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Eastman Chemical Company is an American company primarily involved in the chemical industry. Once a subsidiary of Kodak, today it is an independent global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, chemicals and fibers for everyday purposes. Founded in 1920 and based in Kingsport, Tennessee, the company now has more than 50 manufacturing sites worldwide and employs approximately 14,500 people.

An upset former employee said this on Indeed "Working at Eastman is like a blast from the past. The Texas City site lacks diversity and inclusion. Whites are allowed to change departments/shifts rather than work for black supervisors. Team Managers are allowed to speak to their subordinates in an aggressive unprofessional manner. Eastman lacks transparency in basic decision making. The Texas City site has an air of racism and simply does not try to hide it, they simply lack tolerance for anyone other than white people and white ideas. The embodiment of white privilege one could say. Minorities should close their wallets to any products that are made using Eastman products. Money talks".


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"Tons. This company DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. We want to innovate yet do not incentivize anyone. Morale is the lowest I have ever seen it and getting lower. Mark Costa talks about transformation journeys and cut overs, but the only thing he seems to be able to do well is reduce headcount year over year. The guy is a high paid joke! Don’t even get me started on the CHRO, Perry Stuckey, he takes joy in cutting heads. The only POC on the executive team, yet he is the most out of touch elitist of them all. Literally does not care about other human life. Only cares about how expensive of a suit he can buy. It’s a travesty that we have let these people take over and destroy a once great company to work for."

Current Employee - Maintenance says

"Bad Mangers 1st line 2nd Line and 3rd Line."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Eastman as a company fundamentally does not know what it wants to be. Investors can't tell either which is why our stock price has been all over the place since we began our journey to be a "specialty" chemical company. One thing that is clear is that we are a cost cutting company. The last few years have been nothing but one cost reduction initiative after another. If we do not cut cost then we will be bought out. Same story year over year. Many of those initiatives end with positions being cut. Now that we've cut most of what we can at current facilities, we're outsourcing what is left to India. The performance management system implemented over the past few years is a forced ranking system. Company PR personnel will respond to Glassdoor reviews trying to argue the opposite but its true. You can meet or even exceed your goals but at the end of the day you will have no idea what to expect until you are told what bucket you made it into. On top of that you are judged not just by what you accomplish but also on a buzz-word list of behaviors. It is no wonder so many people have left the professional ranks over the past 2 years. It is more important that you fit the Eastman mold than actually contribute to the bottom line. At a site level there is continual communication on focusing on what is truly a priority. What is missing and has been for some time is what the priorities truly are. This has created an environment of frustration and boredom. People end up working on what they think is important or nothing at all. We are consistently told to push back on management and coach up when we believe something isn't right or that we are going in the wrong direction. Do so at your own peril. You will be labelled a resister of change and it'll come back to bite you on your "Behaviors" section of the performance review."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"So many of the reviews have hit the nail on the head. Layoffs are Eastman's answer to cutting costs. Heaven forbid the executive team cut their inflated salaries and travel expenses!! People used to be proud to work for Eastman. Now all anyone wants to do is leave. The school system is the only thing keeping me in the area anymore. I would rather work 2 full-time jobs shoveling manure than go back to Eastman. Treats employees worse than garbage."

Former Employee - Scientist says

"Pretty toxic environment currently with periodic and predictable layoffs tied to quarterly earnings cycle. Costa cares only about the EPS and his own compensation tied to it. There are a few good leaders but they are either too naive or just blindly drink the cool aid their direct reports are serving up. Coatings and Inks is a classic example. Back stabbing, sucking up, blatant favoritism, outrageous travel spending, lack of accountability for chosen few, continued drubbings for the rest is a way of life. One of the directors spends significant amount of the departments budget on his frivolous travel and world tours at any opportunity he gets to rack up travel miles and live like a king, not to mention several other unethical behaviors. Cant really blame him if leadership is naive enough to hear his stories and believe him blindly. Hard working and high performing individuals get hung out to dry, sycophants get rewarded. The division is seeing an unprecedented voluntary exodus of employees and employees who are loyal to the organization are constantly reconsidering their choices."

Current Employee - Professional says

"Poor Leadership, more focused on inclusion and diversity than chemicals."


"Employees are becoming less and less valued. Layoffs are a regular occurrence, and there are very few employment opportunities in the area. In addition to layoffs, freezes on salary increases happen fairly often. The performance management system requires a forced ranking of employees into categories making a majority of the employee population feel scared and undervalued. The only real incentive for working harder is not losing your job. Folks are constantly being asked to do more with less and less, and their performance has to be better every single year. Otherwise they will be labeled partially meets or does not meet expectations. And once they are labeled, it is very easy for management to give them the same rating every year regardless of performance. This also makes them a potential target for the next round of layoffs which are inevitably around the corner."

