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Emory University is a private research university in Atlanta, Georgia. Emory was founded in 1836 as "Emory College" by the Methodist Episcopal Church, and was named in honor of Methodist bishop John Emory. Emory is the second-oldest private institution of higher education in Georgia and among the 50 oldest private universities in the United States.

A freshman mentioned, "Unfortunately, I felt very unwelcome at Emory. As someone who is Jewish I experienced anti-semitism, Emory sanctioned, when fliers were taped to our doors telling us to leave our occupied rooms. I respect everyone’s views and am not interested in challenging others beliefs. It is horrible to not feel safe at your school."


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Facilities Management (Former Employee) says

"Facilities Engineering was very chaotic and unorganized. Very unsafe and very Covid 19 friendly. I actually quit after 6 days over concerns for my health.There is a big power struggle between the Director and lower management.Mens bathroom in engineering was nasty with no soap ,paper towels and the toilet was turned off at the time .The Adminstrative assistant was very nasty and on a power trip .I really was disappointed and no one would help or return my phone calls."

Sponsored Research Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Nepotism is rampant, inept management due to nepotism or politics, hostile work environment for women, faculty members are pretty condescending to support staff and it's NEVER their fault if something goes wrong, only 'favorites' get promoted, the culture is reinforced by upper management and the department chairs. Cons: No culture change at all due to no consequences for upper mgmt"

Communications Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Management is cut throat, insensitive to work-life balance. Constantly afraid of losing a job due to politics. Very pompous and not a great place for people of color to work."

Post-Doctoral Fellow (Former Employee) says

"Emory has a great reputation for quality and results, all over the USA."

Associate Director, Full Time MBA program (Former Employee) says

"amazing place to work Cons: none"

Catering Associate (Former Employee) says

"not sure to THIER word will tell you anything to get you in the door uprooted my daughter and myself and moved here and emory didn't give me my 40 a week so yeah that hurt really bad manager come late when you have to be there at 430 I wouldn't recommend this job to nobody"

Associate Director (Former Employee) says

"this is such a supportive wonderful place to work. great benefits for all staff, faculty and students. i would highly recommend Cons: none"

Senior Custodian (Current Employee) says

"I accepted this job on the premise that I would have the opportunity to work at my own pace, and with minimal supervision. The exact opposite has been the case. Policies are written to diminish the quality of life and job security is constantly being threatened. This, however, is only the case for the third shift, where huge amounts of work of carried over from first and second shift. Requesting a transfer to an earlier shift was met with resistance and a year long waiting period..despite the urgency."

Biostatistician (Former Employee) says

"bad university, faked reputations, administrative guys are all not competent, very serious nepotism, always brags, never consider to work in the university again."

Systems Information & Integrity (Former Employee) says

"Micro management, very stressful. They have a very high turn over rate. Require alot of work . The managers need to go to some training on how to deal with employees Cons: poor managements"

Nurse Tecnician (Former Employee) says

"Emory is a great hospital but there is a lot of racist management do to this being the south. If you stand up through Human Resources you can be terminated Cons: No management support"

Program Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Emory was my first job after I retired from the military. Management was lacking on countless occasions, Favoritism was shown to members of certain race and discrimination was prominent. During my tenure work responsibilities was not distributed accordingly and personnel was allowed to do whatever they want and say what they are not going to do. There was LACK of TEAMWORK. Management relied on certain personnel to do majority of the work. A particular senior leader towered over me, yell and cornered me in a room. She refused to allow me to leave the situation and falsified statements that I threatened her. Her actions showed how discrimination was prominent because things worked in her favor. Personnel didn't show up for work and nothing was said but management expected you to be there everyday I have worked with a lot of leaders i.e. Generals, Colonels and Chiefs and I have never experienced such poor leadership, management or discrimination actions in my career. I would not work at Emory even if they paid me 6 figures."

Patient Financial Services (Current Employee) says

"I was so excited when I Emory called me for an interview after 4 years of trying, but now that I am working there I am so disappointed because the morale is very low in my department, management is very negative and prejudice. Cons: very low pay"

SQL Server database Administrator (Current Employee) says

"No flexibility and opportunity for growth. horrible pay. It just was not the best place as some managers who knew less that you decided they needed to micromanage."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says


Executive Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"No training provided for new employees. Extensive workload. No one to talk to constructively, too many employees who don't do their jobs but bad-mouthing good workers. Very toxic environment."

Bioscience Intern (Former Employee) says

"RN job Cons: hr are there purely for the top hierachy, harrassment not checked on, no one for lower level employees to trust"

Senior custodian (Former Employee) says

"They hire a lot of older people one person got hired at 62 and could barely do the job when ever the supervisor get in trouble he blames the employees Cons: Might not last long"

Program Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"This company is not as great as it may appear to be. The Emory name is the only positive aspect of this company. Working here, is stressful because the salary does not support the increase in living costs. Job promotions occur based on friendships and brown-nosing behaviors, not by merit nor by work ethics."

Faculty (Former Employee) says

"If a place seems too good to be true. It is. This is a beautiful campus with wonderful students and mostly decent people. However, there is seedy underbelly that everyone knows of but no one talks about. Terrible department heads in key departments on campus that create a culture of abuse and tyranny. Nothing is done because they produce results, but at a high cost. If a department has high turnover there is a reason. I would definitely ask around and be cautious, there is no amount of money or benefits worth the abuse and stress I suffered working here. I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy. Cons: Stress, non-existent work life balance, unrealistic expectations, perfection required"

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David Boswell says

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