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Envision Healthcare is an American healthcare company and national hospital-based physician group.


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Former Employee - Senior Recruiter says

"No growth potential, high turnover of recruiters, limited client base, high volume low margin transactions, almost zero direct placement opportunity"


"Hard to get in touch with for benefit information."

Floater (Former Employee) says

"The money way good, the management made it impossible to have job security. The clients were not well managed or cared for, I do not recommend to anyone seeking long term work. It’s very hard to last long. MoneyOwner is terrible, management, the job itself"

Billing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Too many managers. If you are not liked you cannot get anywhere in the company. They set you up when they want to get rid of you. They don't care about the workers only about getting their fat checks. No loyalty. Don't bend over backwards like I did, it'll get you a ticket out the door. Do less and you'll get to be a manager."

Ielts trainer (Former Employee) says

"They never ever give pay on time even they didnt give their staff salary after leaving the job. Not god place to work i think no one should go to this institute"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"People there want to work but lack guidance. They will over commit without any planning and then fail to deliver. All blame for failure is passed to team. Keep regular followup on salary else they wont pay you. Getting 100% of salary is most tough task there. Get everything on email else they can change their words very easily."

Picker/Folder (Former Employee) says

"It was an ok place to work. I think they pay the blind people to little but just my opinion. Just because I am disabled doesn't mean I don't deserve a good job with decent pay. I am tired of companies just not givein a damb about there employees."

House Manager (Current Employee) says

"The office staff think everyone working there are incompetent. Do not work here, they do not care about the employees. People that do care, they get rid of. No raises are given at all. The owners, all I can say is wow. This goes for both because one calls the shots and the other says yes ma’am. This place is only about ownership of individuals and the money they make from having them. Sad really.NoneOwners"

Sr. Solution Engineer (Current Employee) says

"They have some good people and have some nightmare people too you never know from one day or another if your going to be there. Sadly ask for a organization directory they can't give you one computer system is a mess"

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"They tell you what to write in your notes and when u do then if upper management says something its all on you and you tell them its what was said to write they fire you and keep the ones bove you that told you to do the note in the 1 place they make up places for clients just to get paid they need better management which they have some dsp that can do a better job . Office personnel dont have their heads together at all always running around takes forever to finish anything and you have to keep on them to get med trained even if they can find time cause they always forget their workers then come ask why you dont have it yet"

sales representative officer (Former Employee) says

"They are worst then the frauds. They use the agents like goats and throw them away like a useless machine. They will continue there fraud until some legal action wont be taken against them Even they.dont care weather u r hving CNIC or not"


"The work was awesome i worked there for a year and was told everything was fine until the day they walked in stating my job would be out sourced. My job is gone just like that."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"very poorly managed everything you document is a LIE the reason you lie is to benefit the amount of money the state gives the company, the more is given to the individual best part of the job is by far the individuals would NOT ever recommend anyone work here CEO is money hungryindividualsEverything"

I cook, clean, handle their money, shop (Current Employee) says

"These people don't care about there individuals and really don't care about there workers. There always are looking for a reason to replace you. They make you work so much and don't care about what you have going on in your life or if you have anytime with your family. They under pay you by the hours you work and the managers are really under paid."

Space Planner (Former Employee) says

"I had no contact with anyone from Envision. I only heard from the office if there was a problem with the time card submission. There didn't seem to be a lot of contact from the office for any reason.NoneJob security"

Sr. Solution Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Every group is in it for themselves I have never seen so many waring factions offering help is often seen as kissing up. Offer critical help and they view you as trying to get them fired and go away with your ideas I have seen elementary schools better organized. Constant in fighting and lack of concern for you unless it benefits the managerlovely buildingThey care less about you and your needs and more about $$$$$$"

Physician (Former Employee) says

"With company for more than 2 years after prior company was bought. I saw management once. When contract was lost due to downsizing no-one in management contacted us about other opportunities in the company. We provided excellent service and scored high for service. This company doesn't care about it's contractors. Enjoyed staff & patients. Management lousy.NoneWill not work for this company again"

Host Home Provider (Current Employee) says

"Management is very rude and unhelpful. The clients are low functioning and are not aware that their rights are constantly being taken away. I do not recommend."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"As a sales specialist you have the "LUXURY" of working Monday-Saturday work about 9-10 hour days walking on the street knocking on door to door to sell Alarm Systems. The sales pitch is a LIE about "limited supply" but you are supposed to lie to your customer base. In addition to you only make money on sales and only sales. There is no hourly rate at all this is a bad thing especially my 1st 2 weeks here because they start you off in the "Ghettos" to go knock door to door but in all reality the demographic of the neighborhood was to poor for a $120 alarm system. The managers dont give a care, and your lunch break is your local gas station near your corner. You get no lunch and lastly the hours are so bad you will have no personal time for friends and family.NoneNot Hourly, No Lunch, Lots of Walking, No Advancement"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"When working for this company i had desperately needed a job and they hired me. When working for them we never ever got training for any of the projects given to us which made it difficult to do anything as well they had very poor management."

ER physician (Former Employee) says

"I was warned before I started with Envision. “They do not have your back.” I understand now. Eventually you will have to defend yourself and your decisions. If you decide to accept the position, as I did, I advise that you have your own lawyer. This group will scapegoat you and then abandon you even when you have done nothing wrong accept to have the unfortunate event of being replaced by “a friend of a friend.”"

District Manager (Current Employee) says

"Envision makes promises they do not nor ever had any intention on delivering. Ex. They claim you can earn 70k-90k. Not true. Far from the truth. Maybe after several years of employment, only. They're turnover is extremely high.Horrible pay."