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Call center agent answering inbound calls (Former Employee) says

"Nothing good to say. This was a terrible company to work for! It’s being managed by juveniles. There are dart fights, while your on the phone with the customer your getting hit with nerf darts. They have coloring time, puzzle time and boo boo time🤦‍♀️ Management had a VERY short temper and they have favorites, like your in a middle school class room."

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work I left due to having panic attacks as the work piled up (100 open claims in less than 4 months as claims do not close fast like they should) as the computer systems were awful and I just could not take it. The company is young with 25 year old managers who have no clue what they are doing. The pay is low for claims $10,000 less than most companies in the area. They deceive customers as they raise a customers rates even in non fault losses in which they subro."

Manager of Operations (Former Employee) says

"Management had their favorites and would promote them. The person over me at the time had never been a manager and did not have the years of customer service. According to one of the hirng managers her job was created for her and we were told not to apply for it. Cons: forgot about professionalism"

Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Too many young folks trying to run a business and you have folks that have 10-20 years experience and can not move up and these kids have no experience in insurance whatsoever Cons: Short breaks"

Sales agent (Former Employee) says

"From the 1st day of training, I knew I wouldn't be employed there long. The company has NO STRUCTURE what so ever. The recruiting process was the only somewhat "structured" piece I've experienced with the company. The training program is elementary, I'm thankful I already had a broad knowledge of insurance prior to sitting through that torture. The management is just as unorganized and scattered. They tell you one thing and then someone literally comes behind them and tells you something else. It's ridiculous! The benefits and pay aren't worth anything unless you're just desperate for a job for the moment (was my case until recently). This company doesn't set you up for success what so ever! I'm surprised they haven't ran into any lawsuits as of yet! They don't care about employees health or what's going on in your personal life, they expect you to be at work whether your on your death bed or recovering from a family death. I was let go simply because my doctor needed me out of work for a week because I'm pregnant with the flu and dehydration! If you can find something else, I would! They have the worst attendance policy I've ever seen! It's really no room for unexpected occurrences to happen because you'll surely be out of the door! The company as a whole is tacky, unprofessional and I for one regret even sending my resume in and wasting my time! SAVE YOURSELF! Cons: Attendance policy, training program, management, benefits and pay, building set up, parking, staff, human resources"

Licensed Sales and Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Can honestly say that I had a wonderful trainer who instilled work ethics in me. Could be a good place if they would wake up and get overhaul management. All go. It is turning into GEICO. The bullying and the lack of responsibility is really bad. They tell you to speak up and when you do they will take you in a room and someone with a plastic glove will swipe all your things in a box and you will be out like yesterday's news no matter what your loyalty was. Shame. It looked good on paper. Cons: no job security"

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"At first they made this seem like a FUN professional place to work. It is anything but that. Management speaks to you in a patronizing way. You are micro managed. HR has managements back, not the employee. You are expected to be paid below industry standard all while being disrespected. They also do activities that are suitable for an Elementary school kid to make it seem "Fun" there. Completely unprofessional work environment. The VERY high turnover rate speaks for itself."

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"I was an employee and the training was awful. Most of the time was spent in a room by ourselves doing nothing. When I got out onto the floor, I was given no supplies and no script. There is no one to help you if you have a question and they hold it against you if you take breaks and lunch. Cons: Bad Management and stressfull work envirnoment"

sales (Current Employee) says

"with this company there is no consistency at all. Policy's faster then anything on a daily basis. Employees are never sure about what that are supposed to be doing if it is correct or not. You get a different answer from any manager you go to. They way it was put to us in two different meeting says it all - Elephant is never going to pay you what you are worth if you want that then you need to go somewhere else - but we get to wear jeans. Also, We are glad you are here and we will also be glad to see you go. It is true Elephant hires just to fire. Cons: everything else"

Licensed Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"I began working here with an open mind and very excited, that ended after the first week of employment. The managers never want to take a sup call or answer your questions. I actually had a Team lead tell me she did not feel like taking a call see if I could find someone else. Mind you see was just sitting at her desk. Depending on who your manager is and how chummy you are will depend on if you will get a point for missing time from work. Regardless if you were in the hospital, a family member was in the hospital, even if your doctor sends over paperwork stating that you were in the hospital it is your managers discretion if you will be penalized. They violate HIPPA. I was on FMLA for a medical condition and if I called out my manager would ask me why and then I would need to explain the medical condition that I have. One time I called out in pain and she actually asked me to still come in because they had a lot of call outs that day. Trust me this company is not for seasoned employees who have worked at major companies and know the guidelines. Cons: untrustworthy managers, rules change daily, favoritism"

Licensed Insurance Agent / Sales Analyst (Current Employee) says

"I was one of the top agents for months and yet they refused to promote me, cut the entire floors bonus by 10%, 2 months later 30% cut. They can't be trusted and HR has no clue what happens in sales. Cons: No assistance in personal skills improvement"

NunyA (Former Employee) says

"Definitely an interesting place to work. if you really want to know what it’s like to work here and how leadership thinks lookup the dunning-Kruger effect. Most senior leadership is so new to the industry it was tough to take them seriously."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management did not take into account life experiences or things that come up. They did not pay enough for someone who had years of experience as a customer service agent."

