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Embraer S.A. (Portuguese pronunciation: [ẽmbɾaˈɛɾ]) is a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft and provides aeronautical services. It was founded in 1969 in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, where its headquarters are located. The company is the third largest producer of civil aircraft, after Boeing and Airbus.On 26 February 2019, Em


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Current Employee - Employee says

"Sr Leadership has no idea what they're doing. Communication is lacking, morale is bad, some clown calls himself Customer happiness Officer.....Really?"

Former Employee - Engineer II says

"Nepotism is rampant Insane turnover rate Zero career growth Long periods of nothing to do Low pay"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managing Director Totally Lost can not target EETC in a strategic way, in fact has no defined strategy. Bad work environment many employees dissatisfied with the lack of work packages."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lost focus on core value "Our people are what makes us fly" . People have become a source to cut and discard like garbage. The culture was much better before the New CEO and his team assumed command. They're only interested in selling off the company and lining their pockets."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Third world management, Brasília knows everything!"

Interior Designer says

"All the reviews sound like GULFSTREAM in the USA"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long hours. Lack of empowerment to local leadership. Micromanaging from corporate office 4000 miles away. Lack of understanding of regulatory and business practices in locations where they have major operations. Unethical behavior is a problem throughout the company, especially at high levels."


"Insular management structure, CEO with poor vision, promotions are a popularity contest and if your're nor Brazilian I hope you like glass ceilings."

A&P Mechanic says

"not enough patience to list all the cons. dont work here."


"There is a nice bell system that signals you when your break starts and ends."

Grounds Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"worst management i have ever seen . would bring in contractors from all over US work them 3 days and let them go . very undermining management . there is absolutely no consideration for employees , new or veteran . many lawsuits against company , current and in past . would not reccomend to anyone . also have been told they may be shutting the doors .nonedont know if you have job one minute to the next ."

Mechanic, Inspector (Former Employee) says

"They will use you up, and spit you out without a second thought. Worst management that i have experienced in any place. no one knows whats going on. unless your a pretty little blonde they wont keep you around very long. i myself trained several employees, worked my hind end off for the two years i was there and was shown the door, no real reason why, i was just told thats how it is sometimes. many people will less time, less training, and fewer skills were kept. long story short if you happen to be in nashville then just move. dont even waste your time here. Percy is an idiot who either doesnt know anything about whats going on or doesnt care to tell anyone. thank god campbell is gone as well. most of the mid level management are snakes and if your not in their boys club then no one can save you when they decide your not enough of their friend to keep you around. i couldnt rank this company low enough, there arent negative stars.they did pay me, except for once when ADP was down for two weeksliterally everything"

A&P Technician (Former Employee) says

"a normal day here is rush rush rush hurry up get it done . management does"nt have a clue people in positions of leadership lack people skills to be effective in there role. Pay was"nt that great there was"nt any. OJ training here as its all about time and money I am not the only one who says they are the worst. they under bid other companies on time then blame there employees when it does not meet deadline"

Air Production Control Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Air Production Control Specialist – Clerical Planning – Maintains and closes customer packages and EAMS paperwork, throughout maintenance activity. Open task(s) in work packages from hanger, close completed task(s) in work packages of hanger, manage task bins keeping track of tasks status, audit task and accompanying paperwork per FAA, EAMS and customer requirements. Coordinate with Project Managers, Leads and Customer Reps for corrections of audit task(s). Enter corrective action information from task(s) to Quantum. Copy, scan, email as well as coordinate between all employees involved also use a track system to ensure delivery of Aircraft to correct Owner/company. Extremely organized and detail oriented, ability to manage projects and multiple deadlines, proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Lotus notes. Customer focus, attitude, pride, team player, adapts readily and supports change, drive and results. Ability tointerface with employees, customers and clients professionally, must be flexible and able to adapt quickly changing priorities, must be able to multi-task effectively. ability to work in a safe professional manner adhering to all regulatory requirements including, OSHA, EPA, state and federal regulations. Ability to work flexible hours, different shifts we required, ability to lift up to 40lbs infrequently. Commitment to company values and complies with department norms, policies, directives, and procedures. Honors and protects confidential and proprietary documents and information. Performed many other assigned duties."

technician (Current Employee) says

"Ive been here for a couple of years (I kick myself) but last week we had hired a group of people, sent them to training , and then sent them home. Why? Because.free coffeeshort lived"

Aircraft Mechanic A&P (Current Employee) says

"This Ship has sank only they don't know it yet, or choose to ignore it. A&P (2 years here) at Embraer in Nashville, many years under my belt and Indeed I have seen it all now! Never before Have a witnessed any company so backwards and flat out wrong at 99% of what it does.~~~~HIGH TURNOVER HIGH TURNOVER HIGH TURNOVER!!!why? Well because simply they don't care to retain current employees but rather insult them. We do not have a pay scale whatsoever. A "new hire" with little to no experience- green as can be will come in the door a contractor. 90 days later made an offer equal too or better than mechanics with many years working here. NOT an isolated case - Favors are made all the time. We trade cheaper paid experience for a Hire paid rookie. I'm sorry it is hard to believe until you see it happen >750 people in 2 years HIGH TURNOVER! more than a person a day, and this facility is not huge.~~~~~FAMILY FAVORS FAMILY FAVORS FAMILY FAVORS FAMILY FAVORS!!!!We love to hire our family members here, mom, dad, brother, sister even the neighbor! Sounds great, except no one holds family members accountable for laziness, FAVORS please hook me up with the great money. NO problem well just make a new title just for you!~~~~~TRIM THE FAT!!!!!!! OHHH SO MUCH FAT HERE HOLDING US BACK!!!!!!!!Like I said we'll just make a new spot for you! Doesn't matter if there is no use for an Assistant Principal Supervisor of the Coordination in Hangar 2. How did we get by before? Who cares just walk around really fast and hold your phone to your head. //// You'll be fine here if your a suckup.free coffeelots"

