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Online attorneys as well as attorneys in traditional offices are required to have completed extensive educational requirements, undergo thorough character screening, and pass a Bar exam. All attorneys are required to follow strict rules of ethics and are held accountable to their state’s licensing authority.

Before getting an online law service, consider the following information written on businessdaily.com, "Online services may well be the future of the legal industry. However, as of today, E Attorneys are not a perfect replacement. They can't compare to the hands-on guidance and attention you'll receive from a traditional firm. Established legal teams are also more effective if you need to go to court or settle a complex legal matter. Online legal services fall into the same category as other recent tech trends, like virtual offices: Certain businesses will benefit from the lean pricing and flexibility, while others are better suited for the traditional model. It all depends on your company's budget for legal matters and whether investing in that area fuels your growth or cuts into your profit margins. Large corporations and businesses with complicated legal needs are still better off with a big law firm, but online legal services are a great alternative for smaller companies that don't need as much hands-on legal work."


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