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DoorDash Inc. is an American on-demand prepared food delivery service founded in 2013 by Stanford students Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang and Evan Moore. A Y Combinator–backed company, DoorDash is one of several technology companies that uses logistics services to offer food delivery from restaurants on-demand. DoorDash launched in Palo Alto and, as of May 2019, had expanded to more than 4,000 cities and offers a selection of 340,000 stores across the U.S., Canada and Australia. The company is currently worth more than $13 billion and is the largest third-party delivery service in the USA, surpassing Grubhub in 2019.

One angry customer shared this in a review "i don’t even know where to start. the driver drove around for (no exaggeration) 30 minutes between picking up our order and delivering it. then DoorDash charged me a total of $137.98 for a $24 order. after finally getting through to talk to someone on the phone, they sent my request to the complaints department who (no exaggeration) CHARGED ME ANOTHER $40!!! unbelievable. and of course, they were useless to deal with, rude, and gave inconsistent info. anyway i ended up getting my money back through the fraud department of my bank, but honestly the trouble it took to get there isn’t worth the risk. highly UNrecommended."


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Former Employee - Recruiter says

"Horrible work culture and environment Analytics org decision making only comes from top down and is a completely dictatorship Made bad hiring decisions and are having to deal with these people on the team"

Current Employee - Dasher (Driver) says

"Pay is appalling. They don't care about their dashers/drivers. The dashers are getting the blame for missing items for merchants mistakes. They expect you to travel 8/9 plus miles for under $5. You get penalized for merchants mistakes. Peak pay is now very rare and always seems to be offered when it's not busy. They should have a guaranteed hourly rate. Customers should also not have the option to no tipping."

Former Employee - Dasher (Driver) says

"After considering taxes, gas, wear and tear on vehicle, it is not worth your time for the small amount of money you actually get. Not even for a side hustle. The app is awful. It's a pain to try to get to customers phone numbers to try to communicate with them, especially while you're driving. Also, it glitches, it freezes, leaving you just a little down the road, with an order, not knowing where you're going, trying to get in touch with the customers to let them know what's going on. This problem leads to ... Hangry people. Trying to explain the situation to people who are pissed off because their food hasn't arrived, when you're trying your best to get it to them, is very frustrating. Some people can easily brush it off, but if you are sensitive and a people pleaser, it can be crushing. Especially when you think you've smoothed over a situation, the customer acts like everything's cool when you get them their delivery, then they go give you a one star rating. Or they look at you like you are complelety incompetent, and you couldn't even do a decent job delivering food. I have been in tears due to the app itself failing and making it impossible for me to complete my job. (Btw...I have an unlimited at&t plan, and a new smart galaxy phone, so probably not my service or phone)"

Former Employee - Dasher (Driver) says

"The routes aren't always the quickest or correct. They have deactivated me because they did another background check after 14 months of working for them with high customer marks. Over a ticket (misdemeanor speeding) that I had before I started with them last year. That is ridiculous. I know drivers with much worse records that they have kept with lower ratings then myself. Then when i try to find out what's going on they have no one that can answer me. Unorganized for such a large company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

">> Horrible direct leadership >> Segregated office (Many non-POC coworkers do not say hi or acknowledge anyone who doesn't look like them in the office. I worked there for years and literally 0.5% of people said hi to me or even realized I'd worked there so long) >> Every single NY Holiday party has a sex or assault scandal >> They do not offer appropriate compensation for BIPOC - they refuse to promote BIPOC, they do not raise their salaries at any reviews, they give terrible reviews ahead of compensation reviews, refuses to promote internally despite the increasing level of workload and the responsibilities of coworkers making $30,000+ than me but being white and "safer" >> The work culture asks that you work 12+ hours a day with no recognition and you get guilted the entire time if you want to have any decent work/life balance >> Non-BIPOC act surprised anytime an employee who is BIPOC makes an intelligent argument or dismisses their idea entirely until a white person says the same idea and suddenly gets the praise"

Current Employee - Door Dash Driver says

"Constant issues with app which causes orders not to show up. Occasional Rude customer, takes multiple minutes of filtering out no tip deliveries to get something worth delivering, businesses that tell you the order will be ready in a couple minutes and it's actually not even started. Rude businesses that do not care about your time and will not hesitate to threaten your livelihood and reporting you to doordash. Also, the constant fear of being deactivated. AWFUL AWFUL customer support for dashers. Had two deliveries to the same residence report their food as missing when I first started dashing. Awful hours if you want to have a family life ( you have to work hot time hours for good pay so 11 am - 2 pm, 5 pm - 9 pm maybe later on weekends. Good luck paying for car insurance if you tell them you do rideshare, this will cause your car insurance to be switched to commercial."

