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eVoice is a telecommunications service owned by j2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ:JCOM) that manages incoming and outgoing calls using a virtual phone number. The service was founded by Wendell Brown, Mark Klein, and Craig Taro Gold in 2000 and re-launched in March 2010 with new features, targeting entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Ahmed mentioned, "Worst Service Ever!! I signed up to try the service and functionality of eVoice, but after about a couple of months I decided to move to a different provider. There is nowhere on the website to cancel the service. I emailed them with a cancellation request, but they asked me to call them. I don’t have time for that shit! I answered the email 4 times, fuckin' 4 times, yet they never cancelled the service until I actually had to place a call. WTF is this!!! Why do I need to call to cancel something that I was allowed to obtain without calling. Stay the fuck away from them."


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Customer support representative/ sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"All there products suck. Therefore your job is hard. I'd say its a just a ripoff when there are so many companies providing the same products for free or they do it way better than J2. People are okay but again customer are always disappointed and dissatisfied by the product hence your job as a CSR is so hard and under paid. Do yourself a favor and dont work here"

Senior Manager of Marketing Communications & PR (Former Employee) says

"Sub pay, sub benefits, no room for advancement, especially for women in management. I would not recommend working here as a career move but rather to grab a paycheck while looking elsewhere. Check Glassdoor for similar comments."

Office Work (Former Employee) says

"just like any other job, there are pros and cons; this company doesnt pay its employees well and there are very few benefits. the workload is also very high"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I would never recommend this company to anyone. I have seen too many disgruntled employees and no proper management in place. There is little room in the offices with only small toilets for over 100 people. No facilities on site so if you don't have a car you need to take lunch in with you.noneeverything"

Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Once you get to know everyone its an ok place to work. Management can be a problem, you always have to have your defenses up. Watch your back at all times.can't think of anyhostile work environment"

Inside Sales (Current Employee) says

"it is quicksand working here at least in the sales department, each year they implement new commission plan, what only plays with the numbers to project temporary convince some of the naive reps on the floor, that they will be making more money.insurance is paid by company managers are idiotsdecelerators, doc 25-50% of commision, get about 17 real sales calls, expetected to average 20did to hit goal, quicksand, your capped at 40k"

Account Executive/Sales (Current Employee) says

"Make this a stop until you find a new position,, INSIDE SALES DEPT is a no go...RUN as fast as you canMeeting New peopleCompany does not care for employees"

Lead Developer (Current Employee) says

"It's not a good company to work. Salary is lower than minimum and no benefits. like no 401K, no bonus at all and no annual increments. I would keep it as last option to work."

Inside Sales Rep (Current Employee) says

"This company lacks the ability to care about its employees. It's really sad because there are some really good people work for them in sale, but they stay so unhappy. Advice to J2, happy employees make a happy company. The way I've seen employee come and go in the 3 years I've worked for you is unreal. Good hardworking people have left, and once a door open for me I'll be exiting as well. I'm sure there are companies out there that are happy to see successful sales reps and not find way to disrupt their employees way to make a living. Talking from your employees is not a way to keep up a good moral. People are in sales to make money, not loose it.Hollywood location, free food at times, good co-workersnone"

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Average workplace. More like a stepping stone to where you want to go. Micromanagement in a lot of departments and no appreciation (bonus) for hard work."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Leadership from the top down is horrible- creates a very unpleasant work environment. Difficult to be promoted if you are a woman (Marketing). Very high turnover among the best employees. Bad business practices toward their customers. Clock in and out, even management level employees.Regular work hours, no oneworks weekends since there is no incentive.terrible culture. Bad moral among employees. Deceptive hiring process. Limited career growth."

Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The people are great. I made some great friends working here. The management is terrible though. The person running the finance department runs its so inefficiently. There is no appreciation for the amount of work you do and you are expected to continue to take on more and more with no expectation of a bonus or raise. Their idea of a bonus means you have to do something so out of the ordinary in order to qualify but they only train you and allow you to do the basics of your job so you never have an opportunity to advance or grow. You're just stuck. The life just gets sucked out of you. Not to mention the hectic traffic, tourists, and homelessness you have to deal with outside of the building. If you wanting to grow and continue to gain new experience and earn more don't come here."

