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Daticon EED, Inc., formerly known as Electronic Evidence Discovery, Inc., is a pioneer in the electronic discovery industry. Since its founding in 1987 by John H. Jessen, the company has contributed to many innovations in the industry and significantly expanded its service offerings and altogether worldwide presence.

Donation employees have a high pressure on litigation services incloudint facing court dates, managment and benefits are poor, according to a review by a former employee at

"Poor management on buyout and salary raises, litigation services is high pressure at times with significant accounts facing court mandated dates, benefits were the worst and changed every July 1st."


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Former Employee - Donation Attendant says

"A lot of management issues"

Former Employee - Lead Donation Attendant says

"No protection for donation attendants. People who donate do not wear masks. Truck drivers who make deliveries do not wear masks. People who want help loading furniture in their cars do not wear masks. Employees do not wear masks. Managers do not wear masks. Employees who complain about safety are harassed and punished There is no human resources department."

Current Employee - Donation Attendant says

"Too many rules for just throwing junk into a box. Management not so professional. Toxic work environment. Huge turn around / Meat Grinder. Rat problems. Not worth it if you have job skills and work somewhere else. There is racism and favoritism"

Former Employee - Lead Store Donation Attendant says

"Poor management. Won't fire anyone except the ones who do there job."

Former Employee - Donation Attendant says

"Had a new manager every few months. Out of the 18 managers I reported to, only 3 had any knowledge or experience in leading others. Most were dishonest and were either fired or quit. The best were driven out."

Current Employee - Donation Attendant says

"They claim they help those with needs that are unique but with my anxiety and depression recently kicking up they've decided it is nothing. Even with documentation they will not adjust a single thing in my schedule if anything making it worse and I am distraught nearly everyday. Management does not listen, only likes their favorites or basically people that never complain and praise non stop."

Former Employee - Donation Attendant says

"Goodwill only paid minimum wage. So, you can't afford that gym membership anymore."

Former Employee - Donation Attendant says

"I had a request to change my hours for Saturday and Sunday because I had no ride home till 11pm. I asked the manager if we can do anything to work it out, in mid sentence she turned around and started walking away. I didn't know what to do! I continued working for 2 more hours constantly crying. Nobody came in the back to ask me anything. I got fed up after searching for the manager in the store, and felt like I was not treated fairly and that I don't matter. I clocked out and wrote a note saying that I'm quitting. On my way out the assistant manager noticed me and said "Hi noticed you weren't on the dock." She continued walking as I told her I needed to talk to the manager. No response I had said "excuse me", she said "I heard you." in the rudest tone. I followed her into the managers office where the manager was. She was screaming at the top of her lungs about some lady she was trying to hire. The girl she ended up screaming about it to went wide eyed and was shocked. The manager continued to not look or speak to me. I gave her my note and walked out because she refused to read it. She refused to schedule me so I can balance work and high school. The staff was constantly swearing and it was unpleasant when there were costumers around. Donaters were screamed at for donating "trash". Thanks Port Charlotte Goodwill for the worst work experience ever!"

Former Employee - Donation Attendant says

"Perceived accountability, holding employees in higher standards than management. Aka "Do As I Say Not As I Do" They'll create your history of misdoings by micromanaging and taking things to extremes. If you leave for personal reasons they put a "do not rehire" in your file even if you left with proper notice and generally on good terms."

Former Employee - Donation Attendant says

"Pay Hours Management is poor Implement new strategies to milk as much money out of donors and customers as possible"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Management unfortunately like everywhere only helps those who are in with them and put up with them especially at Goodwill Industries of the valley.In Roanoke Virginia which is where Goodwill Industries of Valley is located they tend to go by seniority as to how they treat people. It is a very demeaning place to work.A paycheckEverything but a paycheck"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balanceWork-life balance at Goodwill Industries are manageablePay & benefitsMy pay and benefits at Goodwill Industries are horrible. Not where they should be.Job security and advancementIn terms of job security at Goodwill Industries, I think there is absolutely no job securityManagementIn general, managers at Goodwill Industries are the worst.CultureCollaboration with my colleagues at Goodwill Industries is non existentOverallMy experience working at Goodwill Industries was horrible. Untrustworthy and no safe space as they like to pretend to call it."

Lead Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Goodwill can be a fun or terrible work environment depending on the management. In my case, management gave you confusing instructions and didn't train very well and got angry when you did not know what to do. They overworked the employees and threatened them with write ups if they were not reaching their monthly donation goals. 3 breaks, two 15 minute and one 30 minute breakManagement, overlapping deadlines, impossible quotas"

Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Management does not care about the employees. HR does not defend employees when employees are mistreated by management. Company should be unionized. CEO and top leadership horde the profits. CEO makes millions of dollars, when Goodwill is supposed to be a nonprofit organization. All the while they pay the regular employees bottom dollar and slash benefits. They also exploit the disabled paying them a lot less than minimum wage.Good co-workersEmployees are just a number with no value"

Store Clerk (Former Employee) says

"ManagementIn general, managers at Goodwill Industries are rude and intolerable. you call in sick and they dont tell you to feel better they just remind you of the points you will be deducted. make inappropriate jokes about employees a lot. abuses the minor workers. not lenient at all with life’s random workers can be friendly, plenty of, crazy customers"

Store Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"There is no equipment to do your job. When a manager does something and you do it, another manager gets on you if it's wrong. Leadership is a joke. Pay is not worth anything for the Supervisor titleNoneEverything"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Assistant manager at platteville location is a egotistical woman on a power trip. Even if ur sick and call in u get wrote up would not recommend working here. Turn over rate is high. Was having a miscarriage bleeding through my pants and they still wanted me to stay and work just horrible."

