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A user in financial services mentioned, "Overall, Egencia is unreliable and has an absolute lack of transparency in pricing and policies. They state certain policies on their website, and when you try to apply them, they are never valid for some reason. There are always issues they cannot resolve. Customer service is also terrible."


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Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"First of all the hiring process is a nightmare 1st red flag. Interview was late by about 30 minutes with “system issues” this is a constant with this company. Then there is the bait and switch with pay, they run an ad saying it’s 18-21 dollars an hour. This is a complete lie. It’s much less. Let me put it to you this way, if you are at a call center paying at least 12 stay there, these people are completely dishonest, they prey on people who need to work and tell you oh you can move up and get a raise, also not true. I spoke to several people who confirmed it. Training, another nightmare constant system issues, not enough explanation of how to go to certain systems to do what you need for a customer. Then you are thrown out to the wolves with the every one is so nice and will help you. They really don’t care about employees just a warm body to answer the calls Cons: Dishonest about pay, system issues, bad training"

Comptable (Former Employee) says

"Une entreprise qui avec un turn over de plus de 30% où les managers vous poussent à bout pour obtenir le maximum de rentabilité de leurs équipes..."

Commercial (Former Employee) says

"Le profit est roi, plus on descend dans la hiérarchie plus on vous piétine, c'est la loi de la carotte... Cons: Tout"

Travel Consultant (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company for the flowing reasons: Cons: Salary, Staff: Trainer, Hr, Manager, Technical support. Operating systems. Non-communication"

Operations Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"au terme de 5 entretiens passés chez Egencia et d'une offre d'emploi reçue pourtant très rapidement, Egencia a décidé à la dernière minute de retirer l'offre qu'ils m'avaient faite 3 jours auparavant et que j'avais acceptée, afin de favoriser le recrutement d'un consultant en interne. Aucune excuse reçue de leur part pour les désagréments engendrés (j'avais dans l'intervalle refusé une autre offre pour accepter celle d'Egencia). J'ai trouvé cette façon de faire particulièrement non professionnelle, qui reflète une entreprise très peu fiable avec un manque d'empathie clairement affiché. Je conseille donc à tous les candidats souhaitant postuler chez Egencia de bien s'assurer du besoin de recrutement avant même de débuter les entretiens, afin que vous ne perdiez pas votre temps et votre énergie dans cette entreprise."

Buisness travel consultant (Former Employee) says

"Minimum training , unprofessional. Cons: Bullied, staff being shouted at, centre"

sales (Former Employee) says

"Joined with another couple of girls when it was Expedia. Put in a team who didn't want us and were rude and aggressive. It was awful. We were forced to leave. Cons: clique. not wanted."

Sr. Exec VIP Int'l Corporate Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The center I worked in had (and has) a hostile work environment. The training is a joke, about 6 weeks and just kind of "skims" what is needed to do the job. Once you are on the floor you have to kind of wing it. When I interviewed I told them I had very little hands on experience in International booking and they made me an international agent with higher pay, when my friend came on board with YEARS of experience, they made her a domestic agent at LESS pay ...THEN MADE HER DO INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL CALLS at the lower pay. The managers/supervisors were bully's and out of control using their "power" for favoritism...and if you got on the bad side you were finished there no matter how good you were. There were a couple managers that were blatant racist ...and got away with it! And forget about asking them to help you with anything. The working conditions were so bad there that even in the midst of a depression people quit...and the word got out about them so they could never get the staff of 150 they needed for the my time there I don't think they got over 70-80 agents there at any given time. That in itself speaks volumes! If you just need a pay check for a couple weeks...yes, go there for the paid training and quit like many others did...the classes generally had 12-15 people in them, by the end of the 6 weeks and they got on the floor...within 2 weeks there would only be 1-2 agents left our of that class! There is sooo much more I can say...but I think you got the point.... Cons: horrible company to work for"

Travel consultant (Former Employee) says

"Société qui prétend vendre du rêve mais ce n’est qu’un rêve au final. Cons: Mauvais salaire / malhonnêteté des formateurs et manageurs"