Customer Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"if your a good seller ...not going to give any other comment on this, it should not be required at all and this review section is annoying and completely unnecessary."

Director of QA (Former Employee) says

"They make money by suing other companies for copyright infringement and HR encouraged me not to remind my employee that J2 owes him his sign in bonus after his 3-month of waiting period Regardless, I reminded my employee and needless to say my ethical behavior was not appreciated"

Customer Services Agent (Former Employee) says

"Working at J2 Global was a interesting experience and I learnt several new things which have assisted me in helping customers efficiently and in a courteous mannerGood incentives"

Inside Sales (Former Employee) says

"Company doesn't not focus on it employees. Most people stay because they have no other choice. No growth, and high turnoverGood Peoplebad company"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"Pretty much all employee's in all departments at Hollywood office talk about, or are planning, finding other job. Hollywood office is moving to downtown.Some nice co-workersToo many to list."

Change Management Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Company is good but I am looking for responsibilities that fit my skills and growth. 401K plan not beneficial, growth is slow."

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Company is very productive and makes a lot of money. However, they are overly fiscally conservative. They bank on people being hired at a low rate and not wishing to move to a different company, so they maintain a lower-than-market pay. Lower level managers were great to work with, but they are often unable to make much of a difference as upper management ties their hands to be as effective as they want to be."

Sr. Software Engineer Architect (Former Employee) says

"Fun workplace with supportive management. Decent amount of red taps and politics but this is expected in a big company."

Zachary Thompson says

"I reached out to evoice as I was moving abroad and needed to manage my US company and have access to the phone. I was sold the product with the promise that this would be no big deal and super easy, that's what they are built to do! After porting the numbers over and getting situated abroad, I was then told that I can have numbers reach my abroad number, but that my carrier would also charge me international rates- WHAT.... to make things worse I had to pay international fees to get ahold of their customer service. After emailing, chatting in and contacting through the app (all ways I was told to contact), the final conclusion was that I needed to contact by phone to confirm my identity. Well I waited over an hour before someone answered. Once they did, they hung up... I chatted back in, when I explained my situation the chat support agent said, you need to call and then IGNORED ME. I work with a lot of different software and companies and have NEVER received such horrid customer service. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. I would consider using google voice or some other company."

CE says

"0 would be a more accurate depiction. Please be aware that this company has claimed their site and thus, it’s reviews publicized. They outsource most customer service support and will not cancel your subscription: no matter how many times you click cancel, chat or call!!! They fraudulently charge inflated billing for services never accessed, usable or subscribed by the consumer. Be very LEARY and read their agreement. They issue no guarantee that the services paid for are able or actually rendered. This is the legal term for “Breach for Cause”. STAY AWAY! If you do choose to use, be sure to submit a fraud lock on your account when you choose to terminate. It is the ONLY way you will actually stop them from continuing to charge. IN RESPONSE: Please do your due diligence and listen in on the phone calls with TODD, Customer Service Manager. Not only did he willfully lie, but he also misrepresented the company, was rude, refused to correct the error, still have not yet received the cancellation notification and billing monthly for services since 2018! It apparently showed it has not been used, we spoke regarding my attempts (via my wife as well) to cancel back in January 2019. He spat back erroneous information regarding log ins and now account has suspended, so I have yet to even see a single document for billing, usage, faxes (can't charge for junk faxes from your litigation competitors...) or anything else. What I CAN PROVIDE IS PROOF: proof that your company charged twice the amount originally agreed upon, there is not a single fiber of documentation in agreement for any additional services, it HAS NOT been used, and was cancelled back in January 2019, without a single notification or response since. That is until I noticed this charge incidentally. I have reported and will seek retribution."

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