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CollegeHumor is an internet comedy company based in Los Angeles. Aside from producing content for release on YouTube, it was also a former humor website owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC) until January 2020 when IAC withdrew funding and the website shut down. Since then, CollegeHumor has continued to release content on YouTube and on its streaming service, Dropout. Many of its staff also operated the sister website Dorkly, centering on fandoms and video game parodies in the vein of CollegeHumor before the site ceased publication of new articles in January 2019. Like CollegeHumor, despite the website shutting down, Dorkly continues to release new original content on YouTube, now in collaboration with Lowbrow Studios.

A viewer shares his thoughts with disappointment on IMDB, "Dorkly Originals is unfunny and boring is a complement to this piece of crap, every sec feels like an hour."


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