Senior Corporate Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"They never took responsible and were not held accountable for not sending me to the training in Las Vegas, Nevada for 1 week like everyone else was required to do. I know and my supervisor knew that I was always at a disadvantage and missing important information that I was not given since I was never required to do the training in Las Vegas, NV. I was let go due to not meeting 1 if the goals for my job. However I was meeting and exceeding all of my other goals in all aspects. I was not constantly praised with positive reinforcement on the good things I was doing I was constantly berated with all the the goals I wasn't meeting. I was point blank lied to by supervisor by her saying I was on target with my goals and didn't need to worry about loosing my job. However when I talked to Human Resources after getting fired I was advised she submitted information to the Human Resources to fire me on the 19 of March only for my company to fire me on the 10 of April. Completely opposite of what my supervisor advised me previously. Pretty dishonest way to handle your employees and do business as a company. Cons: They are too performance driven and are not focused on the positives of the employees."

Travel Agent (Former Employee) says

"as being an experienced agent with over 20 years i was optimistic. the recruitment was fove stars but after that it was little else to offer. i never really was comfortable with leaders with no college degree sporting the “look”. i left because the products had several issues and did not meet my personal standards as a reputable supplier. i did like my 30 year old team lead. he was one in a million at the company but a serious big yawn to the marketing overkill and senior operations leadership. felt kind of bribey and always in your attic. this is another company that when you quit they always feel like they are unwantingly “with you”. even with the scarcity of the jobs due to covid i would opt to work for lyft to escape the yuck Cons: nosey management to rulebound"

Senior International Corp Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"started at office location months later moved home mangers where more concerned about calls answered than servicing the call clients where just numbers Cons: poor customer service"

Agent de voyages (Former Employee) says

"On vous fait croire que l’evolution est possible mais non ! Vos chefs sont les petits soldats des gros américains qui ne pourront jamais rien faire pour votre carrière... et SI on vous propose d’evoluer (ce qui a ete mon cas) c’est sur des postes a “responsabilité” mais on vous faits passer ca sur des missions internes ! Donc vous n’aurez jamais de changement de salaire alors que vous occuper le poste de quelqu’un qui gagne minimum 10k de plus que vous par an ! Je precise que j’avais bien les diplomes necessaires a la base pour ce poste et mon salaire n’a jamais ete revu ! Vous travaillez donc certes dans une ambiance decontractée, vous avez du temps pour votre vie perso ! Mais tout est régi par un systeme, vous etes un chiffre dans la masse ! Oubliez l’humain chez Egncia ! Ils essaient tous de se convaincre que l’humaim est au centre de leurs préoccupations mais ils se voilent la face !"

Travel Agent (Current Employee) says

"Don’t get help. Trainers all have different answers. In OJT the trainers are extremely rude and not helpful. They need to update all there training and possibly trainers"

Conseiller voyage (Former Employee) says

"Travail non polyvalent et énormément de process à suivre Cons: L’esprit d’entreprise"

Travel Agent (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working with Egencia.No hard part to the job besides doing an exchange. I learned a lot more about travel with this job. Management was ok from what i know."

Travel Consultant (Current Employee) says

"i really enjoy this job, bc of the people i work with. We have a lot of fun. The shift I work you had to stay up some way some how. But this is type of environment i love being around."

Corporate Travel Consultant (Current Employee) says

"No advancement opportunities - only care about senior agents. Very low pay that isn't even competitive and raises are laughable."

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"There certainly were some compitent people working at Egencia, but it just seemed like there was a general sense of disorganization. Lots of macro goals and initiatives, but they were all lacking in any detail. Horrible company culture! Egencia, and Expedia as a whole, aren't travel companies...they're more like tech companies who sell travel products. Would not recommend."

Senior Sales Manager, Consulting Services (Current Employee) says

"I started at Egencia some time ago, I used to love it. Egencia represented a family approach and managers really cared for employees. Last year we combined our global operations. Since then the company has become a revolving door for employees to leave. The style of management has changed and people have go into a protection mode. Cons: Cuture, Communication from management, cut throat attitude"

Current Employee - Operational Finance Specialist says

"I have been working at Egencia full-time for more than 10 years Cons: CONSTANT reorganizations! Lack of transparency! Lack of honest leadership! Lack of a plan! 11 years in and I still do not know where we are going."