Former Employee - People Team says

"Repeated issues occurring in the Phoenix office in regards to discrimination based on race and gender. When issues are escalated to HR, they are constantly "investigating", with no actual change or progress after months of complaints. It's clear to see that the CEO cares very little about the Phoenix team as he never addresses these issues (nor does he actually visit the Phoenix office), though they make up a large percentage of the company. Non-white and non-male candidates are rarely hired or promoted for management positions, and when they are, they are treated so poorly by the boy's club running the Phoenix office that they end up quitting. For a company that seems to boast their love for diversity when it comes to food on billboards and in commercials, you'd think they would want to ignite change by first addressing this internally."


"They don’t care about you, you are just a number"

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"Management is nowhere around the team. Culture in the last 6 months has been destroyed."

Software Engineer says

"- Lack of important processes that guarantee employees’ rights and benefits - Engineering is naive - Management goes insanely political. need to choose your side with discretion"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Very unorganized. No real help or support. Big waste of time The app crashes constantly and takes forever to get fixed. Can’t understand anyone at the help ceter. No bossNo support of any kind"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"bad pay for a long driving trips and the door-dash app gives a lot of stress due the malfunction of the app and the agent usually could not fix the issues right the way."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Dont even attempt to work for these crooks they underpay you and to top it off they lie saying $14. A hour u make less then $10 a hour don't trust ddThere is no pros$1.99 per cashout bad customer service bad rating system very bad pay"

Dasher (Former Employee) says

"I got my first two pickups at a 7/11 that didn’t know I was coming and then the app crashed. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and was put on hold for 30 minutes. Had to rely on angry customer calling me to get address for my first delivery, and I didn’t get to fulfill the second one because the doordash support never gave me the second address. Instead they just told me over text to work harder and that they reassigned the order. Didn’t see anyBad support; app crashes; unhelpful"

Doordash Driver (Former Employee) says

"Dont work here unless you want to be played a fool in their fool's game. I get deactivated and all I get is a guy on the phone just reading from a script. They dont actually control anything.just follow protocol. This was the only source of income because of the pandemic and it's been impossible to find a job now due to this selfishness. daily pay and be your own boss (or so they say)no ethics whatsoever"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"I joined Doordash around one year ago in Niagara falls ontario area. The payment rate is very very low (Below 9/hour ) DO NOT BELIEVE THE NIMBERS .The following will be deducted:1- Taxes2- Gas3- Car Maintenance4- Your health5- Your mental status6- YOUR ALTERNATOR WILL BE DESTROYED FROM MANY TURN ON-OFFS, everything became so expensive after covid-19 , yet They do not respect what they told me many months ago that the minimum payment was $ 9 per order, I still get looooow orders for 6-8 dollars . It is not worth it, I changed my alternator (fFor $ 550 CAD ) because of frequent turning on and off the engine at least three times per order ( To pickup , turn off , then on - After drop off, turn off then turn on , if wrong address, turn off then on . Total turn on per day if 8 orders will be around 16-20 turn on per day as compared to two times only if you do 9-5 security or mcdonals minimum wage job , which I found way better as a total benefits, medical , dental , relax, no traffic , no hassles . It is not worth it This Doordash is good if any applies:If you have zero skillsIf you have no soft skills at allIf you do not speak English and have zero experience If you wanna make around 5-6 /hr (After all deductions)Then this is for you . Good luck !! Flexible hoursMore traffic tickets, Destroy your car, below minimum wage"

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"Not good let’s say u drive 80 miles today and u make 70$ but u work 6 hr plus your gas plus tires getting old oil change soon u getting probably 4$ an hour after expenses ! All this call u getting 10 miles drive for 6$ are u serious :(NoU get brakes whenever u want"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I was a driver I was suspended for harassing a consumer, merchant, another dasher, or any other person. Not only is this a lie, they did not, would not, or could not give me a “who, what, when, where, or a why” as to any incident being reported concerning me. NoneLiars"

