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El Tiempo Latino is a Spanish-language free-circulation weekly newspaper published in Washington, D.C.. The paper was founded in 1991 and acquired by The Washington Post Company in 2004. After Nash Holdings, the Jeff Bezos-controlled company, acquired the Post in 2013, el Tiempo Latino was sold to Javier Marin, a Venezuelan-American businessman, in 2016. The newspaper publishes 50,000 copies every Friday (ABC audited) distributed in 1,700 points of distribution throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area and has a weekly readership of over 120,000 readers, according to Scarborough Research.

El Tiempo Latino has no customer service to let clients know where to buy, according to T B. at yelp.com

"Used to get these in D.C. for my neighbors who can't get out to DC and they stopped filling the boxes. I emailed numerous times to find out where I could get 3-4 a week without ever getting a response."


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