Current Employee - Travel Consultant says

"I have been working at Egencia full-time for less than a year Cons: Micromanage (the control they want to have is ridiculous) Play high school games and are very childish (this is mostly management) They threaten your job security when you don't let them control you The GDS system they use is garbage, it's outdated and never works properly They do not care about employees or even their own customers, it's all about the money with this company, so many angry customers calling because they are sick of being ripped off. The website never works, customers call and are angry because they have to call an agent and then get charged a service fee. After a call, do not be in the red for more than 10 minutes, you better let someone know what you are working on and why you are still in after call work. The breaks are a joke, really 10 minutes! Just because I work at home does not mean 10 minutes is enough time. I have a big house, by the time I go from my office upstairs to my kitchen downstairs I have like 6 minutes left, now try using the bathroom, making something to eat, and maybe a snack in that time frame...just ridicules! They nit pick about everything, management is not happy unless they are complaining or finding fault with one employee or the other. Open 365 days a year! Really that is pure greed! We are a travel agency for corporate travelers, most of them are home with their families not traveling! There is no need to be open on Christmas. I have one foot out the door myself. I can put up with a lot but when I have had enough then I will be out. If you're reading this it is because you want to know what others are saying about the work environment here and I say listen to some of the reviews because they are not lying when they say this place is like being high school all over again. Some reviews said good benefits, I just laughed because the benefits here are horrible."


"I worked at Egencia Cons: Terrible company. Managers and teams leads have a lack of people management. If you like to work like a robot, this is the place for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Egencia full-time for more than a year Cons: I had the worst/meanest manager of my career here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Egencia full-time Cons: Technology. They say they are a technology company, yet their systems crash all dfay, everyday. They blame your highspeed provider, yet it's their own systems that are crashing. What they describe in the job interview process are not reality. Agents are directed to "Park" records to take more calls. The interview process specifically states VIP agents will only take one call per hour, yet agents are parking reservations and taking at least 4 calls per hour. It takes 3 tools to complete a reservation when one will do. Supervisors show favoritism toward their team members and do all they can to sabotage those who do no pucker up. Team Leaders are not knowledgeable and refuse to listen to employees who are willing to assist the company to do better."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Egencia full-time for more than a year Cons: leadership team not to be trusted; technology lacking globally; reputation for being a player in the TMC field is not as successful as they think."

Current Employee - Prefer Not to Answer says

"I have been working at Egencia full-time for more than 3 years Cons: - You won't get paid much - in fact, they will exploit you. And no, the travel deals don't make up for it. The other benefits just get worse over the years. - They seem friendly, but in reality they will play a whole lot of highschool games because they are bored and not actually doing their jobs. - You will hate working in a super crowded environment. Everyone is piled on top of each other. There's no longer a common area where people can relax. They went from open cubes to an open office the other year. It's like a rat's nest. - Perception matters a lot more than reality. If you just show up to a big meeting, that counts far and above you getting any real work done. - Leadership is fake and has been poisoned by people coming in from Microsoft. They are horrible backstabbers who do not add any value. They have terrible values. They exploit hard working employees and then lay them off. Politics and butt-kissing means everything to them. - Leadership is always "rah-rah-ing" and never follows up with real, significant changes. They will tell you something will change for the better, then never implement it. - Most misogynist and backwards company I have ever worked for. If you are a woman, you will NOT rise up in the company. You have NO chance. Better to just cut your losses and leave. - Acts like a startup. Shoots from the hip instead of having any processes."


"I worked at Egencia Cons: Management, management, management! At least 7 re-orgs in 2-years with no positive results..."