Door Dasher (Current Employee) says

"Low money and no benefits. Uncertain work and does not average the amount of money they claim you will earn. You barely make gas money to cover your hours working. Can pick your hours.Everything but scheduling. They also block any pandemic assistance chances you may be qualified for."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"The pay rate is a joke and can be downright insulting at times. If your acceptance rate is higher than 30%, I can almost guarantee you’re losing money when you factor in the gas, miles, and depreciation you are putting on your car makes this job an absolute joke. Even if you do come out ahead it’s very slim and not even close to being worth the time and effort being put into this job. I was using it as a side gig during lunch and on my way home from work. I completed over 200 deliveries but I was marked as not completing an order even though I handed the order directly to the customer. She marked it as not delivered and I was deactivated due to “fraud.” There is no way for me to prove that I handed the order to the customer so it’s her word over mine. Clearly they have no trust in their employees and are willing to deactivate you at the drop of a hat. The fact that they didn’t even talk to me or hear my side of the story before deactivating my account should tell you a tremendous amount about this company and how much they care about the independently contracted delivery drivers that they employ. They care more about their customers and could care less about the drivers that make everything possible. Nothing but horrible thing to say about this company. An absolute joke!Flexible scheduleTerrible pay, Tons of miles on your car, easily replaceable, no care or concern towards delivery drivers"

Dasher (Current Employee) says

"They offer their drivers no support but expect you to be top notch in everything you do and hold you to higher standards than they hold themselves to."

Dasher (Former Employee) says

"I worked 2 and half years for this company and they deactivated me for low completion rate, they don’t care About you or who tf you are if you cancel the delivery because of the restaurant is closed you can’t pick up, whatever happens you are responsible, even if restaurant close employes are rude or anything they simply just gonna kick you out and sent you rude emails .NopeWorst support service and low pay"

DoorDash Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"All with no proof only customers word......................... ..................................................... .......... Do appreciate there employees...if a get a BS complaint...your gone they do not take your dasher rating into consideration or nore do they have your back"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"They steal your money and take full advantage of you. I am not happy with this job they do not pay as they say and I do not give you what you deserve they literally steal your moneyNoneEverything about this company"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Doordash is not a good place to work, they don’t pay you for your gas mileage, they give you the very lowest bass pay they can give you. I ordered from doordash and the girl that delivered my food just so happened to be a friend, I asked her what she was being paid for my run, so for my 103.57$ order she made 6.50$ now that’s a rip off and she said she drove all the way from paulding roadYeah you get paid every nightYou don’t get paid what your worth like Uber eats they pay real good"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"I was hired by DoorDash. I thought they would provide a system/company card to purchase customer meals from the restaurants which I'm supposed to deliver to the customer. Nope! I have to spend my own money and then DoorDash will reimburse me several weeks down the line AFTER I send them copies of my receipts. But if you purchase the food and the customer doesn't want it you are stuck with the bill because no delivery was made. Also have to sign up as a contractor which means if you work for DoorDash at least 30% of your earnings is taxed by the government for being self employed and running your own business. It's not worth it. In the end you're getting paid less than minimum wage. If you want to do this just setup your own local delivery business.nothingtaxed for self employment, earn less than minimm wage"

Dasher (Current Employee) says

"The job is easy but support is a joke when it come to resolving issues. Have been waiting for almost 2 weeks for earnings from delivering and still have not received pay. Asking for supervisors to contact me about the issues is a waste of time cause they refuse to contact me. I have been hung up on by support. Overall this company is a scam.No prosNot being paid"

Dasher (Former Employee) says

"It's was alright I guess it was ok for the time I was doing it. Had no problems just didn't make enough money to keep doing it full time. If they raise the pay then maybe."

