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The Drink Station is Pearland's source for your caffeine buzz. It is where people migrate to after a hectic week, a busy day or early in the morning for their first "cup of joe." Established in 2008. The Drink Station came about after a small tea company in Pearland, TX went belly up and closed.

A former employee mentioned, "The management at The Drink Station was horrible. We were constantly running out of ingredients. The place is dirty and not well kept. Workers always take short cuts to try and get things done faster."


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Current Employee - Buyer says

"I have been working at LiDestri Food and Drink full-time for more than a year Cons: Weak unorganized management. Daily emergencies."

Former Employee - Material Planner says

"I worked at LiDestri Food and Drink full-time for more than 3 years Cons: I would say retaliation at its finest."

Former Employee - Maintenance Mechanic says

"I worked at LiDestri Food and Drink full-time for less than a year Cons: Clueless management, miserable employees, lack of PTO, long 401K vesting period and healthcare was more expensive than anywhere else i have ever worked."

Current Employee - Office says

"I have been working at LiDestri Food and Drink full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Leadership group. No good leadership. Rely heavily on senior team. Senior team doesn’t have the maturity needed. HR fakes good Glassdoor reviews."


"I worked at LiDestri Food and Drink Cons: Long hours, forced overtime, poor safety, OHSA violations, mission does not match company actions, lack of process control."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at LiDestri Food and Drink full-time for more than 10 years Cons: The LiDestri family only cares about their own family. You will not know if you have a job the next day or not. They hire almost anyone but they will get rid of you just as fast if things are not going there way. I saw a lot of good people loose their jobs and the not so good ones keep their jobs. They will also make sure to get rid of people right before bonus so they don't have to pay it out."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at LiDestri Food and Drink full-time Cons: Management is short-sighted. CFO is an immature, self-serving executive without the life experience to see past the numbers. Mgmt is focused on young talent and has disposed of most of the managers over 50. Executives don't know or care about the hard workers below them. They demean their employees and remind them that they can be replaced. Bonus's are gone."

Current Employee - Supply Chain says

"I have been working at LiDestri Food and Drink full-time for more than 5 years Cons: We have lost so many people that lines are shutting down every day because we can’t get material in. The people that are left have no idea what they’re doing and don’t seem to care because they were unfairly thrown into having additional responsibility that they were never trained on. And why would employees care when upper management complains about certain customers and says they’re going to fire them as customers. How do you encourage people to do all they can to support customers and production with “can do attitudes” like that? Reviews below, probably from HR and “President Stefani” herself, because she’s the only one that would call herself that, state that people are so happy and thrilled with the direction of the company. How thrilled are people that they didn’t get promised bonuses which are meant to make up for below average salaries? “ANNUAL BONUSES FOR ALL EMPLOYEES” – is listed on the company website under it’s employee benefits. Perhaps that should be updated? Instead of bonuses that people rely on every year, the company instead invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in more unnecessary office renovations, that make the environment even worse with wall to wall tiny cubicles."

Current Employee - Supply Chain says

"I have been working at LiDestri Food and Drink full-time for more than 3 years Cons: What was once a reputable, loyal, family and people oriented company that employees were proud to be a part of, has quickly become a sinking ship in the past two years. Senior management is utter chaos – the “leadership” team is what they call themselves, but the only thing they are successfully leading is the demise of the organization. Four (yes, 4!) company presidents in approx. 2 years. Three procurement managers in less than a year. Supply Chain is disintegrating before their eyes and they continue to let it be run into the ground. Promoting then demoting and firing individuals with no just cause. Tremendous turnover has created a negative, fearful atmosphere. Entire departments have experienced almost 100% turnover within 6 months, from both terminations and people jumping ship. It doesn’t matter if you have been there 30 years or less than one year, no one is safe. Employees are told to Act with Grit, yet too much grit is considered difficult. Act with grit, but do not question or disagree with anyone, unless you are related to someone or long time drinking buddies with your boss. Then you can get away with anything. Nepotism should be one of the values as it seems all management is in favor of it, so much so that it’s not unusual for employees to report directly to immediate family members. For a company that strives to be “world class”, it is unprofessional and demonstrates no class. Bias, favoritism, inappropriate relationships between senior management and direct reports which are easy to identify based on questionable promotions – all things you can look forward to at LiDestri. If you enjoy going to work everyday wondering who will be fired or quitting that day, LiDestri is the place for you. Senior leadership puts a large emphasis on culture, living the values, and “doing the right thing”, however those values do not apply to all senior leadership members. Some often take advantage of their positions to use company assets for extended family members and friends, abuse power, use intimidation to control others while they themselves lack self control. Members of upper management have been known to drink excessively, be violent, explosive, and engage in physical altercations (bar brawls). World class. Senior leadership as a whole lacks the credibility and ability to live the values they preach. Due to poor management from the top down, LiDestri experienced possibly the worst year in history. This was the first year they announced no bonuses, as well as other benefits being discontinued. There is minimal accountability on the leadership team. Business is not good but Sales and Marketing / Product Management remains fully intact. Product launches are complete disasters because there is no process, cross-functional collaboration, or effective cost management oversight. Senior Management inflates numbers when promoting products internally to employees to make it appear that product lines and portfolios are performing better than they actually are. It is very likely that the few positive reviews on here were written by Marketing or HR in an attempt at damage control. I know very few employees, past and present that express favorable reaction to the current state of LiDestri Foods. It is unfortunate what the company has evolved to. Many employees dedicated their entire careers and much of their life to a company that thanked them by terminating them, with no advance warning or any indication that their jobs were on the line."

Current Employee - Machine Operator says

"I have been working at LiDestri Food and Drink full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Everything from the top down. I’ve been employed here for over 8 years and every year it gets worse and worse. Upper management doesn’t NOT care about the employees or the work life balance. They tell you Friday morning oh by the way we are working tomorrow. Or they just post every Saturday anyways and get upset when you don’t want to work. But it’s nice because none of them come on weekend so it’s a nice break from the slave drivers they are. The best of employees are leaving in droves while the useless lazy ones stay and are never reprimanded for anything. Oh and forget about HR they should be working for us but they work for management. Always finding ways to give points or write ups they video people during town hall meeting to discourage and “harsh” questions being asked by employees. And never ever ever mention the word union in that place. That will get you fired somehow someway. The place is a joke the management is a joke and I wish they’d sell to someone who would actually give a crap about the employees."

Deejay (Former Employee) says

"Muy buen negocio, ,confortable, comodo, la gente era muy amable Cons: Tenia que hacer mas trabajos que no me correspondian"

Addetto (Former Employee) says

"X la mia esperienza,ho lavorato 14 giorni. Lavoro veloce,senza pause,poi dipende dal lavoro che ti mettono a fare. A me piaceva stare in linea e mi piaceva il turno del mattino."

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