Senior International Travel Counselor says

"I worked at Egencia Cons: senior management was sad to say the least"

Current Employee - Agent says

"I have been working at Egencia full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Used to be a market leader but a terrible company now"

Industrial construction company out of Muchigan. says

"Our company spends over 500,000 a year on hotels for traveling workers.. They often do not reimburse modified shortened stays. Pricing for rooms are $20-30 more a night then booking direct. They make fake claims about benefits and savings promised to users and do not have transparent pricing. If they do shorten a stay they charge a cancelation fee. I just got off the phone with corporate who agreed Agencia sucks and we will be terminating our use of agencia and our crews who book the rooms couldn\'t be more relieved. We will save a fortune not using Agencia."

sharonda wilson says

"Company is a rip off. They take away one’s ability to make travel changes on the site by having you call to speak a agent so they can charge you a agent assist fee. There are a lot of annoying issue that I don’t have time to address but I really wish my company will reconsider and go back to American Express Travel I hope this company gets exposed and they go bankrupt by the lawsuits being brought on them"

David Palmer says

"Called in to get a receipt that he pulled up but for some reason could not print out...and as of now I’ve been on the phone for over an hour on hold for 90% of the time. Told me I have to stay on the line and calling back once issue resolved was against company policy. Horrible experience!!"

ryan says

"Since changing to Egencia we have lost all benefits through different programs. Hilton as an example refuses to honor status so we now need to pay for WIFI, parking, additional water, early/late check ins/outs. It makes the only benefits of constantly traveling null and void. This is due to Egencia owning expedia and double dipping during booking process. Taking a cut from the company booking then again with who is being booked."

Jenna says

"An absolutely terrible customer experience. I called to change my flight and the customer service associate said there would be no charges to change this. I received an updated receipt and itinerary and assumed I was done. Several days later, I received an email saying that they made a mistake, and it would actually be over $300 more expensive. Without getting my approval, they charged my credit card for the difference. I have called and emailed over ten times with absolutely no resolution. I understand that mistakes happen, and I’ve been understanding even agreeing to take a flight credit. Egencia refuses to correct their mistake and trying to resolve this has taken up entirely too much of my time. Such a disappointment."

Akash Patel says

"worst company ever, does false advertising and rips off customers, no customer service."

Leon S says

"I have to book my company travel through this company so have no choice but to use them, I have booked 5 times and each time they have got it completely wrong, every time I turn up the room hasn’t been paid for or dinner allowances are not included. I have spent hours trying to resolve and you are just left on hold for upto an hour, the most recent trips I called before leaving just to make sure the booking were correct, I was assured they were and when I arrive they have not been booked properly. All you get is hollow apologies and no resolutions, totally fed up with using them, to the point I will change jobs just so I don’t have to use them!"

Mrs Parrott says

"Appalled. Hotel booked via company Egencia account, got to the hotel the card has been declined, Egencia not calling hotel back 2 hours without being able to check in or utilise food vouchers."

Daniel Salisbury says

"Just awful. Not clear. I thought a flight had been booked weeks ago, tried to get boarding cards, now find out it wasn't booked at all. Too happy to push the blame onto someone else rather than taking simple steps to ensure the same doesn't happen again. Avoid like the plague."

Smith says

"Such a Poor service plus a waste of time. would advice to use a different service."

Chris says

"Would not recommend Egencia at this time, since I have been trying to get my refund on a air ticket for some time now! Seems no action regarding my case, going in circles without actually resolving my matter!"

Sara says

"I would not recommend Egencia, as they are hopeless incompetent. Their emergency numbers are not in use, and there are long waits (50mins) for their alternative emergency helplines. All in all, a poorly run company, especially for their overhead charges. I would say stay away if possible, especially in lieu of cancelled flights, you are better off managing the situation on your own."

Kateryna Dobbert says

"Incompetent, slow to respond, archaic and ridiculously overpriced. Firstly, their rates are horribly overpriced, when addressing the issue, the customer service says sorry... that's all. When you call customer service they charge you enormously (I called from Germany their french number and was charged 25 eur), and you wait in line for at least 30 min. It's been a year and they still cannot manage to offer proper tickets from Berlin to France, constantly offer to book separately and only paper ticket option which is impossible to deliver to you if you do a short term booking. I am constantly disappointed and of course, all they say is we are sorry. I am strongly advising my company to end the contract with them."