Cashier Lead/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They garner an environment of complete distrust of the employee. The break room is austere, no personal space. They don't encourage independent thinking, you're expected to come in, work, leave. If you help a customer too long (or look like you enjoyed it) its frowned upon."

Donation Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Managers would constantly talk trash about employees behind their back, store manager would hide stuff in the office and buy it on their day off. Minimum wage for high movement job working in summer heat. Managers complain when you try to take breaks. Company doesn't supply gaylords sometimes and throws stores behind in the back for months at a time. Flexible hoursBad management"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"All unprofessional people upper management. If you try to follow the chain of command and do the right thing you are reprimanded. Nothing is kept confidential. If you are not in the clique, they will find a way to either get rid of you or constantly complain about your work. Lunch breakTheir mission"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I quit because I was being sexually harassed by my boss and it was not a good job to have. He was inappropriate and I felt unsafe around him. Also he was having a relationship with my manager as well which he was breaking the rules and didnt care Harassment"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"They expect you to kill yourself as they want 1 container per hour, unrealistic expectations for 10/HR!!Mgr and supv are slave drivers!! I hope i can latch onto a better job!!!NoneHorrible work environment!!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management is horrible. They don't do anything but sit around and talk about all the employees. The company it self don't care about the employees they are just out for the money. They really don't care about the customer either."

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Pay was low except for executive levels. The organization pretends to care about people in the community while the opposite is actually the truth. The mission is 99% scam."

Processor (Current Employee) says

"Horrible pay and horrible 30 minute lunches. I hate it I despise how they run the entire company. Very unprofessional and racist at it's very core! It's a stepping stone then I'm out as soon as I find something better"

Warehouse worker (Current Employee) says

"The team leads and mangers are rude to workers and customers The Goodwill on 30th Shadeland Indianapolis is the worst place I have ever worked The CEO or someone with authority need to come and witness for them self how bad it is"

Work Adjustment and Training (Former Employee) says

"Anyone below middle management is expected to work at two - three times their capacity...hired for caseload of 25- 30. Actual caseload of 60. No agency appreciation or incentives to go above and beyond ( must get by on natural incentive of doing well and helping people, or burnout will occur within months) Middle and upper management get bonus for saving money .. by making others work beyond typical capacity. Yelling and threats not uncommon forms of employee motivation no bonuses, ( middle and upper management get holiday bonus based on lower level employee's productivity and satisfaction surveys) . You do get a Birthday present every year...a free meal in the cafeteria ( value $5.50) and a 25% coupon for the store. No cost of living raise. 2% annual raises, unless you are late or take more than 2 unscheduled sick days per quarter, then automatic NO ANNUAL RAISE. If you take more than 2 unscheduled sick days for two consecutive quarters. You will be written up.. So, basically you are PENALIZED for taking an unscheduled sick day If you have doctor appointment scheduled and cleared in your schedule, director WILL demand that you not go...cover ratio of supervision so that SHE can go somewhere ( employees have been forced to miss oncology appointments). If you get hurt on the job and file for workman's comp they will find a way to fire you as quickly as possible. Offices on bottom floor are suspected to be infested with mold due to leak in one wall. Plant / Facilities Supervisor refuses to test to confirm says if he tests then it makes Goodwill liable to repair itFood in the cafeteria is not bad. Reasonable in price. I met some nice coworkers.Poor Pay/ compensation, lack of appreciation, poor working enviorment, threats and intimidation by upper management"

Customer Service/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Very bad work environment over managed seniority means nothing, dirty, have to use dirty public restroom customers do not social distance, Goodwill does not have a way of sanitizing clothes 15 minute inside break after 5 hrsNone"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Awfulll close that store down pay stuck too angela does crack on job and adderal shelby sleeps with ever in the back just a mess This job is awfulll the managers at dyer Indian location do drugs on break and before they come in and angela the front mangers get adderal givin to her by an employee andra and shelby is sleeping with the other manger in the job NothingNothing"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"They treat their employees very bad. Rules change daily, 3 different managers and 3 different answers Management is not to be trusted, don’t trust anything with this company I’ve seen good people being treated aural . And goodwill commits fraud by pulling the $1 sale tickets before dollar day. In fact goodwill has no goodwill they are a for profit franchise Nothing, but you get a checkBack stabbing managers, rude district manager, production should be classified as a biohazard job"