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Elastica were a British rock band formed in London in 1992. The band were influenced by punk rock, post-punk and new wave music. They are best known for their 1995 album Elastica, which produced singles that charted in the United Kingdom and the United States, including their highest-charting US Hot 100 hit "Connection". They split amicably in 2001, roughly a year after releasing their second LP.


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Head setter (Current Employee) says

"No matter how long you work there, you will never be more than just a number. Cons: No breaks, wage equality"

Responsabile Ufficio Tecnic (Former Employee) says

"Non si è adeguata ad un controllo della qualità dell'organizzazione e non si è voluto dare una linea procedurale interna ben strutturata e documentata. Cons: Poca innovazione e formazione interna"

ASPP (Current Employee) says

"Ambiente poco stimolante,son scarsa possibilità di crescita professionale ed economica. Cons: Scarsa crescita"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"I learned quite a lot about the company and the job that i was doing, but no training was supplied, so i had to learn as i went along. The staff where always very friendly, as where the shift runners. However due to the enviroment that i worked in, human contact was very minimal, due to noise, and ear plugs. Cons: long hours, shift patterns (24 hours)."

Crane operator/ welder (Current Employee) says

"no lunch breaks in welding department. coworkers are lazy and poor management salary caps out about 20.00 an hour in welding. safety is not a priority there"

Profilatore carropontista (Former Employee) says

"Il lavoro si svolgeva su tre turni,consisteva nella produzione di pannelli coimbentati Cons: Chiusura del sito"

operaio qualificato (Former Employee) says

"il lavoro si svolgeva in capannoni caldi d' estate e freddissimi d' inverno. Cons: lontananza da casa"

Addetto attrezzeria (Current Employee) says

"Ambiente lavorativo dove si percepisce tensione e causa stress, in più il lavoro è piuttosto pesante e crea a lungo andare problemi fisici. Cons: Ambiente poco salutare"

Addetto al Servizio di Prevenzione e Protezione (Current Employee) says

"Nello svolgere della mia mansione di ASPP presso lo stabilimento Marcegaglia Carbon Steel S.p.A. di Ravenna ho imparato a collaborare con Direzione e RSPP su vari aspetti che riguardano principalmente: Cons: ambiente non stimolante e poco colalborativo"

operatore sulla linea 4 (Former Employee) says

"controlare qualita ,con colleghi normale,le macchine funzianavano male, Cons: problemi con capi turni"

Mechanical Maintenance (Current Employee) says

"repair equipment in a timely manner, troubleshoot, make sure machines are running smoothly."

operaio generico (Former Employee) says

"ho passato un breve periodo lavorativo ma nel complesso positivo"