Driver/Delivery (Former Employee) says

"the worst job ever. average 1 hour per delivery. you get under paid. the company take advantage from customer, if customer pay tips, they can pay driver less, even customer pay tips, very mimium, 2-3 bucks plus 3-4 dollars company pay you, you are looking at 6-7 bucks per delivery. you are responsible for your own cost as well. this job give you no security at prosdozens"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"They have these debit cards that I didn't even use. I reported mine as lost and ordered a new one, paying for 2-4 day shipping. They won't let me work until I get it. Its been almost a month. I've contacted Doordash several times and they refuse to help me. I even found my card and successfully added it back on to my account. They still refuse to let me work. They won't open the local office or send me one through a reputable delivery service. Meanwhile, I see customer comments everywhere complaining about late orders, orders never received, and missing items. I've taken over 3000 orders and every delivery I have taken was received. My customer ratings and on time percentage are nearly flawless. Nobody cares about my struggles (or others facing the same problem), nor does anybody care about the customers. Doordash agents speak English at a lesser than grade school level, and only know how to read scripts that they are provided with. They all speak with the same accent, meaning that there is no racial diversity. Doordash gets a 41% commission on every order... 30 from the restaurant and 11 from the delivery fee. Then they turn around and offer dashers as little as $2 per delivery and refuse to spend a minuscule amount of resources to assure supplies are delivered within a reasonable amount of time. nobody cares about dashers or customers"

James says


John says

"Terrible drivers. Morons who can\'t do simple things like follow instructions, lie that the restaurant is closed but I was some how still able to order through postmates. Stupid, will never use this app again"

Karen says

"All of a sudden they will not allow me to order unless I produce a second \"card\" so they can verify the card I have used on ALL orders and (Doordash) has NEVER has a problem with. "

HAR says

"Driver delivered my food to the wrong address and DoorDash stopped replying to my texts. Restaurant also did nothing. This is theft. You take my money and don\'t provide the service that I\'ve paid for. Theft."

Greggor says

"Wasted a half hour trying to order $100. worth of subs from Cousins via Doordash. Gave up. Total waste."

Eric says

"I ordered dinner. I could track the driver going around. And I got nothing. I went on line to talk to them and they told me my order was cancelled and I was getting nothing. But they would be sure to refund me. Well I would sure as hell hope so since they promised something they did not deliver. I pointed that out, and the fact I had waited two hours already. Perhaps they could have let me know about that an hour or so before. The customer service rep ended the chat abrubtly without saying he would. This is not a good corporation to deal with. "

Paul R. Lewis says

"I received a coupon from them for free delivery and $10 off on a $20 order. I thought I would try, but it said the coupon wasn\'t valid. I checked again and it was not expired. Support is absolutely worthless, had me sending screenshots and all other nonsense. Not smart enough to understand that it\'s showing expired. Needless to say, I missed my dinner and had to make other arrangements. It\'s been over a week and still no response to my screen shots and issue, AFTER A WEEK! I\'ve had similar problems when I tried to use them for first time earlier. Just pathetic, worthless support, and they don\'t really care. Neither do I, so long!"

Harmony says

"We just ordered food and had it delivered from door dash. Let me tell you how it went... - The food never showed up but the driver checked it as complete. Thus completing the charge and driver tip for the order. - despite the fact that I had checked the “hand it to me in person” no one knocked or rang. Why? Because our food was not there. - I called the driver who informed me she dropped it off at someone else’s house. I told her she needed to go get it and bring it to me (the correct house). She said she was really busy and I would have to go to the complete strangers house and get it myself. - After finding the house only to see there was no food on their door step The person had already brought my food inside so I had to ring the doorbell and hope they A.) Were not a serial killer and B.) that they hadn’t already eaten it. - they happened to be very nice and had not even opened the bag. They were just confused as to who would drop food off on their piracy and speed off. - By the time I got all the way back to my house with my food it was cold and over an hour from when it had been made. - Customer service did nothing. They offered me a only a partial refund. Door Dahs makes you tip in advance and you can’t take back. So I paid a driver to not bring my food, be rude to me and I paid Door Dash for food I couldn’t even eat. Way to go Door Dash. Just showing that horrible customer service everyone has come to expect."

John says

"Always hours late, and twice taken to wrong house with no resolution other than refund sometime in future. Is not worth the headache and trouble. Would be ok if they were on time and went to correct house. "

irate customer says

"door dash SUCKS!!!!!!"

Cindy says

"DoorDash sucks. Each time I use it I get screwed - I think the drivers are eating what I order since I never get my entire order. 1st time I ordered Me Ivan paid for a meal and got one taco. Today I got two of the three meals I ordered, paid for all three meals - mine was missing although I paid for it and tipped the driver! Had to eat leftovers. NO MORE DOORDASH for me!!"

