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Embodyment was a Christian rock band from Arlington, Texas which formed in 1992 and were first known by the name Supplication where they originally played death metal, later turning into a deathcore band with the release of their 1996 ep "Embodyment" and then completely abandoned all their extreme metal influences thereafter pursuing an alternative rock/alternative metal style with their album The Narrow Scope of Things and subsequently became lighter with each proceeding album.

The band frequently performed shows with touring acts such as Living Sacrifice, Zao, Training for Utopia, P.O.D. and No Innocent Victim.

A member of the audience shares his opinion about the álbum: Hold Your Breath by Embodyment, ¨Their first album was awesome. But this is a pure let down. I mean it's basically EMO/ROCK. Where's the double bass? I can see makin a change, but come on. They were brutal. Oh well, another band makes a horrible genre change. Buy it if you want soft rock¨


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