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Econo Lodge is an economy motel chain based in the United States and Canada. Econo Lodge is the second-largest brand in the Choice Hotels system. It aims to provide affordable rooms to budget travelers. The properties contain a minimum of 40 guest rooms and are often located near highways or highway access. All hotels provide a free breakfast.

Drew B from Pittsburgh wrote a review for TRIP ADVISOR in which shares her experience of staying at one of the Econo Lodge hotels: ¨Our stay was enjoyable and the breakfast was pretty nice until we found a meth pipe inside our towels after the room was cleaned on our third night. So it was not left by a previous guest. The front desk called the night manager who would not come in early. We ended up calling the police who arrived two hours later just before the manager. The manager asked us to give her the pipe, not the police. We had already given it to the police so she stated that we couldn’t change rooms and she would only refund our stay if we left in the next 5 minutes. This was just before midnight. We packed up as quickly as we could and left. This all occurred while someone was pacing the parking lot randomly yelling and another couple was in the lobby and pool area crying and yelling at each other. In the end, we filed reports with the local police and health department and also the state health department. EconoLodge corporate stated that they were unable to do anything as this property is locally owned. Avoid if you care about your safety.¨


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Former Employee - Assistant General Manager says

"Hotel was a franchise in Memphis and management was awful. That being said Choice did not hold them accountable for anything,"

Former Employee - Housekeeper says

"The owner doesn't care about his staff and about fixing the property the right way. He chooses to just put a bandaid on needed repairs instead of fixing the building properly. The managment plays favorites and doesn't care abiut the employees."

Former Employee - Head Housekeeper says

"They ripped me off for over 80 hrs all together, then fired me for no reason when i went to confront about my wages and worked me into the ground."

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"No benefits Cut hours Dirty Poor management"

Former Employee - Housekeeping says

"Management needs improvement, also it's a health hazard. Mold and the ever present cases of bed bugs...."

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Owners! Trained for almost a month without being paid. Owners refused to supply needs of the guest and hotel"

Current Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"less salary no growth opportunity its like family business"

Former Employee - Front Desk Clerk says

"No overtime. Only allowed 40 hours a week. Paid every two weeks."

Front Desk says

"Low Pay and shady owners"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay. Had to clean mold daily. No manager on site. Wasn't allowed to wash comforters, only sheets and pillow cases. Had to bring my own cleaning supplies to do my job."

General Manager (GM) says

"Bad ownership. Youngest owner Sleeps with subordinate managers. Registered child s e x offender working at the front desk regardless of children and families staying in property"

Housekeeper/Laundry (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and don’t give you no help. They assume you did things instead of asking you. They don’t care to hear your side of the situation. Don’t care how things affect you."

Front Desk Clerk/Night Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Ive never quite experienced anything like this before. Just out of the blue one day the new manager called me told me not to come in because he needs learn audit 2 days in a row told him i cant afford to miss that many hours im a single mom. And he was acting very strange so i asked him if there was a problem and if i still had my job or what because absolutely nothing happened and from what i thought the managers were glad to have me there so for 2 days i tried to get a straightforward answer and never got one. Then i over heard the asst gm talking bad about me because he didn't know that i was on the phone so i decided to go over in person go figure out what was going on because at this point im very confused and when i get there they will not let me in and as the gm is letting the guests out of the lobby he literally screams in my face that im fired and slams the door in my face and still i have no idea why i am fired from here. So i would not recommend this place to work at at all this happened to me after they fired the manager that was there when i was hired for no reason at all neither of us have been told why we were let go. They are very disrespectful and unprofessional and the new gm does not even know how to check a guest in and both the gm and asst gm talk about smoking marijuana and are high all the time . Very awful place to work they like to really mess up their employees lives with no explanation and then tells the owner full of lies. Absolutely horrible stay away from this place as a guest and employee"

Front Desk Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked in ECONOLODGE in Clarks Summit, PA. This place is so poorly run its ridiculous. I was supposed to be fulltime and got 10 hours a week. The manager and 3 workers were all disrespectful to guests.horrible management, Bad pay"

Housekeeper/Laundry Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Was ok place to work for. Some weeks got alot of hours and then there were weeks not very many. Never got a lot of raises. And the was not good communication.Was a job, employees were funNo team work, no raises"

Front Desk Manager (Former Employee) says

"Foreigners who dont wanna pay squat & Dont pay u for OT so then u gotta take em to the Labor Board just to get ur pay that u worked ur behind off for bc they work u like a dog.Meeting new people, guests, coworkers.It alwz smelled like curry, theyre creepy, one slept on a mattress on the floor in the back office behind the front desk"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 2 months. The manager was always drunk. He never helped when i asked. They also did not clean for a week and i had to do all the cleaning. Do not work for them."

