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Duravit AG, founded in 1817 and headquartered in Hornberg, Germany, is primarily a manufacturer of porcelain bathroom fittings. Duravit is notable for having employed prominent designers such as Philippe Starck, sieger design, EOOS, Phoenix Design, Frank Huster, Christian Werner and Matteo Thun for its product lines. In recent years, the company has diversified its scope to include other products.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on Amazon, "Ok, let me start by saying that I love the way the Duravit 2200090000 Starck 3 Wall Mount Toilet looks, which is mainly why I bought it. I would have never imagined what a piece of trash this is when it comes to its performance. The other reviewers the have said this does NOT flush solids properly are absolutely right. When I tried to get in touch with the company's customer care to express my concern, their response was to make sure that I was using the right button, really? I don't know who these people think we are, but I'm pretty certain that everybody that has bought this item knows that if you go number 2, it is the big button you push DUH!! I bought this years ago, and it spent a good amount of time in my garage as saved a little more money to buy the rest of my fixtures and materials for my bath remodel, needless to say that I'm way beyond my grace period for return, even with Amazon. So I guess I'm stuck with it, my advice is Amazon Should not offer this unit anymore unless Duravit is willing to reengineer the flushing system, if they did that, I would be a customer because as I mentioned at the beginning of my rant, its a very nice looking fixture. When I compare this with my Costco's toilet that costs hundreds less, is years apart."


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Mark Fritz says

"I purchased duravit stark 3 basins that were installed in a double vanity unit. After a week (7 days) of instillation and use one of the units had visible blemishes in the glaze. In the following days the second unit also had blemishes. After contacting Duravit (who refused to inspect the units) they offered to supply new basins "as a jesture of goodwill". In Australia, Duravit have a 5 year warranty (parts and labour) - the units were in warranty. After lengthy correspondence (3 months) with the Duravit agent in Australia (who blamed the plumber / cabinet maker / stonemason / ourselves for negligence) the blemished had deteriorated to a point that over 100 cracks could be seen on each basins glaze). Only after threatening legal action did Duravit offer to pay to have new units supplied and fitted."

Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"Not a good place to work and there was not any room for advancement. Management is lackluster and no proper training. There were no incentives and no comradery with employees.nono"


"Very poor customer service and a lack of concern or interest. We had a toilet delivered from Duravit via Revive Bathrooms. On opening , it was chipped. It had to be fitted due to lockdown so we had facilities.Revive Bathrooms later replaced the toilet but neither would pay for the refitting of the undamaged toilet . We therefore paid for this twice to the plumber. Duravit was clearly completely unconcerned ."

Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management structure needs revamping. Consideration for promotions and advancement is non-existent. No trust or appreciation for those that work hard. Needs an HR Manager that can understand all views and make fair decisions. Many opportunities to be a better company for employees and customers.Health benefitsNeeds organization"

Nicole says

"Bought over £7000 worth of Duravit products to kit out three bathrooms and one WC prior to the UK lockdown. We have now finally been able to get a plumber to come in to install everything. After unpacking we found that two of the four vanity units are damaged inside, not a mark on the gloss outside, but hinges are broken, screws are ripped out; it literally looks like someone has stood in the drawer prior to packaging them in the boxes (which were also in great condition when received). Spoke to Duravit’s customer service only to find out that if you do not check the products for damages within 48hours of receiving them, then you are on your own. I’m sure there is some sort of consumer rights against that, or EU legislation? Considering the amount of money that was spent on the full order, I would at least expect Duravit to send someone to my house to see if the issue could be rectified."


"Old antiquated system makes the workload larger than it has to be. Small company so your workload depends on how many valuable employees are there and actually want to work"

Philip McDonald says

"Duravit would appear to sell substandard ceramic products in the UK and then do next to nothing to sort out the problems! I bought a complete bathroom suite from Willbond of Grantham, in under a year the original toilet seat broke, so Willbond supplied a replacement and it was fitted, then in under a year this seat broke again in exactly the same place. I then carefully checked the seat and toilet bowl and discovered that the ceramic bowl was so poorly moulded that instead of the rim of the bowl being totally flat/level as it should be, there was an approximate 7mm dip at the mid point between the front and the back the result of which being that the two middle pads fitted to the seat were not coming anywhere close to the rim of the toilet bowl as they should do. If the seat was flexible then this wouldn't be a problem but it isn't, it is a rigid plastic that is not designed to bend, so in the end it shatters! Duravit patently have exceptionally poor quality control standards and their UK staff are amongst the worst I have ever communicated with. All they are suggesting doing at the moment is to supply a replacement seat with some heightened pads that will be obviously only a guessed depth as it is virtually impossible to measure the gap accurately, and then what happens when anyone wants to fit another seat.... how many toilet seats have you ever seen with different height pads and advice telling you to double check that the pads are in contact with the rim before using it? NONE !! Now Duravit are supposed to be supplying and fitting a replacement bowl and seat, however the last communication I have received from them is denying they have ever offered such a thing and are asking for my address so they can send a seat with heightened pads. Quite frankly their customer service is of the lowest level with right hands not knowing what their left hands are doing!! So I contacted Willbond wh"

Northeast Inside Sales-Showroom (Former Employee) says

"Working in the A&D industry for many years, I found the experience with the NY crew positive. We encouraged and supported each other with product knowledge and industry related events. The expansive selection of the Duravit line and it's unique finishes allowed freedom for individual design. Good people and great product allowed for an overall positive experience."