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The Adecco Group North America, based in Jacksonville, Florida, provides professional recruiting, staffing, consulting and business services to various industries in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Asia. For 2009, it ranked 839th on the Fortune 1000 Currently, ranked as a Fortune 500 as 441. Formerly MPS Group Inc., its brands are a subsidiary of the Swiss firm


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Former Employee - Technical Recruiter says

"Mismanagement, so many divisions that all are pulling in different directions. Ancient candidate management software. Let go about 25 people this past year. You have no support."

Former Employee - Designer says

"Entegee is in dire need for culture diversity awareness training. While I worked for Entegee (E91) at their office in Davenport IA, the office was made up of 90% young white males, the only female they hired was fired within 2 weeks. The office reflect the lack of professionalism, joking with each other, talking sports for hours, and tossing baseballs around the office."

Former Employee - Senior Technical Recruiter says

"Lackluster training. Really poor management. VP recently visited and ONLY spoke to sales staff and management. Not a word to any of the talent acquisition team. Much like a frat party. It's a bunch of pals from high school, their friends and relatives all working here with them as their buddies. If you're not a part of the cool kids. You won't be befriended or really web spoken to here. Just blown off and left to do your own thing. Overall a pretty horrible culture and atmosphere. They preach they're not micromanaging anyone, but daily micromanagment takes place."


"Hostile work environment. Racially insensitive and old school thinking. Most people have been friends from HS and BDMs will usually submit according to friendships. Famous Minnesota passive aggressive. Owner is vindictive."

Engineer says

"This Company Does not Always Pay Its Employees"

Recruiter says

"Poor Management, Poor Training, Poor Compensation, Unrealistic expectation, use the past as bench march. Growth potential is extremely limited and everything is the recruiters fault. Recruiters are treated with very little respect. Unprofessional environment and ask you to rewrite resumes to make candidate look more qualified than they are. Non Compete agreement in place to stop you from ever advancing."


"This firm will low ball you with your rate. I make significanlty less than my peers from other contract companies at the same job. Talked to the PM and they are billing out for all of us at the same rate. Holiday pay depends on the mood of your recruiter at the time. Somtimes you get it and somtimes you don't. Really convenient since entegee doesn't publish there paid holidays. Do yourself a favor and work with an honest Recruiting Firm."

Current Employee - Technical Recruiter says

"Did not get paid on time. Hard time getting a hold of recruiter."

Former Employee - Designer says

"I had three project managers all of whom didn't know what projects you were already working on because of lack of communication so they assumed their project was a priority. Nearly every week I worked there a new person would be hired to replace the numerous people that were lucky enough to find a new job. Turn over is horrible. Worked there just over two years and very few people still remained when I left. When I quit I was told by two project managers that they were going to cancel my request to use my PTO, not because they were trying to be jerks but because they would just pay it all at once after I quit. They refuse to pay my PTO now that i'm gone. Anyone that works there is only there to do work and be used as much as possible, just another cog in the messed up Entegee office. Managers have no hesitation to point blame for failures that actually result from their lack of communication and organization. If you have any questions to ask a project manager good luck trying to get a few minutes of their time. They usually have their door closed, on the phone, or not there."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No leave, don't qualify for holiday pay for 90 days. Week after holiday is shorted pay and 2 weeks after holiday is when you get holiday pay...paid weekly. If sick, make up hours for time missed due to absolutely no leave nor vacation. Benefits are a catastrophic only and not worth the money. The only thing going for Entegee is the paycheck and there are better companies that pay the same rate with benefits. It's better to get your own IRA than use their so-called 401K. If another job comes up, they won't tell you about it so they keep their contracts."

