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DryFix is a slim, versatile and rapidly installed mechanical pinning and remedial tying system that requires no resin, grout or mechanical expansion. The patented DryFix system has been developed over many years and is an extremely versatile and reliable remedial pinning and tying system. It is very quick and easy to install and several versions of the system have evolved for specific applications.

DryFix provides an effective and economical stress-free connection between all commonly used building materials in both cavity and solid masonry constructions without needing any grouts, resins or mechanical expansion. It is simply power-driven into position, via a small pilot hole, using a special installation tool that leaves the end of the helical tie recessed below the outer face to allow an ‘invisible’ finish.

An unhappy user of the product writes " I've been using DryFix for all mechanical pinning works but the price is very excessive for the size of the roof, it easily breaks when it is used on metals. Initially, I used three for any mechanical pinning works but now I use about five. The quality is declining."


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