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Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is an American freelancing platform where enterprises and individuals connect in order to conduct business. In 2015, the Elance-oDesk merger was rebranded as Upwork and the company's full name is now Upwork Global Inc. Upwork is currently based in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California, though it serves clients around the world. Upwork has over twelve million registered freelancers and five million registered clients. Three million jobs worth over $1Bn USD are posted annually, making Upwork the largest freelancer marketplace in the world.

A former employee wrote a review for INDEED in which he/she states that working for Upwork is not worth it: "You are competing with freelancers from all over the world unless you are looking at jobs with a "US Only" designation. Some of the people freelancing on Upwork are making 2-3 dollars per hour. You have to scour through dozens of "junk" listings that are vague and ambiguous. You don't see the company or individual's name until you submit a proposal, which can cost YOU as the freelancer around 60 cents a pop. This doesn't sound like much, but when you have people posting ads that arent necessarily serious about hiring someone (they are just throwing their ad against the wall to see what they get) it can really add up. Many of the ads that are posted are, again, vague or they have expectations that will make you laugh. These people are in no way realistic and many of them are inexperienced "entrepreneurs" that are looking for cheap labor and they have no idea what they are doing. For you as the freelancer, this translates into problems getting paid, or hassles with the "employer". It's in your best interest to not even respond to vague ads and also to look at the feedback received by them from freelancers. Many times these aren't even people you would WANT to work with. If you work on this platform, don't lower your standards"


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Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working for my manager and supervisor. Enjoyed contacts with vendors and help them resolve issues concerning their invoices. Inter-action with consultants and co-workers worldwide. The hardest part of the job is maintaining accuracy of wire and cash transfer payments.Free Morning Muffins and BagelsSmall Company with little room for advancement"

Bane says

"Horrible experience, after 4 years spent on this platform and hard work, my account was suspended without any reason provided. They kept my money also. Strongly suggest to all to invest their time and build their career in another place, far away from this platform."

Douglas says


Andrei Udriște says

"Upwork closed my account without notice or reason as to why. I had money in my balance and also connects bought that I never got to use up"

Meryl Mm says

"Well, be aware of some low quality scammer writers on upwork. Those who claims, that they will write a plagiarism free and error free content with low price and English is their second language. Never contact them, Their content is low quality and has no value, and you will be unable to use that. They are there to make some bucks and scam us. And unfortunately Upwork has their back...and you will not be supported as a client, even if you get a low quality content...I was scammed by two. I can’t trust upwork at all and I don’t recommend Upwork."

Veronika Gizminkova says

"I WAS a long time customer on Upwork. all starts good. Last company I worked with was Rakvin from India. Agreed on 3000 USD contract with 4 milestones ( 900, 900, 900, 300) after each payments it took them always very long time to raact and now I know why. Upwork is protecting you only 30 days after payment. So finally I lost 2700 USD because after its up to freelancer to refund you or not! I will NEVER again work with Upwork. Their protection of clients who pay in fact their comision is not ok. I know, I should have read and understand T&C but not everybody is speaking 100% English :((..very expensive lesson for me. No application-no money.! do NOT work with this company or anybody who is proposing a work!! scammers!!"

Daniel Kings says

"Terrible platform ever! Kicked off my account WITHOUT any reason and answered nothing."

Toyo Trading says

"Met a terrible freelancer; failed to meet the deadline by 3 weeks. Requested a refund, never heard back. Customer support team says I had to read the contract well (but the freelancer insisted on paying in advance, saying it's been the 'common thing') When I asked for it, just heard back from the customer support the freelancer will be noted, but where's the protection for my side?"

himanshu shukla says

"I started working as freelancer and I saw that I was earning good, I quitted my full time job to be a freelancer in upwork. I was doing so good and getting really good reviews from client. I was working for multiple clients at once. One day I got an interview and accepted the proposal. I didnt know that my own colleague from my workplace hired me and sent me a $5 easy job. My colleague used somebody else's account to hire me. Upwork suspended both accounts and told that we violated upworks rules. I was innocent in all this matter. I didnt even know it was my colleague at first since she used somebody else's account to hire me. Now I am jobless and I dont have upwork account, all my hard work is wasted. It is almost holidays christmas and everything is ruined for me."

Jill Vance says

"I have just joined this site, but so far am disgusted with their customer service. It took them14 days to resolve a technical problem on the site which stopped me getting work and getting paid because I was unable to get verified. In the meantime, unaware I was wasting 'connects'. I bid on many jobs. I wasted about 40 proposals or more! They then sent me an email saying I could not get work until I was verified, but I had already used my 'connects'. Next I applied for a job advertised as looking for a 'writer', but in reality when the client contacted me it was for backlinks. I CAN do a writing job. I CANNOT do a backlink job. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! I asked them refund my wasted connects, (which we have to buy!!!!!) but they refused. This is terrible customer service. They charge freelance workers a high percentage of their [pay and also make them but connects in order to be able to work! This is beyond greedy!!!"