Aviate says

"Have been using doordash recently over their main competitor and it seems every time their location app sends them off in the wrong direction. Has happened in multiple cities so it not one location. The last one I was one block from the place they picked up the food. Then, instead of calling to find out where we are, they just cancel the order. If you are counting on them for food, that’s not good. Going forward I am done with this service. "

Nicole says

"Countless times I have received my orders wrong where I can\'t eat them. DoorDash will not EVER refund the whole order which is perplexing because they should. They claim they are not responsible for the restaurants mistakes. They don\'t even like to refund when it\'s not the restaurants fault. It took weeks to get a refund for an order that never showed up because the \"dasher\" picked it up and kept it. Or the Dasher who delivered the wrong order and they refused to correct. 900 million dollars and I bet 100 million of it should have been refunded. PATHETIC COMPANY! "

Elisheva Chaim says

"If you are in the Henrico Area of Va... Driver Elalester is very rude and has an attitude problem. Be aware."

K.philipp says

"Instead of forgetting 10-20% of my order they forgot 90% tonight. Will never again order using door dash! How do you forget something on every order???"

Kal Elle says

"Called the restaurant my food has been sitting for 10 mon with no driver in site. They had to call the driver twice. I will not be using door dash any more"

Andy States says

"Completely unreliable service. You basically have a 75% chance of getting your food. They offer credits not refunds. While you're waiting 2 hours for your delivery to arrive, its likely other restaurants are closing their doors, leaving you high and dry by the time you realize your food isn't coming."

Consumer says


Customer service representatives are scam artist and so are their Dashers. They’ll allow your food to be delivered in poor conditions, will disregard special delivery requests and food preparation indications. Not to mention, they’ll use the famous “bait and switch” after a couple of crappie compensation tactics due their negligence and poor business practices. I’ll just say this, avoid these crooks at all cost! I’ll say utilize UberEats. They have awesome customer service, quick delivery drivers and accepts all special request if noted or verbally told."

Cathy Ahn says

"If I could leave no stars I would. They do not refund money even though it is their fault. I submitted 2 tickets and then was told I was too late so I don't get a refund. I signed up last month and now I'm done. Will never use DoorDash again."

Kristen Hartloff says

"I would NOT give any stars if this was an option. The store REFUSED to pick up my order cause the system was canceled BUT I had called the actual store and they had told me how the order is not canceled and is waiting for pick up. The support line did not pick up the call and instead hung up on my. Support chat was used for two different men. Jose and Juan V. Jose was not helpful as he did not care and ended the chat when I had asked a question. Juan V did in fact care but was not helpful as well. As he kept saying I need to call the store even tho I repeated said I had and is telling me to contact you. There was no complaint link on the website that I saw and I am picking up the order MYSELF and demanding a refund on the delivery charge."

Adam Wilson says

"Doordash screwed me out of a full refund! First, the driver wouldn't deliver my food because of the Covid-19 cases in my apt bldg, so he told me left my food by the gate! Unacceptable! Ants would have already gone in it! I called customer service and they said they would redeliver the order. But again, the second driver wouldn't go in, so they emailed me stating they would give me a full refund in 7 business days. However, after 7 business days there was no refund to my card. I called them and they told me that I wasn't getting refund but a credit to my next order!!! Liars! I decided to let it go because I'm not going to make a big deal over $20 but for them I guess it means a lot since they refused to give my refund like they said they would. I will never use Doordash again and I don't recommend them! They are two-bit crooks!!!"

Rob steffler says

"I wouldn't refer them to my worst enemy. Drivers can't follow instructions and then after I cancel that stupid dashpass they then frauded my bank account dirty pieces of garbage"

Cheyenne says

"I recently decided to get my groceries delivered from Walmart. I live in Deltona Florida.
I ordered my groceries and my order never showed up. I called Walmart and was informed that DoorDash actually delivers for Walmart. Walmart fills the order and a DoorDash driver picks it up and delivers it to the customer.
So, I call Doordash and get someone from India who barely speaks English and they inform me that I cancelled my order. I didn't cancel my order. If I had cancelled my order why would I bother putting my self through the misery of contacting an outsourced overseas rep that has NO CLUE what is going on???
I contacted Walmart again and they inform me that the Doordash driver cancelled the pickup and never showed up.
I decided to do a Google search on Doordash delivering for Walmart and there are numerous blogs about how Doordash drivers hate delivering for Walmart and most of them refuse to deliver for Walmart when prompted. Doordash drivers don't want to "do all of that work" and then don't even get a tip.

