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Elite Daily is an American online news platform founded by David Arabov, Jonathon Francis, and Gerard Adams. The site describes its target audience as millennials. In addition to general news and today's hot issues and trending topics, the site offers feature stories and listicles in the areas of politics, social justice, sex and dating, college life, women's issues, money, sports, and humor. Its slogan is "The Voice of Generation Y."

Marina Miller, a former contributor shared on her own blog that Elite Daily doesn’t pay their contributing writers, which is not uncommon for many publications. Because they say it is purely for experience purposes and that it can help struggling writers qualify for jobs that they might actually get paid for. She said "I do believe that it is up to the individual to explain to potential employers that this was not a paid position but that they can provide links to their work"

Applesandberries shared in Reddit "Fuck the website Elite Daily. I'm so done with their bullshit articles on relationships. What kind of credibility does a 20-year-old "writer" who's still in college have the knowledge and experience to talk about what's best in relationships?... I'd rather see a 60-year-old woman or man whos been in a marriage for a long tie write these articles because at least they have the credibility to talk about a long-lasting relationship"

For Bryce Rudow, a journalist from The Daily Banter Elite Daily is everything that is wrong with internet journalism and Generation Y. He shared "...what makes it even worse is that they actually are so close to something wonderfully necessary, but they continuously choose the easier path, leaving any semblance of respectability buried under inept content and pretentious attitudes. And they’re really only a few steps away from realizing their true positive potential"


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