Machine Operator I (Former Employee) says

"This agency in Minnesota failed to inform me of the job and even during interview also were very informal on many aspects like start time, hiring freeze which they never said, never paid for week, actual job description. Very unprofessionallied about job and what it consist of"

Welder (Current Employee) says

"Welding is great and have learned a lot from the company. My days at work are wonderful and do not mind going in. I have to travel more than 60 miles one way and enjoy every bit of it. The hardest part of my job is getting paid on time. It only happen during holiday time and I have went a week without getting paid.Great people to work withGetting paid"

Sr. Designer (Current Employee) says

"Do yourself a favor.....Look elsewhere. No opportunity for advancement. Treat employees like Cattle. Dirt. Number. Will not have your back. Unrealistic expectations. Poor Training.No OTNo OT"

R&D tech (Former Employee) says

"While Entegee did get me an initial position with an employer, when my contract was prematurely ended there was no interest to find out the reasons that the contract had ended nor did they seem to be the least bit interested in finding me a new position.Zero communication after the fact. Furthermore there were several other Entegee people at this Employer that were way beyond the contract period that found that Entegee had zero interest in working on there behalf to resolve this issue..They found me a jobOnce they place you in a job you are on your own."

Pro-E Drafter/Detailer (Former Employee) says

"Management for this company are nothing more the power mongers who will throw you to the wolves to sink or swim and not even think a second breath about it. I seen numerous times them placing people on site in positions where they didn't even remotely have the qualifications for to perform the tasks of the job. To sum it up nicely, a joke of a company.cant think of anymismanaged, job security is very bad"

Structural Designer/Detailer (Former Employee) says

"I was contracted from Entegee. Entegee contracted a subcontract from another company. I was sent in with hardware and software. SolidWorks was not a full version and every month had to bring in the computer to be reloaded. Also had a desk that was a TV stand I had to work off at the company I was contracted too. Company was not happy about the licence and let me go. My back was killing me anyways, so I was glad I was let go from this contract. Not Entegee's fault, but never hired for another contract. I went out on my own to keep employed and keep money flowing.Never got a chance to see any pros.subcontracted thru another company. SolidWorks not Licenced."

Project QA/QC Inspector (Former Employee) says

"I worked in a another company through this company. I was not satisfied with their benefits and other things. So I don't have more information about this company."

Technical Illustrator (Former Employee) says

"No paid holidays. The only interaction with manager was by email or phone. Company was a job placement company. Sometimes the manager was hard to reach. Benefits offered, but very expensive.Good payVery impersonal"

AutoCAD Designer/Drafter (Former Employee) says

"They notified co. of info they weren't suposed to and ended a contract w/out telling me anything was wrong even thou head bosssaid they liked what I was doing and I was escorted out w/out any explanation and waited to the last minute to give unemployment any position info.Paid on timeYour position can end in a heart beat even when a co. says your doing parfect w/no notice"

Senior EMI Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I worked with several different recruiters from ENTEGEE over the years. Rather uneven in quality - some were good, others were just so-so. Just be a bit careful.2007-2008 ===>>> Excellent Med. Ins. In FloridaLousy Assignment in New Berlin, Wi"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"A typical day includes sitting at your desk while doing Computer Animated Drawing."

Mechanical Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Very relaxed work environment. It was a gateway position to get my current job. There was no micromanaging, anyone working there must be a self-starter.Independent work environmentVery little contact with Leadership"

contract work (Former Employee) says

"Pay wasn't that great...the benefits were expensive and poorflexabilitylow pay...bad benefits...expensive"

Senior Technical Recruiter (Current Employee) says

"They have a vast network of amazing recruiters and help a number of fortune 500 companies globally in industries that span medical device to aerospace,"

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Was able to expanded by work skills while working here. Management is good at caring about your family life/ work life balance. Workplace culture varies based on where you are placed to work."

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Getting the job done Learned about the job management was busy and busy only not noticeable The management was concerned about its image nothing, It was mostly work to get me through school and I was grateful I had the opportunity"

TECHNICAL RECRUITER (Current Employee) says

"Recruiting of engineering candidates, good competitive culture, colleagues all were good to work with. Would recommend."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Needs better recruiting teamGood support on the sales side"

Manufacturing Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work, they will have things for you to do. They were good at this. Some jobs were short term (month or so long), and others were much longer duration. No temp to hire opportunities though. But still an interesting environment to those who want to work."

I/E Designer (Current Employee) says

"Worked for this organization directly and indirectly over a 12 year period. The company offers stable employment. The starting salary is competitive but it's almost impossible to be rewarded for any performance-based salary increase or promotion. I find this lack of incentive a major problem in order to retain good employees."