Maestro10 says

"The most hapless and hopeless travel service I’ve ever used. No one would use this unless forced to by our corporate policies."

Michael Rotella says

"Booked two day trip to NYC and then called on 04-29 to change my departure time from AM to PM. They advised they would charge me more than 500.00 to change time (original ticket was less than 200) They rep said American Airlines could possibly do it for 75.00-which they did on 04/30. Received new reservation , seat #, confirmation. I get to the Airport to return to Boston and AA rep says Egencia called at 830AM and cancelled my flight. I call egencia - nice lady says I called and cancelled flight on 04-29. I explain I didn’t and was currently on the trip- why would I cancel the return flight. She transfers to manager -I give her confirmation of my departure change - reservation #, showing that the night before I was able to change the departure time (04/30) - so how could I have cancelled the flight on 04/29? She didn’t have an answer - kept saying “we have documentation that I cancelled” as if I was trying to trick them? There was definitely a tone of distrust and for the life of me I cannot figure out what this lady thought my endgame was. I’m trying to scam them by cancelling a trip already paid for and then pretending I didn’t cancel it? What’s the upside for me? She wasn’t listening - just kept defaulting to “well we have documentation” Ultimately her advice was to buy another ticket...and then they would “look into it further” at which point I realized I was talking to the wrong people and sorted it out with American Airlines(who were great) They had the same issue “well Egencia cancelled it” but actually listened- and looked at my receipt, flight confirmation, the details of the situation and used reason to assess that while there was an issue, it was not with me the customer- and they managed to do it without implying I was the one con-man in the world that doesn’t try to make a profit. I can’t get over that part specifically - what is the implication? Why go on a trip, cancel the return flight and then pretend I didn’t- how do I benefit ? Telling me to buy another ticket while they“investigate”(!?!). That’s an almost impressive level of not caring about your customers -or human beings in general."

J.C. says

"Jesus. Getting your account manager to actually help you is impossible. Her go-to is always "contact customer service." The point of using the system is to not have to be on the phone booking flights. The point is to do it all online. Goodluck with that, though. For over two hours, I have been trying to book flights on their system -- every single fare tells me that it is unable to be booked online. How interesting -- they want to force you to call their agents so they can then charge you an obscene amount for booking a flight over the phone. It takes hours, if not days, for the account manager to get back to us, but she never has anything of value to actually report or say. Her responses are akin to "oh well!" Yet the sales guy has no problem hounding me multiple times a week to get on a call to discuss rolling out the system to all employees -- why the heck would I roll out a broken, crappy system that doesn't even let us book flights online? I regret ever choosing them and am looking forward to be able to find a new place and switch ASAP"

Sumit says

"This is a follow up of my previous review dated 26th March 2019. The issue is still not resolved and is rotating within the interdepartmenal process at Egencia. Atl east this is what was told 2 weeks back, but nobody knows the current status. One basic advice: Train your frontdesk staff to say their full name in case there are more than 1 person working with similar names, otherwise followup is not possible and one gets into the same clueless loop. This happened on more than 2 occasions and seems Egencia HR didn't think of this issue. As far as my issue is concerned, I have given up on Egencia!!"

Marcel Geleijnse says

"I need to use Egencia for work travel. I travel every 2-3months or so. And it seems that after 3 months they lose my password. Egencia does not want to know of issues and blames my browser, like it can if I manually type in the password. And yes I know what my password is, thank you. Email/contact via support is a bit patronising. When you get on the phone for booking issues they are really good though, nothing but praise there, they charge £25 for telephone. Then the flights, if I first look on Google for flight and then try to find them on Egencia, sometimes the flight don't match. And on occasion Egencia offers something that is not bookable and when you go through the booking process it stops at the end and blanks out. No idea why. 2/3 times it works perfectly fine and is very convenient and easy to use (after a password reset). In conclusion it is handy but definitely far from perfect. Hence the 3/5 stars."

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