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Dubizzle.com is the leading website for classifieds ads in the United Arab Emirates. Since its launch in 2005 by JC Butler and Sim Wheatley, dubizzle has become the number one portal for users to buy, sell, or find anything in their community. Dubizzle's vision is to create a society based on distributing things that it does not use in order to play a beneficial role among people who really need them. Dubizzle contributes to building an environment that is not related to the product and gives the public new methods that enable them to exchange location, efficiency and financial value without the need for a commercial intermediary and face-to-face interaction with each other. Dubizzle is an OLX company: OLX is the world's leading brand in the world of classified ads, with a network of global companies in more than 50 global markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. Globally, OLX receives over 240 million individual visits per month and over 17 billion views per month.

On June 2020 a pissed customer wrote a review about Dubizzle with the title "Very Bad website with bad management and customer service", posted by site jabber: Dubizzle customer service is beneath professionalism, they are getting worse and worse every day, they keep blocking old accounts for no reason, they are not aware enough about how respectfully to handle support cases. They keep sending annoying auto emails. Their customer service may call you couple of times in a day and then they will say, wrong call, it was suppose to be another customer! What kind of customer service that doesn't know whom he is calling, I don't understand how did dubizzle reach to this low level! No matter how much time you have spent to post your ads, they will just delete them all and oops, all you hard work is gone.


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