Eberstaedter Markt

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Eberstadt is the southern-most borough of Darmstadt in Hessen, Germany with a population of 21,687 (as of 2007-12-31)

In the north Eberstadt borders to the boroughs of Bessungen and Darmstadt-West, in the east and south to the municipalities Mühltal, Seeheim-Jugenheim and in the west to the town of Pfungstadt. Eberstadt is a part of the Bergstraße. Between Eberstadt and Zwingenberg it splits into the "Old" and "New" Bergstraße (Bundesstraße 3).

A visitor summarised what he experienced, he wrote " One major problem there is stability of electricity, in my stay there, I felt lonely and traumatised. Poor internet connectivity, unstable electric power supply and hostile indigenous. I regretted my visit there."


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