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Dollywood is an amusement park jointly owned by entertainer Dolly Parton and Herschend Family Entertainment. It is located in the Knoxville-Smoky Mountains metroplex in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Hosting nearly 3 million guests in a typical season – mid-March to the Christmas holidays – Dollywood is the biggest ticketed tourist attraction in Tennessee.

In 2016, Waynesboro, a guy visited Dollywood with family and reviewed, "We went to dollywood just a couple weeks ago the cost of tickets was ridiculous, and not a discount in site, unless you live there, work there or know someone, this is so unfair for people with big families and then most of the rides are not kid friendly, you are not tall enough or you're to tall what's the deal with this and you still have to pay full price to get in and just walk around and spend money in all the shops which is really ridiculous and it was starting to storm the day we were there so they shut the whole park down yes the "WHOLE" park every ride was shut down at 6pm for the rest of the day, i can see roller coasters and water rides but come on the merry go round and the shops, and you weren't even offered a partial refund or another complementary evening in the park. Yes dollywood is a rip off and it sucks, i have my doubts whether i'll be returning to dollywood to pad her pocket."


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denise says

"Hubby and i went in 2018, we were so looking forward to a nice week away and a trip to Dollywood since i had family who went and raved about Dollywood. We to start the ticket prices are insane, hubby said since there is so much to do we need to get tickets for 2 days, of course we were going by the rave reviews from friends and families and since we have been to other theme parks and always had a wonderful time we thought Dollywood would be the same..... well what a disappointment Dolly wood was. We went on a Tuesday and it had to be the hottest day of the Summer. There were maybe 4 working thrill rides, one was the train ride. Every ride is spaced so far apart that it feels like all you do is walk. Because you cant take any drinks or food in the park and it was so hot water was in high demand. There were lots of places to shop and lots of places to eat but with the prices it was just way to much. We stayed as long as possible walking aimlessly around, and left. Since we had paid for another visit to the park we decided to go on Thursday night. Still as boring but a litter less sweltering and the best part was the fireworks at the end of the evening. My advice if you want to go to a park with nothing Dollywood is for you, myself id rather go to WIlliamsburg and Busch Gardens. There were plenty of other attractions around the Dollywood area, The Island was one and the wax museum were 100 times better than Dollywood..."

Kc says

"£50 order never arrived, sellers refusing to provide a replacement or refund and insists i have to make a claim with Royal mail. Spoke to royal mail and they have said only senders can claim. Passed this information onto dollywood who said they would not make a claim as it will get rejected. Be very careful if you make an order, if it gets lost you this seller wont take responsibilty. Response to Dollywood- you have yet to show me any proof it has been delivered to my address, as already confirmed by Royal Mail they do not have the confirmation of what address it was delivered too or if it was left in a 'safe place' or neighbour, and they can only investigate it if you open a claim, but thanks for calling me a liar! As the sender you are responsible, just as i would be if it was my return that was lost in the post."

Kerry Chrystie says

"Paperwork printed off really bad! I’ve been misinformed now I’m stuck with two products that are a waste of money"

Shajna Begum says

"I ordered 2 item from them, one item came damage, I messaged them about the product, they offered me 10% back and am still waiting on my refund. I have messaged them and they keep on saying it will be in my account, and it's still ain't there. Won't be ordering from there again."

Jo Longman says

"After realising I got ripped off and everything they sell is on eBay at 1/4 of the price with free delivery not happy"

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