Licensed Insurance Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"I worked there for two years trying to hang on thinking things would get better but the department manager was deceptive, would not communicate changes that would effect pay until after it happened, No training when I started but would hang u out to dry..tell you they have trainings and then cancel them... horrible third party leads...they promise they have an open door policy but they retaliate..people services gossips about everyone's personal business...completely unprofessional company Cons: shady, dishonest, deceptive management"

Customer Service Agent (former employee) says

"Great company to wk for but just not the customer svc dept. Try claims, SIU, IT or sales dept. They make the most n do the least It sucks...management is lazy the team leads are helpful but they really can't do their job when they're consumed with doing the manager's job the call volume is constantly high and in the red the benefits are ok but very high deductibles to meet before they pay anything minimum 3k-6k and they are expensive for one person $120-250 per mth depending on the plan you choose when you add spouse n kids that's pretty much all of your paycheck then you're only making $15.00 per hr regardless of your yrs of experience after taxes n insurance benefits are deducted for one person you're left with less than $800 every 2 weeks take hm pay the parking is horrible and the expectations for all that is required of you are ridiculous...customer service dept. does the most work but is extremely underpaid. They do alot of company games, events etc. But most times because you're req'd to stay on the phone in the svc dept. You dnt get to partake in the fun activities turnover rate is extremely high in the svc. dept yes you get 6 weeks of PTO a yr depending on when u start but rarely get days approved off in the svc dept. due to the high call volume n the lack of reps. to take calls because people keep getting fired or quitting so the business need comes first n if you decide to take off anyway regardless of how long you've been at the company you get pts. that lead to termination n if you're absent or late on a Mon or Fri regardless if sick or not with docs note it's Cons: Everything else in the customer service dept."

Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"If you are over 35 don't apply. They want a youthful atmosphere."

Licensed Customer Service Insurance Agent (Current Employee) says

"Come into work, log into all systems needed and clock in. Next, for the rest of the day, you are answering inbound calls or making outbound follow up calls. You are making changes on policies 24/7. You get two 15 minute breaks and 1 hour lunch break and you don not have to take the whole lunch. The job itself is easy if you love customer service, but its just hard to do your job when no one is on the same page. Their attendance policy suck and there is a lot of favoritism. Elephant hires you to fire you. Every 3 months about 3-7 employees are either leaving or getting fired about nonsense and new hire class comes in. Cons: alot of leadership goes to people head, and start to talk thir employees like they are children or pets..no respect"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"The company as a whole is good but needs a lot of work. The departments work separately in making decisions that impact customers and do not relay the message, making the messengers (C.S. agent) job harder when dealing with the customers. Cons: unrealistic expectation with stats"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"The trainers I had were terrible! They tried to condense 4 weeks of training into 1 week. By listening to them, you could tell that they were once customer service reps and that they were promoted to trainer prematurely. It was clear that they had no formal training in adult education, because they were unable to communicate effectively with the class. During the interview, they said that we would eventually be required to take an exam to obtain an insurance license. That eventually turned out to be my second week. The problem with that is that you have to score a minimum to keep your job, that was not disclosed in the interview. They also didn't tell me that I would have the amount for the test deducted out of my pay. They are basically using people when it comes to the license. The state of Virginia does not require a license to perform customer service duties, therefore Elephant is trying to make CSR's do some of the underwriting departments work. Very Shady! Cons: Pay is way below average"

Network / Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company is good to start working for, especially if you are staring IT. The pay is very competitive, however, management lacks structure and communication."

Former customer says

"My issue is with paige from elephant home insurance. You dont need to be an agent. Your best interest is not the customers it's more less denying customer claims with a smirk on your face. You can gth you and my property manager."

tark says

"No reminders sent at all, insurance doubling over the renewal period without any hint given. Even when cancelled within the 14 days cooling off period, they still charge a fee to cancel the insurance - while this is detailed in the documents, it's highly unusual. This is not cheap and friendly insurer - shop around some more. Avoid."

Felipe Ramos says

"worst insurer for your car, don't think about your customers"

Kyle Ferguson says

"Worst experience ever. Insured car with Elephant, stolen the following day. Claim denied costing £15k. Escalating to Financial Ombudsman m, total nightmare.


Riz says

"Had a car accident and the whole experience has been abysmal. Car got repaired on the 4 attempt and complained to elephant about why it took soo long and they ignore my information and took what the garage mechanic said as gospel. Even thou there was contradiction in they story insurance don't care. They shut the case as fast as they could. Will never use this insurance again"

Chris Prather says

"I had Elephant for 2 or 3 months and noticed all of sudden my insurance went up. Immediately, I called them and they stated my wife had a claim which she never had. I called them and emailed them on multiple occasions and dropped insurance right away. I said I would not pay no more and was assured by email I would not be charged anymore by email and phone. Without notice or bill, I now see a charge of 81 dollars on credit report. Just not a very reputable insurance company and I'm just happy I saved my correspondence with them. Customer service is definitely lacking at this company. If you are looking for insurance I would look elsewhere."