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Eglinton Square Shopping Centre is an enclosed shopping mall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located at Eglinton Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue in Scarborough's Golden Mile neighbourhood. It opened in 1954 as a strip plaza, like most retail space at the time, and was later converted to mall. It was notable for having a parking garage attached to Morgans department store, with a steep winding ramp. Morgan's was bought by the Hudson's Bay Company and eventually became a Bay. The garage was demolished. The main shopping centre still has two 1960's style ramps that provides two levels of parking on top of the stores. The top most level is the roof of the building and is also provides open air parking spaces.

Some customers are unhappy about security inside the shopping centre "I went to Eglinton to buy food at dollarama. When I got to my car, I was furious because someone opened my car and stolen some staff thanks God I had my handbag with me, so disappointed of the security and sad to know that someone is opening the cars on the parking so people be careful I'm not going to get there anymore."


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Samir Desai says

"Always long telephone wait period compare to CIBC bank. It's challenging to connect phone and somebody will pick phone."

Naveed Ansari says

"They have the worst customer service. I contacted them many times and after being on hold for an hour I get someone who simply hangs up. I am talking to my attorney now and will take TD to court and file lawsuit against them."

Colleen Renwick says

"Wish I could give ZERO STARS, as this is what they deserve. On hold for an hour after I noticed they took EXCESSIVE fees out of my account. Funny how these Canadian chartered banks manage to make billions annually, pay their executives millions and can’t bother to provide even a modicum of customer service."

Rita Ayene says

"Like the rest of reviews mentioned, this greedy institutions only cares to enrich itself at the expense of its clients. They could have at least have a well trained and friendly customer service department, but no, probably one of the worst I have had to deal with in the last 5 years. Super rude, and apparently being openly racist either in-person at the counter or over-the phone is something that is widely accepted by TD, if not encouraged (based on my experience dealing with them for the last 4-5 years)"

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