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ECI Partners is a growth focused private equity group established by the Bank of England in 1976. It invests in growth companies headquartered in the United Kingdom and Ireland across 3 sectors (TMT, business services and consumer).


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Clerical/Shipping and Receiving/Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"The most horrible place I have ever worked. You can not even trust HR to do their job either. The managers think they can scream and call you all kinds of names but your given name and HR won't say a thing about it. They play favorites. One person gets all the raises while everyone else gets nothing but empty promises. There is no advancement at all."

Caregiver/Provider (Former Employee) says

"Too much drama for what you are being paid. Not enough appreciation and the hours are horrible. It does not leave you time for a personal life. The benefits are not the best either. It almost felt it was just a discount program."

Dependienta (Former Employee) says

"Buen ambiente de trabajo con los compañeros, pero pésimo con la mayoría de jefes de planta."

EL CORTE INGLES: STEE LAUDER-LA MER pe, L'OREAL-CARITA, LG, Supermercado.. (Former Employee) says

"Recomiendo a nivel personal trabajar en otro empleo"

DSP (Direct Support Professional) says

"Her mom works in office and is pretty high up so she always covered her daughters behind. They were very unprofessional and the lack of communication was terrible. They lied constantly and were just miserable!! I miss my clients so much I loved them to death!! The company itself though is just down right horrible"

Molder (Former Employee) says

"You are always sent home all the time due to no work ....and you ask a question and they tell you what you want to hear....not the truth....its a mickey mouse work at respect in that place ....they give you a job and then take the job away and lay you off and then turn around and hire more ppl . I advise if you are looking for a job ...dont go here ...just keep walking by and find another job"

Electrician Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"Didn't pay enough for what I know and did. Very unprofessional company. Owner would go around micro managing everyone. The guys he has working for him are A 1 guys. Cons: Unappreciative"

Patient Eligibility Counselor-Financial Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. Harrassing work environment! Assisted self-pay disabled patients in applying for and obtaining disability benefits to enrich their lives. Conducted home visits to assist disabled, elderly and clients with no transportation with the application process."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"This company takes out fees for you to work for them. Does not pay well. Dispatchers will not send you good paying jobs if they do not know you. If your new you might as well forget it."

utility arborist (Current Employee) says

"There are several "ECI's" this review is for the ECI Utility Arborist company. Cons: everything listed below"

Contract Arborist (Current Employee) says

"terrible pay, no contact w management, terrible pay never work there"

Hazmat Technician (Former Employee) says

"the management is ridiculous he thinks workers work better against each other he loves drama he cheats all the companys he acts good at first but will be the first to stab you in the back if your smart you will avoid it."

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says


Utiltiy Arborist (Former Employee) says

"Inconsistent upper management. unrealistic expectations, poor communication within management, inconsistent with punishing employees i.e. writing some employees up for infractions and then not writing up other employees for the same infraction Cons: work hours"

Electrical Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"My experience with ECI was not the greatest."

Certified Pipe/structural Welder and fitter (Former Employee) says

"Got paid once a month, some of your co workers will cut your throat to make themselves look good . They'll put up a good image till your there a bit then you'll really notice . God forbid you get hospitalized cause you'll lose your job cause they're self insured . There's more but you have to see for yourself."

Tank liner (Former Employee) says

"Eci was without a doubt the most unprofessional and miss managed company that I have ever been employed by. I never received the pay that I was told that I would be getting and I worked plenty of times alone when the job required 3 people."

DSP (Direct Support Professional) says

"I used to work with ECI for a while. The clients are fantastic, but as for management very poor. 24 hour shifts no one to cover if someone called off, very negative. Instead of congratulating on a good job they with jump on your back about what you did wrong, very unprofessional management they care more about other people talking then doing there job correctly. Everyone wants to complain about what’s all wrong but no one will step up and fix it. This company has so much potential. I miss the clients very much but I would never go back from how I was treated"

Residential Wireman (Former Employee) says

"Family owned and operated. I would not work for them again. They practice poor methods of running the company. As a Foreman responsibility are many, but you have no control over your crew members."

Senior Sales & Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Por desgracia, El Corte Inglés no ha sabido evolucionar en los últimos 20 años y siguen liderados por principios anticuados que están precipitando esta gran marca al abismo. Cons: No se premia el esfuerzo pues no se valora"

Current Employee - Consulting Utility Forester says

"I have been working at Environmental Consultants full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Poor pay, no raises, no guidance, supervisors won’t care about you. Hold supervisors to less of a standard than they will you. Choose a different contracting company."

Arborist says

"I worked at Environmental Consultants Cons: Had multiple phone interviews, then was told I would get a final phone interview after 10 business days. That came and went. I emailed after to see where I was in the process and got no reply. A couple weeks later I was told I can expect a phone call from another manager in 2-3 more weeks. I just felt like I was being strung along."


"I worked at Environmental Consultants Cons: -Poor management -Extremely unorganized -Mandatory overtime for 3 months then no work left. Have to work in groups after that. -Micromanaging -Poor training -No growth. You won't learn anything while working here. -Change of spec all the time. Once you think you know something, your supervisor will come to rip your pointless work apart and tell you the spec is now different. -Tree crews don't even perform the work you will plan. Have fun getting ticks and poison ivy in the pouring rain while you waste 10 hours a day painting trees that the tree crews just ignore."

Former Employee - Workplanner says

"I worked at Environmental Consultants full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Non union, infrequent raises, micromanagement"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Environmental Consultants full-time for more than a year Cons: The upper management doesn't work in the field some never have so they don't know what the conditions are like. They talk as though safety is their number 1 priority, but their actions so otherwise. You are anticipated to walk power lines during a thunderstorm. You work solo and they will send you to areas with high crime/murder rates and they didn't care if you don't feel safe on the job. They only care about hitting their numbers and making DTE happy."

Work Planner says

"I have been working at Environmental Consultants Cons: Mismanagement Micro management Stressful about getting fired employees are disposable lack of sufficient pay Outside in all weather zero growth opportunity insufferable benefit package"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Environmental Consultants full-time Cons: They don't care much about their employee welfare. Expect to be pressured into working lots of overtime, being sent into potentially dangerous situations alone, and lots of confusion in management about which way is the correct way to do the job."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Environmental Consultants full-time Cons: Absolutely no opportunity to move up unless you want to move across the country. Overtime is limited. They promise raises but never deliver. HR is unhelpful in resolving issues Nobody has your back. This is clearly a position that leads to a dead end job, but they need it filled. My advice is to take this job while looking for a better one."

Current Employee - Utility Forester says

"I have been working at Environmental Consultants full-time Cons: Management where I am at is a bit difficult to deal with, not the most approachable people."

Former Employee - Utility Arborist says

"I worked at Environmental Consultants full-time for more than a year Cons: Lack of direction Always changing policy Mandatory overtime Dealt with angry customers 75% of the time No work life balance"

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