Seth M says

"They closed my account on an odd technicality (spelling of my name therefore apparently meant I had stolen my own identity and a passport ID and drivers licence would not convince them otherwise). They closed my account with money in it that I had earned on a job and refused to give it back to me. After I asked them to release my funds they blocked me from contacting them."

Vishvjeet Singh says

"Worst freelancing platform ever with the worst staff."

John Mike says

"Upwork is very frustating place to work.They suspend your account and not hear you anymore.They suspended account such as: 1.Your account suspended due to no demand of skills. 2.we find some specious activity so we are suspending your account. When you ask about above they reply: 1.We have limited permission to tell anything about this and we can not tell anything about this.Our decision is final. So i request to not work their. Suppose you depend on upwork and after 5 year they suspend your account then you have no way to start again all thing."

Jonathan Mic says

"They suddenly closed my account because it didn't generate enough business for them. It is true that it didn't generate enough business for me either. That is because they position their top performers first in search results which brings more work to established companies/businesses and penalizes new freelancer individuals. The original altruistic idea of providing a platform for freelancers to find a gig is not there anymore, instead they mutated into a business model that lets people looking for getting a job done at a low-cost connect with crafty, tax-avoiding businesses."

Timm Hogerzeil says

"Sooooo crazy expensive and bad that almost every job I have put there was problematic. Their review system does not work as it is easy to manipulate. The best place to lose money and not get nothing in return, but trouble and waist of time."

Allie says

"I hired Brainstorm Force in India who was dishonest with me and deceived me. I hired them to help me gain internet presence and rank higher on search engines but I found out that during the time I hired them, I was never listed with any search engines. No one could find me! I didn't pay this freelancer to have no one find me on the internet!! I couldn't believe it. I have proof that I was deceived by this freelancer and had to hire another company outside of Elance to fix this issue which is a big deal. I called Elance and tried to get my money back but their process for refunding my money after funds are released through escrow is nonexistent. Basically, you won't get your money back even if a freelancer deceived you and it was fraud! Even requesting for a refund after a job is closed is pretty much 0%. It is up to the freelancer to refund my money and I'm 100% sure they will not refund my money. Elance has no process for dealing with fraud after escrow is released and since I didn't know much about search engine optimization, I believed the freelancing company I hired. I believed they were doing their job to help me succeed and I believed all their status updates they provided. BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART. I'm just sorry I hired this freelancer and I'm even more sorry that I went through Elance. I want to get my hard earned money back. How do I get my money back?"

prajith says

"Elance closed my account without any reasonable reason. I had a rating of 4.8 and the reason they are giving is bad customer reviews which i don't have all my customers are happy with the results. I believe this kind of behaviour started after upwork took over elance. I think they are anyway closing their activities this year itself and is ruining the good name 'Elance' had as they quit, so that no one has anything good to remember about the good old elance."

w says

"Like so many other users, Elance / upWork has STOLEN MY MONEY! They closed my account for no reason. I had great ratings, and happy clients, but they claim "poor client satisfaction" - an automated message with no proof, no details, or anything sensible. They stole more than $400 from me, and I can't pay rent this month. BEWARE!!!! THIS COMPANY IS CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY If anybody has advice about how to take them on and get my honestly earned money out of them, please help."

Manish Tripathi says

"My account has been closed in middle of a very crucial task. Also, they wrote my client satisfaction has gone down- which made you take this decision. I wonder if 100% lifetime recommendation and 5 star rating is bad- what is good I know I had a glitch with my one client and she had sent the bad internal feedback. But I received a 5 star rating after that from one of my other client. Their system of performance grasping and prediction is a big failure. I hope you guys would not repeat the same at Upwork, I am not sure you may because you just don't care- you don't want to grow i.e"

Cindy says

"This toxic company was all right when it started, but evolved into a flagrant example of the sociopathy currently destroying American capitalism. It has sought and obtained a laughable US patent on online competitive bidding. It has tried to compel honest workers into unethical practices and robbed them of the ability to seek justice though arbitration clauses. If workers tried to leave, the company could apparently invent and circulate falsehoods against them, perhaps without legal recourse. I'd say stay far away, but apparently it's finally closing down. I hope they try to turn it around in their next endeavors."

Trendy says

"Didn't think they were too bad when I used them"

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