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General Dynamics Corporation (GD) is an American aerospace and defense corporation. As of 2019, it was the fifth-largest defense contractor in the United States, and the sixth-largest in the world, by sales. The company ranked No. 92 in the 2019 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. It is headquartered in Reston, Fairfax County, Virginia. Formed in 1954 with the merger of submarine manufacturer Electric Boat and aircraft manufacturer Canadair, it evolved through multiple mergers and divestitures and changed markedly in the post–Cold War era of defense consolidation. General Dynamics' former Fort Worth Division, which manufactured the F-16 Fighting Falcon, was sold to the Lockheed Corporation in 1993, but GD re-entered the airframe business in 1999 with its purchase of business jet manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace.

A former Director, Business Development thinks management is terrible and he/she is lucky to have left, however, there is a review for INDEED: "When I was employed at GD, it was very political, and management was terrible. Only a couple of middle managers were ethical - however, there were problems within many of the departments, and frankly, it was not a pleasant place to work. After watching the churn of the personnel go through the grinder, and all the lost business - with everyone lacking direction, I am blessed to have left."


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General Labor (Former Employee) says

"i was trying to get a job here and they are rude and disrespectful if ur white they will treat u like dirt never work here find anther company to wok for Cons: none"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Pay & benefits"

Staffing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The worst company I have ever worked for. The managers are horrible, they talk bad about everyone in the company. They just go back to each other and talk negative about you. You get ZERO training. The higher up workers are NO help and they just make fun of you for asking questions. They do not care about your home life and expect you work 12-15 hour shifts without notice AND weekends. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!!!! Cons: Everything- horrible place to work"

Clamp Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"This company had terrible communication policies. I would leave messages, texts, and emails and seldomly ever got a response. The temp service fed me false information involving my hours, job title, and payrate. They never stood by their employees no matter the circumstances, and were completely inadequate in their duties. They offered health insurance, and paid vacation which is rare for a temp service. Good luck in signing up for it though as they very seldomly ever gave any responses to inquires. In short this is another prime example of the experience you can expect from a temp service, or staffing agency. I don't understand why workers are expected to go through these crooked third party companies who profit from desperate people looking for employment and honest work. In my opinion all staffing agencies should be shutdown and banned from this nation. Companies should employ people directly, this would give employers a better idea of what kind of candidate they're hiring. By using a temp service you are trusting a third party to send quality personnel to fill the required positions. Most people they sent had little to no experience in the positions and roles they were expected to perform. Most of these people would quit in their first week, which raised the question of whether the agency even checked their background or employment history. Cons: Poor communication, misleading new hires, dishonesty"

D-RECV-2 (Current Employee) says

"These people will not pay you your money they don't care they don't know who they paying other people money it's all bull if you ask me period the staffing company sucks"

Warehouse-Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"I am not a fan of staffing agencies and think they are a wsste of time i never really worked with them. I wprked at one company and I didnt like the atmosphere. I was never fpund a job through them. Cons: None"

Production/warehousing (Former Employee) says

"Nothing but problems working for them, then when I finally get a new job they cut my pay rate for my last check. At my first assignment two other staffing agencies were used by the factory and their contracts allowed their temps to roll over after 350 hrs of work. Hire Dynamics required almost twice as many hrs. When I was finally able to rollover all temps were laid off. My last assignment was as a order picker at a warehouse. We never got off when the lady at the agency said we would. The equipment didn’t work well and you’re on your feet for 10+ hours stacking pallets of product weighing anywhere from 20(rarely) to 1500+lbs(mostly) all while dodging the cast of Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift driving the forklifts. Hire dynamics told me when I started my first assignment that if I left a “shift” early my pay rate would be cut to minimum wage for that day. Now they’re saying if you don’t give a notice they cut your pay. Cons: Everything else"

Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"This place is a haven for teenagers. I was hired as an equipment operator. in the first week I operated a forklift all of 4 hours. The rest of the time was spent unloading trucks by hand. I quit the first day of the second week. Cons: 10 hrs gets you 2 20 minute breaks."

Staffing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The job itself could be great if temp workers were treated like part of the company. It is very smile in your face and then talk behind your back if you are one of the workers they do not like. Connecting with a bunch of different people was amazing and you learn a lot about those who are serious about working and those that are just applying to apply. Warehouse workers are essential to our society but not everyone is cut out for warehouse work and sometimes that is all we had to offer."

Picker (Former Employee) says

"The kitchen never cooked the food on time. The managers was too busy being Buddy Buddy with certain servers. Most of the servers don’t do what they needed to do. They were bad at scheduling people"

Assigned employee (Former Employee) says

"Hire Dynamics does not want you to miss any work not even when a family member has died or been hospitalized they do not care about any of it. I asked about it that's why I know."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Hire Dynamics is NOT a good company, their jobs are not worth working. Clients pays low wage to the temporary employees, not pleased. I am not impressed with this company and will not return."

Recruiting Manager, Hire Dynamics (Current Employee) says

"Great company, terrible management at the location I worked at, broken promises and not a healthy work environment. Very toxic in Durham and I don't recommend working in that location to my worst enemy."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"This place is so dis respectful. I called and asked if they could work around my school schedule. The lady was so rude and even hung up the phone on me. I kept trying to call back and she would not answer the phone. I wouldn't recommend this agency to anyone."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"Surprise this place is still in business at this point ! The amount of stress you go through for the little amount of pay is truly not worth the time . You spend your time giving them your very best and then they hand you a screwed up pay ck with not 1/2 the hrs you wk plus any over time.... Definitely, DONOT expect to receive Compensation for that either . After you notice the pay being screwed up and you decide to contact them they seem unconcerned and take forever to fix the issue."

Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"They refuse to work with you when you’re having trouble with the assignments. They don’t give you any help with trying to locate and secure a job, and their staff is truly miserable to speak to. They will not work to help you, they only make finding a job thru them harder than it needs to be. I have worked for two other staffing agencies, and this one is by far the worst I’ve ever seen. I have never met a business that was so inconsiderate with their workers. I would never recommend this place to anyone looking for a stable source of income. I’d rather work fast food than to work thru them."


"They try to get you to write a positive review of their company within the first few weeks of being hired to keep their ratings high."

Machine operator and general labor (Current Employee) says

"Difficulties placing you in the jobs you deserve. Experience is over looked. Favortism is a huge factor here. They lie to you a lot. They are not loyal to employees. You are there to make THE company its money. Not to make a living. You do not matter here!!!!"

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"They will take forever to find you a job and very rude and unprofessional. Also does not answer the phone and when they do they tell you I will call you back terrible service"

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is an extremely unprofessional, unorganized group of people. The pay is NOT worth the work and stress. I worked an 8 hour shift (1:30 pm-10 pm) and only 50 minutes of that time belonged to me (30 min lunch, 2, 10 min breaks) They say the pay is 9.75-12.75 more like 9.75-10.50 if you’re lucky. They will mess up your pay and make you jump through a million hoops to get it fixed. I served in the military and I would much rather go through the gas chamber everyday for the rest of my life than work here ever again. They will try to find new ways to fire you everyday (tried to fire me on my birthday cause they didn’t know who I was), then tried to fire me because I needed to have eye surgery (had a doctors note and everything). These are some of the most shadiest, and lowdown people I’ve ever had the misfortune of working for. Unless you’re extremely desperate and hate your life, I would apply somewhere else. Cons: Unprofessional staff (from HR to supervisors), loud environment, most supervisors are rude, training is terrible"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"I have been working at Dynamics full-time Cons: Imcompetent CEO ruins what could be a good development team."

Former Employee - Executive Director says

"I worked at Dynamics full-time for more than a year Cons: CEO is worse than you can ever imagine. Believe all the negative comments and disregard the fake positive ones that are being posted to try and counter the real postings."


"I worked at Dynamics Cons: Dishonesty and disorganization due to CEO"

Former Employee - Technical says

"I worked at Dynamics full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The CEO and the rest of them should be ashamed. No wonder no one wants to work there. Horrible work environment."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Dynamics full-time Cons: Within the first few weeks of me being hired, I was told that there was going to be turnover, I was the highest paid employee in the department and they wanted to try someone out in the role I was hired into before I would be given the opportunity. It is also common to work 80+ hour weeks."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Dynamics full-time Cons: Be weary of the recent proliferation of positive reviews. These are almost certainly fake or written by people under duress. Just look at the Rating Trends feature and you can see the sudden uptick of positive reviews. Dynamics was one of the most insane experiences of my life. The CEO is one of the most difficult personalities I have ever come across, which is especially difficult because he micromanages everything. Imagine Steve Jobs without the positive traits. I’ve never seen a workplace take such a physical and emotional toll on its employees, all the while accomplishing so little."

Current Employee - Director of Product Management says

"I have been working at Dynamics full-time for more than 5 years Cons: The (CEO's final say) direction is off-the-cuff, haphazard, vague & nonsensical. There is absolutely no trust in anyone’s professional & technological abilities. The CEO deliberately undermines everyone's integrity (...to compensate for his own insecurities & inadequacies?). In turn, there is no innovation – only consternation. The board of directors apparently see none of this, say nothing & idly collect their checks."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Dynamics full-time for more than 3 years Cons: This all begins and ends with The Head: Immature CEO. Useless board of directors. Spineless, condescending C-Level enablers. Valuation is the only goal. Greed. Carelessness. No HR. Inappropriate multitasking directives. Did I mention immature leadership? Oh, and no bonus for working extended hours and losing weeks of PTO at the end of the year. Egregious expectations. Ravaged and dismantled departments. All the money goes to the top. There can be only one winner in this child's game. Its name is Jeffie."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Dynamics full-time for more than 10 years Cons: For any potential employees...believe everything you hear and read...don't do it. For any current employees...get out before it implodes."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Dynamics full-time Cons: 1. It's constant chaos. There's no clear vision or plan. Things change constantly, and not for the better. There's a new idea every week that needs to materialize from thin air or everyone else is to blame. Textbook "over promise under deliver". 2. The CEO shouldn't be allowed to interact with anyone other than engineering. His impulsiveness and total lack of people skills have lead to a team of highly skilled professionals left scrambling to meet his whims. Deadlines are unrealistic, and he makes false promises to whoever he's trying to sell to that day. 3. The company continues to shrink in size and no one is addressing the issue. We don't have key titles anymore like HR. We know when and why people go missing so why do we have to pretend? I keep my resume up to date because I never know when I'll be next. Is anyone from management even going to read this - who knows?"

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