Procurement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I don’t even know where to start! If you aren’t into playing games and worrying about being popular then this place isn’t for you. It’s like high school only worse and half the time it’s done in another language so you don’t know what they are saying!Decent benefitsWork environment, out of touch management, poor business operations"

A&P (Current Employee) says

"-Management has a Sever lack of common sense.-All the blame lands on the floor level or production crew (a&p , sheetmetal, interiors, backshops)-Never have I had worked at such a backwards company before. There is no requirement to be a leader here. Its suck your way to the top, earners are last or forgotten.-For some reason they wont tell us yet what we got on our climate survey (employee survey of the company). I might be because we failed at Tennessee top employer or it might be because we got another 40% approval rating like the last one.-And you know its bad when Aerotek has moved into a permanent office on site. 600+ people in 2 years? -*a person a day keeps success away*4 on 3 off. at least until they upset schedules againconstant blame, lots of people who serve no purpose"

A & P MECHANIC/ENGINEER (Former Employee) says

"Very disappointed in this company. They do not care about mechanics which is the life line for this company. It’s very group oriented and office people are out of touch"

Sr. Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work. They are in trouble financially. They expected me to work until midnight when everyone else left at 5. How can you do any work if no one is around to meet with. Many many accounting issues and accounting system issues. Management is terrible. No accounting knowledge from management what so ever. Avoid this place at all costs.Benefitswork environment, awful management"

Product Development Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company invests very little into their employees, this is not the place for you if you are looking to grow as an engineer. They will utilize some of the skills you already have but no effort is put on their part into training you further. External trainings are reserved for a select few, usually only managers and sometimes team leads. You might be lucky to get a 15 minute presentation from their week long training. I enjoyed working with the coworkers in my team and the work environment is usually pretty easy going, but the work is very unevenly distributed and deadlines are unrealistic. The turnover is also very high; it was not uncommon for workers to get fired for seemingly no reason or to leave for better opportunities. The working dynamic between Brazil was also pretty bad as the language barrier can be difficult to overcome at times and it is a common occurrence for them to ignore your emails and calls for weeks, putting you at a standstill on your work. Overall, I would not recommend Embraer unless you simply want to keep your head down, coast by, and collect a paycheck. You should look elsewhere if you want to grow as an engineer and advance your career."

Product Development Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The worst company I worked for....terrible work environment and raced people. Not stable company. Even though the office just started, little over a year ago, and the engineers keep leaving it one after another without any notice.Start up companyBad management"

Product Development Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I have worked in places that were 70% contractors and we had less turnover. The Brazilians are really nice but politics play a huge role in everything. Management seems to hate making money starting and abandoning major projects every few years. People are shifted around a lot which keeps the job interesting but it makes it impossible for anyone to get efficient at any task and projects are often handed over incompletely. The Company acts as though it cares about it’s employees but when they decide it’s over, they will burn you if they can. If you happen to be on the wrong team you get tons of unpaid overtime if you are on the right team you get only a small amount of unpaid overtime."

Gerente de Projetos (Former Employee) says

"Exigem muito, sem tempo de adaptação num ambiente muito ruim de trabalho com gerência muito inexperiente e nova."

tech (Current Employee) says

"I"ve been here for a year and now Im searching for another job. When I first was hired I could'nt reason why people were so disgruntled and unhappy. I know why now, and so does the lack of real management. I too was curious about our internal employee survey, the one that the results are still being kept from us. Its because our company rated so bady! So I asked around and found that they are not wanting to count the inexpedient company that did the survey "Towers Wattson" that instead, they will be paying for a better looking survey. Probably fabricated. Percy and Campbell need to go"

Product Development Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic deadlines, unpaid overtime, no possibility for advancement or to grow your skillset, and a complete disconnect from management. This is the type of company that is not worried about investing in its employees at all and willing to fire people to help save money."

Product Development Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If they hire you towards the end of the year, don’t feel good. They only hire cause they have to fulfil spots at the end of the year. You will literally be idle for months at work learning nothing. It’s free money, but who wants that with no learning?Good work matesTerrible managers who don’t care. It’s free money"

Auxiliar de escritório (Current Employee) says

"Seria um dia normal com muitas obrigações aprendizado e experiência que aprendemos com o dia a dia. Aprende que devemos ser profissionais dedicados ,respeitáveis e transparentes. Com os colegas devemos trabalhar sempre com parceira para obter bons resultados. O momento agradável é que podemos fazer novas amizades conhecer pessoas diferentes"

Assembly Technician II (Former Employee) says

"Company has no real leadership. Had the wrong people in leadership. It's literally like being in prison, you are issued a uniform black at that and you have 15 minute break and which two minutes to get to the cafeteria and 2 minutes to get back to your workstation without getting in trouble.Healthcare, benefits, clean environmentManagement sucks, bad reveiws, break timer, brown noser"

peopn (Current Employee) says

"this place makes me convulse ever time I set foot through the door"