Current Employee - Manager says

"I have been with Eastman for many years. For the past few years, top leadership within the company continues to push changes and emphasize performance in a way that clearly indicates the bulk of the workforce does not seem to be valued. Lately there has been a push to emphasize certain HR policies in such a way that there is increasing division across a very large part of the workforce. It is getting increasingly difficult to specially recognize top talent which causes those folks to be disappointed. The obvious focus is a sustained short term strategy to get the stock price up which is something most people definitely desire. In years past, we have attracted lots of professional talent from higher paying jobs in part because they wanted out of a culture that Eastman is now trending towards. One effect is to make it much easier for someone to leave Eastman and go to another employer, since we are losing the culture advantage. A watch out - looking through some other reviews and based on my experience I think that there are quite a few fakes. Also, the company has strongly encouraged employees in the past to do a review on glassdoor."

Former Employee - Global Supply Chain says

"In the past this was a great place to work. No longer. Executive Team HATES the people, area, and the company culture and could care less that these things are what made the company GREAT at one time. Read the other negative reviews, they hit the nail on the head regarding management capabilities, moving up via who knows what criteria, rating systems that create internal competition against your own team and peers, below scale pay, benefits that are no longer best in class. In some business areas, expectations of working 70-80 hour weeks. People are now CATTLE and the executive team has created this atmosphere on purpose."

Current Employee - Scientist says

"Eastman is not as ethical as advertised. Promotions are given based looks, how well you bow to upper management, and whether you are put on the magical “chosen one” list in your first couple of weeks on the job. There is truly a “chosen one” list, yet no one can seem to explain how the “chosen ones” are identified. There's no way it can be based on talent given that they are chosen before it is possible to evaluate their skills. It must be based on looks; just take a look at the leadership team. Oh and how about ethics for a company that notices Glassdoor rankings are dropping and fluffs the numbers instead of actually addressing the real problems within the company? Just take a look at the groupings of the 5 star ratings that come out clumped together. Hmmm, are selected employees' being bribed to put in positive rankings? Eastman is also a top heavy company. We just went through a round of layoffs and rather than purge from the top, the talented, harder working, higher salaried non management employees were targeted."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Working at Eastman is like a blast from the past. The Texas City site lacks diversity and inclusion. Whites are allowed to change departments/shifts rather than work for black supervisors. Team Managers are allowed to speak to their subordnites in an aggressive unprofessional manner. Eastman lacks transparency in basic decisionmaking. The Texas City site has an air of racism and simply does not try to hide it, they simply lack tolerance for anyone other than white people and white ideas. The embodiment of white privilege one could say. Minorities should close their wallets to any products that are made using Eastman products. Money talks.Met some great fishing buddies.Low pay, expensive insurance deductible, no room for personal growth with company."

Eastman Chemical Machine OP and Chemical Mixing Specialist and Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Awful place, unless your a yes man/rat you wanna stay away, treat people awful with no respect at all...…… Do what you can and stay away from this place...….."

Machine Technician (Current Employee) says

"They make up their own rules and have some of the worst policies. I would not tell anyone to work their the pay is good but the management is one of the worst that I have ever seen.SaleryManagement"

I&E Designer (Former Employee) says

"Not a great culture to work in. Not friendly toward other ethnic people. Not open to ideas of other people. Management was almost absent from work area"

Operations & Support Journeyman (Current Employee) says

"Bad work environment Terrible working conditions, too hot in summer to cold in winter. Everyone is miserable till the day they quit. Mandatory pay cut , bereavement days gone.... no benefits.NoneEverything"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"Hier als flexkracht gewerkt. Door een hele afdeling getreiterd en weggepest. Uitgesloten worden, over je roddelen, niet ingewerkt worden zodat je alles "fout' doet. Zeer botte directe "collega" die alleen maar kon grommen en snauwen. Leidinggevende werd zelf onder de voet gelopen en deed niks. Heel veel stress gehad en was een traumatische ervaring. Later bleek dat die hele afdeling al eerder iemand had weggepest. Bang voor iemand die kwaliteiten heeft???Wel leuke collega's op andere afdelingPestgedrag en geroddel"

Electrical Engineering Co-Op (Former Employee) says

"the company's management is very harsh and very critical of employee's performance. the various projects assigned to the workers were often more than one person could complete on their own."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It is a not nice place to work at all Too many calls, no time to rest, too many people in a tiny place, phones are too old, it is really too loud, many managers are unfriendly. It is a not nice place to work at all."