What a joke this company is. I will NEVER use Doordash and I am going to put my review on every available review spot on the internet. I have cancelled my delivery with Walmart as well.
The level of unprofessionalism is beyond comprehension and whomever you are hiring isn't worthy of the job let alone a tip."

Tammy Williams says

"I ordered thru these guys and never received my order said it was Tim Hortons fault and that my refund was pending and order was canceled! Told me that refund should show up in 2 to 3 days depending on my bank ! And I should contact my bank for further information!"

Guntur says

"Unnecessary charges to card even though the order didn’t go through, and when I called the representative said it was my fault, when it was technical issue on their end!"

Perry VoScott says

"Someone created a Doordash account in my name using my email address and phone number and ordered food for delivery in Australia. I notified Doordash over a week ago about the fraud and they could care less. How could someone create an account in my name without DoorDash notifying me?

Not to mention, who in their right mind would use a predatory company like DoorDash that enslaves it’s gig workers, hires offshore labor for pennies and skims money off from suffering restaurant owners so that their founders can become billionaires overnight.

Is it really worth it for you to not have to get off your lazy bootie and go pick up your food from the restaurant?

I’d never use one of these parasites."

John Ball says

"I ordered food today and I had missing items and after multiple calls DoorDash was completely unhelpful. I will never use them again!"

The Life Of Kendall Alexiss says

"Missing items .
No way I payed 10.00 for the drinks just for the driver to keep them . Drivers name (Samantha C) terrible 0/10 . Then I can’t even get my drinks . I’m disgusted"

Alex Lemay says


Kathy c says

"Was good to begin with. Now. 1 driver stole our food. Parked out front then drove off when we came out to collect 2. Driver delivered in opposite direction first. Food cold inedible when finally delivered. Door dash terminates chat as soon as you complain. Would not use again and letting restaurants know. Would rather pay more using Uber."

T says

"This place is terrible. I ordered and never got my food and they wanted to charge me for it."

Hillary says

"Found a hair in my blizzard after eating part of it. Stuck right in the middle of the thing. I contacted them up to 4 times to have someone deal with this, as we are in a pandemic and having someone’s hair in my food after eating into it is completely unacceptable nor is it hygienic. To make it worse, I’m a severe asthmatic and if I catch Covid off this, it can be lifethreatening.
They told me since they had issued credits previously for a wrong order that they would not be refunding me. Let me reiterate this, I found a hair in the middle of my food during a pandemic and they refused to care, contact me and refused to do anything about it. I even sent them photos of it, not once but twice.
Real great customer service guys 👎🏼 After I’ve spent A LOT of money over the years to this company. I’ll be going to Skip from now on, you guys dont deserve a penny of anyone’s money. I hope you find hairs in all of your meals. Bad company, bad values, bad ethics, poor customer service."

Val Maxine says

"I have a complaint about people coming into the retail store I work at. The people who are coming into our store to fulfill a customer order need to be taught customer service skills! First of all you need to tell your DD Drivers/Employees to ALWAYS wear a face covering when shopping for their customers!!! Second, tell your employees IT IS THEIR JOB to find the items for their customer order!!! They come in and expect us to do their job for them by walking around the store getting all the items from their customer order!!! WE RETAIL WORKERS HAVE OUR OWN WORK TO DO AND DO NOT HAVE TIME TO DO YOURS TOO!!! You get paid to “shop” for the customer; so fo your job and quit asking the store employees to do it for you!!!! Lastly, if you see a store employee already helping a customer, please don’t be so rude and interrupt them just to ask where something is located in the store!!!! Just today I told one Door Dash driver/shopper that it was not OUR job to do the shopping for her! She rudely remarked that she doesn’t even like shopping for her own groceries and doesn’t like looking for items in the store herself!! What??? Then why the hell did she sign up to be a Door Dash shopper???
Please screen your new drivers/shoppers more diligently and teach them some much needed customer service skills. Just because they come into the store to shop for a customer doesn’t mean that any retail worker needs to bow down to them!! DO THE JOB YOU GET PAID TO DO!!!"

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