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"It was like working for children. Very immature manager. Until there is a change in management, they will never be able to keep good help. I love working in the hotel industry, but this was by far the worst job experience ever."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"He doesn't respect his staff. He lies to his staff when making promises. Never there to help run property and he's the GM. When he was there and a situation arose he would hideNoneTrears staff as they are nothing"

Housekeeper, Maid (Former Employee) says

"Disorganized and rude staff in 2019. Didn't actually clean as housekeeping, just made things look clean. Gross. When I first started I kept getting sick because the vents smelled like mold and smoke and I had a constant headache. Very passive aggressive owner that loves to micromanage, really uncomfortable place to work."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Harasssment Crime traffficking Demote u suddlely and harassing you to quit Dangerous situation youre suppose to shut your name about or continue to harasse or you quitNoneAll bad"

Clerk/ Front Agent (Former Employee) says

"overall it was a great place to work, met and enjoy the duties that where asked off me, yet nothing was really explain, he just, wanted be to do everything yet no real training."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Everyone that ends up working for a couple of months she ends up firing them the boss manger never comes to work the front desk takes more brakes the they do work they talk bout all there guest business"

Front Desk Clerk (Current Employee) says

"There's to much to say and none of it is good. This Econolodge in Hardeeville SC is nothing but a nightmare because of the owners, management and the guests that check in there...."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t work here. the boss would flip out and change everything she told you to do and then blame you for it! She would yell and swear at her workers! The place is run down and moldy (which isn’t told to any guest) blood on the mattress and urine they wouldn’t change it out, and no good hours, you get paid to be treated poorlyNothingEverything"

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The cash drawer did not have a proper security feature....and often when I close out my drawer it would be short in funds... I often had to leave the front desk to tend to other matters in which I am positive that a staff member would help themselves to the cash...cameras were non existent and the blame for the shortage of funds"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Still havent recieved last check they refused to pay me they are disrespectful to guest and employees they use people never pay when they do pay they underpay"

Senior Front Office Agent (Former Employee) says

"Despite my extensive experience, I was hired at minimum wage with the implication that I would receive regular pay raises. After three years, I am still at minimum wage as are all of the Front Office Staff."

Econo Lodge inn & suite front desk (Former Employee) says

"It is of my opinion that working at the econolodge although I learned a lot about hotel working front desk the job itself only paid 725 and after you work 40 hours they cut you down to 32 hours a week and expect you to give them more time if they need you to work but not willing to pay you more money an employee I know that works at the econo Lodge for the last eight years is only making $8 an hour after 8 years she should be making a heck of a lot more money than that"

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"It was horrible working here. The employees and the people checking in were all drug addicts. They warn you of possibly finding people in rooms that have od just a bad work place and environment to work in"

Dawn Macone says

"Shame on Choice Hotels having such a disgraceful motel in their program!The Econo Lodge Great Barrington, MA, This place was disgusting in all aspects! We were told upon check in that they were completely booked, yet no one other car in the lot! The bathroom looked like they used the mop from the floor on the walls, the toilet was filthy, the floor looked like it had never been vacuumed and the fridge smelled of rotten food!!! When we complained about the rooms filth they offered us a room upstairs! This room was just as bad if not worse, and when we said that the woman took literally took the keys out of my friends hand before we realized what happened and told us to go somewhere else! So now we've already paid for a room that they refused to refund and then refused to give our room keys back!!!! Now we had to find another hotel, (not that we would have stayed there anyway,) but it was already after 4 and they were just awful about the whole situation! Stay anywhere but here!!!!! I've contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a detailed complaint as well!!!"

Megan Osborne says

"This place is a joke me and my husband came here to stay for a week an everyday has been something different. Their is never anybody at the front desk we have locked 🔒 out of our room all night 🌙 because of nobody being at the front desk there is a number on the door but when we called it goes straight to voicemail an of course no refunds no wonder because the place is such a dump"

larry maass says

"I booked a room at the downtown Albuquerque econo Lodge through but canceled well within the cancellation window. I contacted when I was billed for this room and they contacted the econo Lodge and was told that they would not refund the money. That was the last $61 I had in my checking account and now I have no money to eat on for the next 8 days and as a senior citizen that is not any fun. I will never stay at another econo Lodge as long as I live."

Daniel Soares says

"Before I check in at the EconoLodge at International Drive - Orlando/FL, I called and they told me that they will not charge for packages if I was already checked in. And 2 days after I checked in my package came, and they charged me, I ask for the manager, and the manager just told me If I don`t want to pay, I always have the option to cancel my orders where I bought it.

For 3 days they don't cleaned up the room, just mad the bed.

I would never recommend this hotel to anyone. The only thing that matters to then is money, nothing more."

Kathleen says

"I booked two rooms at Econo Lodge in Cortez, Colorado. Our family decided not to travel so I called our hotels to cancel all reservations. When I called Econo Lodge, they looked up my reservation and asked me if I wanted to cancel all reservations. I told them I did. However, Econo Lodge failed to tell me that I actually had 2 reservations for 4 rooms total on the same night. One booked through them and the other booked through (I had forgotten about the getaroom reservation) Econo Lodge did not cancel the reservation made through getaroom nor did they inform me that I had a second reservation. Therefore, I was charged $230 for a reservation that I did not use.
I called Getaroom and was told to call the hotel. I called Choice Hotels and was told to call the Cortez Econo Lodge directly. I called Cortez Econo Lodge and was told to call Getaroom. Everybody gave me the run around. End the end, it should have been Econo Lodge in Cortez, Colorado who should have refunded my money. It is sad to me that they would take my money, even though we did not stay there. I feel it is unfair that Econo Lodge Cortez Colorado got something for nothing.
I understand they have a cancellation policy. But it was an honest mistake on my part for forgetting about the first reservation. And, I feel Econo Lodge should have told me (or asked me) about the other reservation.
I can only rate the hotel on their customer service because I did not have the chance to actually stay there.
My family are planning to take our original planned vacation but I will not be calling Econo Lodge in Cortez, Colorado. Excellent customer service is important to me so I will give my business to another hotel in the area.

An unhappy customer"

Danielle Staley says

"Experience was a good experience the staff and service was very nice and attentive toward our every need I recommend if you visit Lavonia this is the hotel to pick whether his pleasure business either way you'll be taken care of very very good people"

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