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El Torito (Spanish for "the little bull") is a Mexican restaurant chain, consisting of 69 restaurants which are located primarily in California. Some of the restaurants are located in Oregon, Arizona, and overseas. El Torito is one of several Mexican cuisine restaurant chains operated by Real Mex Restaurants.


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Kitchen Staff (Former Employee) says

"Worked in the kitchen under 2 kitchen managers. Both had same outcome. You are overworked, your schedule is not respected, you are underpaid, understaffed, your sick days will not be compensated, untrustworthy kitchen manager and staff, disrespectful management, your work is not valued, your paid hours must always be double checked, you must work during your lunch break, you are expected to clock out and keep working even though your past eight hours, and to top it off, sick employees are made to work so there was an outbreak of TB. Really think about it. Cons: No lunch breaks, understaffed, no paid sick days, hostile work environment"

Dishwasher/ busboy/ Food runner/ expeditor/ Food (Former Employee) says

"I would'nt recommend anyone working there it was the worst job i ever had some people where awesome but management sucked managers chose favorites over others and everyone else got screwed always getting sent early theres no money. Cons: no free food, bias against sustained employees, they over work you and stress you"

Hostess, Server, Cocktail server, Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Use to love working there, But the managers got competitive. Never listen to anyone’s work issues, didn’t care for their teammates they only care about their money. Cons: Managers"

Shift Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"You work hard bring them business. You work every holidays and when you work your way to management they tell absolutely no one that they are closing the restaurant down the very day after Christmas. You show up to work but find the doors locked. This is a dishonest and deceitful company (Real Mex Restaurants) stay as far away as possible from working and dining. Cons: Everything else"

Server (Former Employee) says

"New company and mangement came in and destroyed the restaurant. The management is entitled and will micromanage/ abuse you, the food is rushed or missing items, there is no busser, no food runner, and bad host seating with no organization whatsoever. It's not the hosts of the restaurants fault either, the management doesn't train them properly. Overall, a nightmare of a company to work for. I would be sat up to 10 tables that were sat all at once with no wait time. The servers were on their own and made mistakes because of the impossible tasks set up for them to do. Then management will then get after the servers to be faster when they can't possibly handle making food, getting chips and salsa, refilling drinks, running food, and bussing tables, all the while management would follow each of them down micromanaging them. It was like this for just about all of the servers and cocktale waiters. The management does play favortism and discards anyone outside of their preference, even willing to cut hours of those people, regardless of prefoemance. I've worked in many restaurants and this is by far the worst years of experience I've had at this job. Do NOT work here. Cons: No advancement, low hours, bad culture, abusive management (most of them)"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at El Torito until I finally felt what everyone who worked there before me was saying about how horrible the management was. Hiring manager is a complete CREEP, will say very inappropriate comments to the women employees and incredibly unprofessional as he goes around and talks bad about his employees but never confronted them about any issues he had. General manager would only be nice to you when she needed something from you or else she would ignore you and give attitude. I was a hostess there and I actually witnessed her pretend a table requested another server and so she didn’t have to give it to the actual server who’s station it was. I loved my coworkers but the fact that the general manager and the hiring manager were so unprofessional and petty I could no longer stand to work there any longer. Cons: Management was horribl"

Shift Coordinator/Server (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately the original concept of the company and their mission has been lost. Cons: They didn't believe on it"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. If yoy are desperate for a paycheck then by all means...but this is certainly not a career changer,"

Server (Current Employee) says

"I've been with this company a long time. I've seen managers come and go. They are all the same. They steal from the company, micromanage, are selfish and only look out for people who are minions."

Culinary Manager (Former Employee) says

"Everyday a new system would be put in place. Most restaurants would just pencil whip to submit them on time. Very little support from support center. Zero follow up. A revolving door of managers that are given no support to do the job and make a difference."

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Great atmosphere,employees where happy along with the guests,but after my training I had to leave,hardest part of my day like every day is that maybe,..I could have done better,maybe I could have done more..I understand they decided to come out to eat with us so I believe we should do the best to make their experience amazing Cons: Bad leadership"

Host/ server (Current Employee) says

"Stressful and thrown into a position."

Server (Former Employee) says

"Poor work environment."

Hostess/Server (Former Employee) says

"the management treated people unfairly, dress code was never followed, people had unprofessional relationships with management"

Part-time going to school & Full-time Winter break (Current Employee) says

"Everyone there are closely related after 6 months of working here i was let go because they had a family member come over from mexico and she needed a job. I was the only non family member there."

Bartender/Waitress/trainer (Former Employee) says

"Hated working for this company. They are very disorganized at the location I worked at. Clientele is not great at all. They drop food on the floor and use it again!"

Prep Area Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Day to day just came to work to find a bunch of dishes and prep to make within team help and no management organization. Cons: over work, management organization."

Food Expediter (Former Employee) says

"In my time there, the managers weren't up to standard. All lot of them treated the servers poorly. They also played favorites. At some point I felt like they just didn't care"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day involves sending countless emails for support from the absentee Training Director, the incompetent Event Coordinator, the dishonest, manipulative and calculating Regional Directors, and the overworked and undermanned Facilities Dept. Incompetent managers are allowed to continue while other managers are forced to do the work for them. Management training is inadequate an highly unorganized. MIT's will spend hours each day performing mundane tasks such as peeling shrimp, cutting vegetables, stocking plates and spoons at brunch, and essentially shaving hourly labor from the Training Store's costs. Managers 'graduate' training after, at most, ONE interaction with the so-called Training Director, as she is most often assigned to Marketing initiatives rather than actual Training. Manager Training is abysmal, and without extensive previous experience, new managers will take months to learn the most basic computer functions after 'graduation.'"

Line-cook (Former Employee) says

"In need of back of the house supervision and leaders that will support each other no matter what. Cons: Not enough hourse, no benifits, no feuter in that company"