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EPCOR Utilities Inc., formerly known as Aqualta and Eltec, is a utility company based in Edmonton, Alberta. EPCOR manages water, wastewater, natural gas, and electricity distribution systems in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, and the American states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. In addition, the company maintains and provides engineering support for traffic signals and street lights within the City of Edmonton, as well as other cities in Alberta. EPCOR is a municipally-owned corporation with the City of Edmonton as the sole shareholder.

A former Fleet Manager at EPCOR Utilities Inc shares his/her bad experience at EPCOR Utilities Inc. is a review posted by INDEED: Majority of communication downstream in the company revolved around safety. Incidents always led to reactionary measures and increased messaging. Despite safety first messaging, field staff was required to get things done fast, properly. Realistically, something always has to give, and that something should be time.


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Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They bought out my company and have zero reguard for any of the people who worked there ; they are quickly firing everyone and if you are “good enough” “maybe one day you will be an EPCOR employee “. Throughout the entire sale of the company they promised we wouldn’t lose our jobs. I was there for 6 years at $20/hr and they told me if I stay to help the “transition” that they know a great work from home call center that will start me at minimum wage. Seriously can’t imagine how they sleep at night. Cons: Management is rude, doesn’t treat employees like a human being, everybody thinks they are better than everyone else"

Customer Service Representatives (Former Employee) says

"I enjoy working for epcor for the 10+ years that I was there .. When the company move to edmonton it was very hard for me but I had o moe on Cons: Nice hours"

WFH Agent (Former Employee) says

"only pro was WFH and a flexable schedule, otherwise it was not pleasant. policies are set and anger the consumer.95% of phone calls were angry customers calling about policy and price. nothing else."

door to door sales (Former Employee) says

"not very well organized but they took care of there people. cant say anything bad about them Cons: na"

Finance (Current Employee) says

"Sleazy self absorbed management. Lots of backstabbing going on. Staff are always under the threat of termination. Team spirit is threatened not embraced. Cons: Management"

in IT (Former Employee) says

"very poor senior management, harassment and bullying is commonplace. Ethics guidelines are not adhered to, lying is rampant.One of the worst places I have ever worked. Cons: very poor management, corrupt, unethical environment."

Administration (Former Employee) says

"I would suggest anyone thinking of working at Epcor run as fast as you can in another direction. This is a sleazy company. Worst place I ever worked. Cons: Terrible management"

Natural Gas Service Technician I (Current Employee) says

"Management is joke! Majority equipment in field out of compliance! No training, absolutely no communication skills at all, including director, no guidance! They focus on neg not positive"

IT. (Former Employee) says

"Unethical, poor leaders, lack of training, lack of documentation. There is a strong disconnect between upper management and the employees. Mid level management is brutal. Worst job ever. Cons: Corruption in mid level management"

Systems Analyst/Programmer (Former Employee) says

"Worst management I’ve ever experienced. Human Resources will crucify union people for speaking up. I can’t say enough about this nasty place to properly communicate how poorly run certain areas of this company are handled. Cons: Management and Human Resources"

Drainage PMO (Former Employee) says

"Management lacks any form of leadership, insecure, and hypocritical. Constantly changing work guidelines along with increased criticism and belittling. Always withholding required information to do ones job. There has been increased turnover within the PMO for a reason and this is a direct result of poor management. You will never succeed when management doesn't want you to. Cons: Long hours, hypercritical, fault-finding, belittling, underwork, setting up for failure, lack of knowledge sharing"

Field Service Technician Level 2 (Former Employee) says

"Push employees to cut corners and tell you specifically do disobey safety and DOT laws and regulations. And use there positions entirely to bully. As of right now epcor will not last in magnolia Cons: entire management team"

Skilled Labourer (Former Employee) says

"Management is pure evil . The environment that they brought in is so disgusting. Moral has never been lower.Epcor bought is from the city and is running it into the ground"

Laborer Worker (Former Employee) says

"Interesting utility work, slow paced, easy work. No special skills required or expected. Strange management, nothing hard at all about the work required."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely brutal management. They will throw anyone under the bus. Very little training, nothing is documented, lack of leadership, no team spirit. Cons: Management"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Company does not foster an environment of collaboration. Lack of communication. Executive and support staff are required to be on 24/7 either physically in the office, via text, emails, phone. Lack of mentoring and team motivation. Very little appreciation."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work at - frankly saying this is swamp. Old type of company which is wasting tax payers money. Too bad there are no "minus"stars to choose in rating"

Fire hydrant specialist (Former Employee) says

"Great pay and benefits, however the management company is not up to par. Like every job there's the good ones and the bad ones. Union works with the management not for you. Cons: Bad managing"

Labourer (Current Employee) says

"This company focuses only on negative aspects. Never any positive recognition or feedback. If you want a place where you feel like your back in high school, then this is it. Bullying happening all around you. No matter how hard you work you can't get past the favourites in the company regardless if you have more seniority or work your butt off Would not recommend this company if my life depended upon it. Cons: Very negative Atmosphere"

Cable & Excavation Manager, Distribution (Former Employee) says

"nobody wants to work, union rules everything. lasy and dusty environment where you cannot breath and perform properly"

Kim Riel says

"If I could give zero stars I would. We are a business located on a highway outside of a rural SK town where the Purolator delivery truck is within a handful of kilometres of us in two different directions, but refuses to provide delivery services to us. We used to have delivery, then they temporarily changed the route several years ago and have refused to change it back. We receive deliveries from DHL, Fed Ex and UPS without any issue at all. We are at the point where we avoid ordering from companies that ship via Purolator if they can't choose a different carrier. Companies that can choose a different courier get to keep our business. We simply have no option considering these companies are paying Purolator for a service they're not getting (they pay for their packages to come to us, but that's not what happens). I have contacted Purolator customer service multiple times, their reps have confirmed we should have service here, pass us on to the regional manager who passes us on to the closest-to-us depot and any hope for resolution abruptly ends. It's a waste of time, every time. I hope companies are reading these reviews and understand that they need to use anyone but Purolator if they want their customers to be happy. Repeatedly picking a courier that fails to do their job reflects on the company sending the product too."

David Richardson says

"I understand why they have a terrible rating. Please use any other service if possible and put this place out of business - they are a delivery company that can't deliver."

Tiago “Heartilly” Medeiros says

"They didn't want to deliver my package due to a missing buzzer code, now I have to pick it up. Why do I pay such expensive shipping costs if you can't even go the extra mile to, i don't know, call me since you have my number on file, look at the registry for my name, or SOMETHING. Nah man, gotta leave that note, gotta make the customer do the work for us, screw actually delivering something."

J says

"I honestly do not like leaving negative reviews but this company is just pathetic. Every time something ships with them, they never ring the bell when they are at my house and instead just leave a notice to come drive 20km to pick it up. I had an item ship with them and I was downstairs during the time they said they attempted delivery and no one even rung the bell and I checked my camera later and it showed the driver just leave a notice without even trying to make an attempt to deliver the item. I told them to reschedule delivery and just leave the item at my door, and once again they didn't leave the item and told me to come pick it up, nor did the driver even attempt to ring the bell and wait. They seriously need to get their act together, cause this is just pathetic. No one wants to drive across town to pick up a parcel cause your drivers are too lazy to attempt delivery."

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