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Em Landratsamt in English means Court House. The district office (LRA) is the name for the administration of a district in some countries in Germany , in other countries there is the district administration .

The Landratsamt is expressly referred to in the administrative district orders of the states of Baden-Württemberg , Bavaria , Saxony and Thuringia . The district order of Rhineland-Palatinate uses the term district administration. In Brandenburg , Mecklenburg-West Pomerania , North Rhine-Westphalia , Saarland , Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-HolsteinThe corresponding authority is called "the district administrator", even if it does not consist of a single person, but a large number of employees act on behalf of the "district administrator". In addition to the legal language usage, these countries can also speak of the “district office”, the “district administration” or the “district house”.

A clerk writes " The administration of the courthouse is so corrupt such that judgment of cases are ruled even before the time. Acceptance of bribes and other forms of gifts are taken from plaintiffs and defendants."


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