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Ymobile Corporation (ワイモバイル株式会社), stylized Y!mobile, is a subsidiary of Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank Group Corporation that provides mobile telecommunications and ADSL services. The current CEO of the company is Ken Miyauchi. It was formed in 2014 through the merger of Willcom and eAccess, and uses the Y! moniker brand from Yahoo! Japan, which is partly-owned by SoftBank.

A customer mentioned, " Y!mobile and it's data is ridiculously slow all the time."


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PerdidoDad says

"We live in Pensacola FL... more precisely near Lillian AL on Perdido Bay... and were directly hit by Hurricane Sally. We lost all T-Mobile cell signal for 2 days, and now have very limited cell signal as of last night. Our neighbors with Verizon and AT&T never lost cell signal and can even stream video on their cell phones. WHY CAN’T WE? We were stranded by flooding and are still without electricity today. We were unable to contact family and friends by text or phone via our T-Mobile cell phones. I was with AT&T for over a decade before switching to T-Mobile last year. We NEVER lost cell service through several hurricanes with AT&T. When we were in danger of losing our lives to Hurricane Sally, we had no way to contact emergency services, friends, or family. T-Mobile put my family and myself at dire risk... and I will never forget or forgive T-Mobile for this. I am stuck with T-Mobile for now due to my large equipment contract, but rest assured... I AM SWITCHING WIRELESS PROVIDERS as soon as possible. I plan to warn everyone I know to avoid T-Mobile at all costs. —A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER."

Judianne Meadow says

"This is an update on my experience with this nightmare of a service. Now, not only does the Bluetooth not work and the Internet connection is either extremely slow or nonexistent, but the phone itself is no longer reliable. Half the time, it either there is an incomplete connection, or it just doesn't work at all. My phone itself is fine, I've had it checked. It's actually TMoble, and they have every excuse in the book for why this is happening. However, they refuse to fix it. I could get better service from a cheap track phone from a discount store."

King JWC says

"Worst carrier ever. Their high speed data is really 3G speeds. DO NOT USE TMOBILE GO WITH ANY CARRIER BUT THEM. I’ll be switching to AT&T soon"

Uma Cardelli says

"The internet went out and they kept me on hold for so long to get it fixed that I was billed 30 euros. Then I canceled my plan but apparently still had an outsanding payment left. So I try to login to pay it but since my account was cancelled I cant pay it? But my name is on a debt collector list. I try contacting customer service but the bot just keeps sending me around in circles and they never let you talk to a real person."