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Laboratoire Ducastel - elite professional French hair cosmetics. Cosmetics, which not only make the result desirable, but also thanks to the care and healing components will keep your hair healthy and beautiful. What are the advantages of professional cosmetics for hair Laboratoire DUCASTEL. The best pharmacists in France in close cooperation with stylists create it for you on the basis of high scientific technologies, taking all the best that nature gives us! All attention is focused on the requirements and needs of the salons. The products are of high quality, reliability and usability. Proof of high quality are the results of using our products in working with hair. In 1997 Laboratoire Ducastel became part of a large international concern Ales Groupe.

Back on 2017 a former employee wrote a review for indeed saying it wasn`t a good the work at Ales Group: I worked here for over four years as and the place is disorganized, low pay , gossip, inexperienced and low culture. Manager is is so out of touch and they trick into believing your job is worth something nad it is not. They will fire you, lie to you and just not nice. Run do not walk away from this place. Turnover is high due to low pay.


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