Operating Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I have been an operator for 30 years and can honestly say the 5 years I spent at Eastman Chemical in Texas City was one of the most hostile environments I can ever remember. Management cares nothing for the health and welfare of its emplyees and team managers are free to treat employees any way they want without any retribution. However the other locations of Eastman seem to do far better in employee welfare the Texas City site is in need of a complete makeover."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked as an entry level operator and was excited when initially hired. Benefits package and advancement opportunities seemed decent. However, once starting the danger of chemicals You are exposed to as well as swing shifts with overtime mandatory and coworkers and management that would throw you under the bus to save themselves from getting into trouble made this job a nightmare to go into every day. Safety is a priority for them on paper but in reality they have paid off osha and every other safety organization in the name of profits completely disregarding employees health. Alot of long term employees have died of cancer or other diseases attributed to long term exposure to dangerous chemicals. Good health carePoor management, dangerous conditions, terrible schedule"

Maintenance Services Leader (Current Employee) says

"Benefits keep getting lower and smaller and no decent pay increases or bonus pay unless you are an executive and have an office job. the little guys do not matter anymore , they tell us we are a dime a dozennonestay away"

Steam Maintenance Service Worker (Former Employee) says

"In my opinion, this company is not the best place to work any longer. Thier benifits have steadily decline over the years and so have the bonuses. They don't have a pension any longer, only a 401k. If your an older employee when you start, you better save all you can or no retirement. Thier in field departments are in clicks. If you put in to move to another area to work the employee's have alot of clout on who gets the job or not. Even if you maybe more qualified than the other person's. Management seemed to be always out to get someone. This company is never wrong in anything attitude. Would never work again for this company.better money. nothing elseeverything else"

First Chemical Operator (Current Employee) says

"Decent compensation, poor management. They say the right things but it never translates into actual practice. Policies are frequently overbearing and oppressive. Difficult place to work."

Operator (Current Employee) says

"The work is very repetitive. Mandatory overtime is enforced too often.If your a "yes" man you would be a great fit for management here because that is exactly what upper management wants.12 hr swing shifts are hard to deal with and make doing things outside of work very difficult. The atmosphere is very stressful and the pay is the only reason most people continue to stay.pay and 401K plannot enough space here to list them all."

Group Leader (Current Employee) says

"Was a good company and place to work. Management now thinks it's a management consulting company. Has destroyed the previously good culture, morale, and future financial and employment outlook for the company. Now being used as an enrichment vehicle for top managers while shipping jobs to Hyderabad."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Good pay and benefits but those aren’t worth the lies and back stabbing that goes on, unless you are part of the click then get used to being lied to and treated like dirt"

Staff Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Tough work environment, poor management styles. Targeted by upper manager that obviously didn't like me. Would not even say hello when greeted by me. However, my immediate manager was very fair, and encouraging."

Need to know (Current Employee) says

"Don't worry about getting ahead here unless you're part of the goo ol boys network. Welcome to working in Kingsport, TN at the Big E. Always cost cutting and letting people "volunteer" to be fired go or just firing them."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't recommend it unless it's a temporary door to stack money- but plan on working for it and plenty of hazing even from management. It's a joke. ."

Instandhaltungsplaner (Former Employee) says

"Keine festen Aufgabebgebiete. Mobbing ist an der Tagesordnung. Inkompetente Vorgesetzte."

JZG says

"Purchased a "new" sewing machine with this company via Amazon. It arrived in a plain brown box, no plastic protection, user manual throw into the bottom of the box and the actual machine was full of finger prints. Called to ask if I had been sent a reconditioned machine and not a "new" machine as per the original Amazon listing. I was told that they do not have a box for this model and that only another company that they supplied this machine too had taken the time to make an "original" box. I was not satisfied with the reply as did not trust the persons utter lack of giving me valid reasons and responses as to why my "new" machine arrived in such a bad condition. When I informed the person that I would write negative reviews to warn others about the way they send out machines. The person on the call actually threatened me that "I should be VERY careful" what I write on-line. Absolute shambles of a company with zero customer care or support. The machine in question that they supply to a 3rd party (who do have an "original Box" was even 70 pounds cheaper than themselves! I was not given a valid reason for this! given that he 3rd Party machine came in an original box and was 70 pounds cheaper! (but out of stock on-line) Avoid this company at all costs, they have zero customer care and would rather insult a new customer than work with them to find a good solution."