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Emerson Electric Co. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri, United States. The Fortune 500 company manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Emerson has approximately 76,500 employees and 205 manufacturing locations worldwide.

The work environment at Emerson Electric is restrictive and the job is monotonous. You will mostly find yourself doing jobs not related to your job description. With a very slow career ladder, it will take more than 2 years to get promoted. Senior management only share what they want trickled down and they do care more about themselves than they care about the employees.


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Proyeccionista says

"Abuso de outsourcing no existe realemente un buen clima laboral y la alta rotacion de personal hace dificil que los procesos puedan madurar¡"

Engineering Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Emerson for about 3 years. My direct manager ( VP level) was a terrible and unpredictable person. He did a lot of verbal and psychological harassment on me and he didn’t respect the people and specially me and a few other new hires. There were a lot of politics in the company and it seems that it is a routine in the company ( at least in Sidney location) that they verbally harass people in the meetings and make some employees uncomfortable. The don’t care about the real work that much and they only care about who knows who and who has a relationship with who. Executive and VP level Management team is very weak and confused and they don’t have any vision for the future. They don’t have enough technical experience in their past works to be able to communicate effectively with their technical and engineering team. They don’t let people to talk in the meetings and just want to have monologue and impose their authority. The environment is like army and military services!Also the diversity is not appreciated at all in the company and many International employee including myself are being hurt verbally and by their inappropriate attitude. Also very weak communication between management and the direct reports and you usually need to guess what to do and what not to do and eventually bring blamed with your actions.There are some good colleagues in the company who are usually in the technical level, not in the managerial level and many of them didn’t have any chance to grow internally or being demoted. Overall, a terrible company, with a terrible culture, location andMaybe you find some good technical colleaguesWeak Executive and VP level management, bad culture, low pay and not international friendlyThank you for your candid feedback. We would like to express that this experience is not a reflection of our core values or culture and find this deeply concerning. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this more in depth with you. Please contact us directly at Indeed.feedback@emerson.com. You can also report anonymously to our ethics hotline at http://www.emersoncompliance.com/."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A lot of really good people work their but management is far less than acceptable. The honeymoon period of getting hired is short lived then the reality of poor management sets in. All talk and tenured protectionism makes personal growth a check box review. Not many if any.Too political and current management is beyond repair.Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. Integrity and supporting our people are a part of our core values and it appears we have fallen short. We are always targeting continuous improvement and any additional feedback you would be willing to share would be helpful for us. You can contact us at Indeed.feedback@emerson.com or contact our ethics team at https://www.emerson.com/en-us/investors/corporate-governance/ethics-and-compliance."

Comprador Internacional (Former Employee) says

"Denigran a la gente y negrean demasiado , es una empresa con poco muy poco valor humano.no hay ningún proNegrean mucho"

Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"Politics company with favorites being profited and promoted. Useless director who feels lay offs is the only option. Leave as soon as possible as this will spoil career."

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"The company's union (which is suppose to represent people in the union) dont do as good as a job and don't seem to care about people in the union. Just a word for the wise if you need the unions help dont get your hopes up! The management at Emerson is awful, they will move you without any notification, and they don't care about anyone with disabilities.We appreciate your candid feedback and we are very disappointed to hear of some of the cons mentioned. We value each of our employees and prioritize a positive culture and work environment that allows for equal opportunities for everyone. We believe in our products and our people. Fostering a nurturing work environment that allows all of us to be successful and provide excellent experiences is of utmost importance to us as an employer. Your honest feedback is appreciated as we are always striving to be better. We’d like to hear more about your concerns. Please reach out to us at indeed.feedback@emerson.com."

Technical Applications Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company has the good old boy mind set and women hit the glass ceiling very quickly. Contractors remain contractors well past their contract date with the promise of a perm position that never comesWe value your feedback and take this very seriously. As an employer, we strive to create equal opportunities for all of our employees in a diverse work environment. Would you be willing to discuss further so that we may continue to improve? If so you may contact us at indeed.feedback@emerson.com."

Final Packer (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Sindey Plant in Ohio. The management team did not care for their employees. HR said they would leave before 3 to get away from second shift, the drama is ridiculous. The union their doesn't care about anyone unless you are related to them, no joke. Sindey Ohio Emerson is the worst place I;ve ever worked."

dope smoker (Former Employee) says

"the place is great if you want to work for nothing what it really needs is a union. it is a terrible place to work i wouldn't let a dog work there it smells bad"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"Mangment is a joke. People want to run to the office just to get you in trouble. Its like working at a daycare center. Some people act like little kids cry if they're icecream is to cold. If there was a negative score to give Emerson would get the lowest negative score there is. Company doesn't follow their own rules in they're hand book. They have retaliation there as well.NoneWhole environment"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Worst management and leads its the blind leading the blind manager comes in 9:30 and tells everyone else to be there at 6am cause there's so much work but spend more time standing around. If you want a lazy job this is the place!"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Skip this place unless you like being treated like nothing... less than nothing! They will scream in your face every day and act like they own you and act like they're doing you a favor.NoneEverything"

Finance (Former Employee) says

"My manager was a bully and would try to intimidate you. Always talked down to not only me but other workers and customers. After a while I eacalated this Information to her boss and was told they were aware and were going to put the manager in manager classes. That never happened."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work wouldn't recommend to anyone. Management's expectations are way too high. I thought Management was mean to their employees. Supposed to provide training but never did."

AOV TECHNICIAN (Former Employee) says

"Don't expect to be at home ever. Plan on living in a hotel & never getting the vacation you've earned. you won't be able to use it. The culture is cut throat there's a lot of backstabbing."

Account Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The accounting department it’s not an equal department. The abuse for the AP clerks is beyond any I’ve ever experienced in my 20 years as an AP clerk, and the worst part is that the manager could careless about the clerks, I literally walked out because I couldn’t take the abuse anymore!!! One year of it was enough for me and the $15 an hr was not worth the stress!!We are very to hear this, as creating a safe and welcoming work environment is our top priority. If you would like to discuss your experience further, please reach out to us at indeed.feedback@emerson.com."

Machinist (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't let my dog work here it was worst place ever worked in my life Management has got there head so far up there...... The supervisors have no idea how to machine so when review or advancement comes alpong they look at you like deer in headlights they ask questions they know the answers to. And don't get me started on the half wit communist HR dept. The plant supervisor should've been brought out to the courtyard and shot"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Culture does not facilitate new product engineering. If it requires engineering work, it will be sub contracted out or out-sourced. If there is an investment to be made in a new product infrastructure for engineering, this is not the place for you. Run if you want to develop anything that is new. Management is interested in purchasing a product and the reselling it at huge profits. Management has no talent for organic product development.If you are in marketing or sales you are a god.In house development is dead"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"I had to work hard which was fine if I would have been paid more than 11.50 an hour. I worked harder than most the people there, and got hurt on the job and was let go do to the doctor having me off work."

Operator/Laborer (Former Employee) says

"i worked for this place for almost 3 years, until i got hurt! then, they made up every excuse they could to fire me! i literally bled for this place only to be fire because of their negligence! director of operations and human resources manger are back stabbing liars to the highestpower!nothing pro about this dumpeverything about this place is acon!!This is disappointing for us to hear, as we take our commitment to creating a positive work environment seriously. We encourage you to send an email to indeed.feedback@emerson.com so we can work to improve."

Agent Approvisionnement (Former Employee) says

"environnement stressant et pression constante de la part de la hierarchie"

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