thing"

Call representatives (Former Employee) says

"It was the worst place that I have ever worked a rediculous place to work on its totally a fraud company where they didnt paid us well worst experience"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Etisalat management is getting very benefits but they didn't support sales men channel partners are just using sale men's they are not paying them good sales person are working very hard and they didn't get any support from management this is like salves and king laws shame on channel partners and Etisalat management"

Senior BI Consultant (Former Employee) says

"People are rude and step on each other to please mangers. There are hidden discrimination, even with the same nationality, and teams are formed, (people are sick and psycho). Working overnight and weekends, sometimes to 1:00 am. No career, no experience, escalation is normal, and no appreciation financial or emotionally. Top mangement get the credit, and keep pressing on the below in order to survive and get bonus, and to please the Emaratis people. Always get threat with fireing."

Trainer (Current Employee) says

"the worst place to work at.due to the unfairness of the salary scheme. No career path at all and the outsourcing employees are all very upset. Never apply at this company"

Etisalat rigger (Current Employee) says

"Work not bad but over time not 14 working too hard slary not well el i working etisalat sub tamdeed company . yearly not salary gross frist time salary same end of year."

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work is working to complete all assigned task with speed and accuracy Management is caring and focused Workplace culture is in place and focus on staff health and workload is taken into considerationMedical check, bazaar, fun activities weeklyHigh workload and any staff is leaving no replacement"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"They are not equal with in all sections , There is Huge difference between Staff Facilitation and no equality treatment to staff , they prefer cost cutting and low salary staff over experienced and talented staff . without knowing that what is the impact of Company going in Market , They may take a review of customer & staff satisfaction today as compare to 10 years back. They are obtaining new technologies and robotics and Artificial Intelligence which is their rights but will increase unemployment . No Increment policy , many staff are working on same salary from years . ++++Salary on timeNo Equality in Facility, No increment, No career Growth"

Sales executive (Current Employee) says

"Not recommended Not recommended for elders as there's no progress No annual increment, no career path Finally it's a part time job good for fresh graduate"

Security Guard (Current Employee) says

"Etisalat facilities management security group have no any management and system for Security department... Not complete salary no day off no transportation system....."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"I've worked in Etisalat only for 6 months it was a temoprary job for as it was not part of my preferred career, hence I left the job after a very short period"

Frontline Training Officer (Current Employee) says

"The environment is very negative and demotivating. No appreciation of good calibers, the money is very bad considering a big company like Etisalat. there is no chance to become an etisalat staff, everyone comes with an outsource contract"

Retail Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"Highly unprofessional and best in demotivation of the employee. No carrier growth , No salary increment, just work like labor. my advice is to join some other company rather then etisalat."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Bad management Abuse their employees A non-humanistic approach to dealing with employees by nationality There are no health benefits There is no work assurance This work environment is insecure"

Supply Chain Executive (Current Employee) says

"Growth is stagnant. Nothing new to learn no benefits no salary hike No promotions work culture is sad. typical day at work is boring and hectic"

Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"To build career in growing organisation, where I can get the opportunity to prove my abilities by accepting challenges, fulfilling the organization goals and climb the career ladder through continuous learning and commitment"

Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"Treating employees with an attitude and disrespect . Giving the least package can a telecommunication company gives ."

technical and customer service representative (Current Employee) says

"Training materials arent that reliable, salary pay always has disputes since agencies are handling the employees, not reliable officers, no over time pays but you are required to do over time"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Mobile number portability (MNP), Package Promotions & eLife Sales Team member.  Help to achieve monthly, quarterly and annual sales targets established by the management, offering ideas and sales strategies as a member of the sales team.  Instrumental in lead generation, prospecting and other sales management goals and targets.  Personally develop strong, long-term relationships and referrals with customers at targeted firms.  Manage the end-to-end sales process for all opportunities.  Work in close collaboration with presales team & delivery teams to ensure that proposed offerings and services fully meet customers’ business and technology needs.  Provide support to customers during initial phases of an engagement. Follow up and ensure total client satisfaction through the life cycle of the relationship.  Adhere to all Sales, Human Resource, and corporate ethical policies, standards and guidelines.  Demonstrate strong personal communication and presentation skills to establish interest, credibility and trust."

general cleaner,nanny (Current Employee) says

"ive learned a lot to my present job now,but the problem is my company not alloud to give my housing allowance and transfortation.freezone8 hours"