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Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., formerly known as Only $1.00, is an American chain of discount variety stores that sells items for $1 or less. Headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, it is a Fortune 500 company and operates 15,115 stores throughout the 48 contiguous U.S. states and Canada. Its stores are supported by a nationwide logistics network of eleven distribution centers. The company operates one-dollar stores under the names of Dollar Tree and Dollar Bills. The company also operates a multi-price-point variety chain under the Family Dollar banner.

They sell products with toxic chemicals to customers: Concerned about hazardous chemicals found in products and food purchased from the Dollar Tree stores (or Dollar Tree owned Family Dollar stores)—including per/polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in microwave popcorn, bisphenol-A (BPA) in canned food, arsenic in infant rice cereal, and heavy metals and phthalates in consumer products—stock-holding parents and health experts asked executives to adopt comprehensive hazardous chemical policies and share them with the public, as other retailers have already done.

There was a time when “dollar store” conjured images of dusty shelves heaped with expired off-brand items, but those days are largely in the past. That said, Consumer Reports advises using care when shopping at these stores. In the past few years, even while smart-money experts have come up with lists of things you should definitely buy there, reports from clean-environment advocates and grassroots consumer watchdog organizations have identified toxic items found in dollar stores.

There are some toxic Dollar to watch out for—especially if you’re shopping for your kids. Here are 11 Toxic Items Found in Dollar Stores!

1. Plastic food containers Although they’re considered a bargain at dollar stores, and they’re super convenient in terms of organizing your kitchen, plastic food containers may contain pthalates, which cause reproductive problems in lab animals and are found in high levels, especially in women, in the U.S. population. Over 30 percent of some dollar store products tested had higher levels than are recommended in products used for children. They may also contain bisphenol-S (BPS)—which you’ll find in many BPA-free products and which might be just as dangerous as BPA—the chemical just hasn’t been researched as much.

2. Plastic wrap and packaged foods Like plastic food containers, wraps and the plastic commercial packaging on food products from candies to meats may contain pthalates and BPS. With that in mind, you may want to rethink your use of plastic wrap altogether. Here’s how Saran Wrap has tried to detox their plastic wrap.

3. Toys made before 2008 Just because an item doesn’t have an expiration date doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to buy it. Sometimes dollar stores sell factory closeouts, which means their stock may be old and should not be purchased. For example, plastic toys made before 2008 are more likely to contain pthalates than toys made since 2008, the year that pthalates were banned from being included in children’s toys.

4. Anything vinyl Pthalates are also used in just about everything made out of vinyl—they keep the vinyl flexible. At the dollar store, you are very likely to see vinyl placemats, shower curtains, bibs, backpacks, novelty watchbands, mattress covers and pool toys.

5. Power cords and other electronic accessories When Healthy Stuff, a project of the Ecology Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, tested a variety of dollar store items for toxic chemicals, they gave Dollar General an F on their report card. Among other things, they found that many electronic accessories such as USB cords, cell phone chargers and extension cords tested high in chlorine, a toxic chemical of concern and also a sign that the items are made from vinyl. You might want to stick to electronics stores for these accessories.

6. Certain cleaning products Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen found in a variety of cleaning products, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. To avoid toxic chemicals altogether, pick up some baking soda at the dollar store and use it for these 50 clever ways you can clean with it.

7. Some personal care products Speaking of formaldehyde, this list also contains personal care products you are likely to find in dollar stores that may contain formaldehyde, especially if they are factory closeouts. Some of the more recognizable brands include Irish Spring, SoftSoap and even Gerber.

8. Fruit juices We all know that arsenic is acutely poisonous, but inorganic arsenic is also a suspected carcinogen, even in smaller doses found in certain fruit juices.

9. Styrofoam cups and plates Styrene is a known carcinogen. It’s widely used in the manufacturing of styrofoam cups, plates and packing peanuts—and a lot of other household goods. Here’s a list of some styrene-containing products.

10. Black plastic kitchen utensils Bromine, which is linked to cancer and birth defects, is a component in some flame retardants. It’s been banned, but it may have made its way into cheaper, older versions of the ubiquitous black plastic kitchen utensils. It’s best to avoid buying these in the dollar store: stick with stainless steel or wooden utensils instead.

11. Bug spray No one likes a pantry pest, but if you try to eliminate them using chemical pesticides, you may be increasing your risk of cancer. Chemical pesticides are also found in flea collars and tick-repellents. Some natural oils seem to repel ticks and are also safe for people and pets. Peppermint, thyme, eucalyptus and cedar oil are a few.


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Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"No recognition for working your butt off."

Former Employee - Second Assistant Manager says

"Management hiring process scheduling and"

Current Employee - Cashier says

"Horrible management Horrible pay Just horrible"

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"Amount of hours worked equals to less than minimum wage, it all depends on whether you get a great DM which will determine the environment you’ll be working in, the amount of work that is put solely on the SM with little timeline, when getting a visit from corporate be prepared to get treated like second class citizen...list can go on and on!"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I have worked in 4 dollar trees. ALL abusive, Unrealistic expectations, no notice to shift changes you're expected to stay until the store is 100% but usually have 2 or if you're lucky 3 employers despite how busy they always are. i know 2 people who have worked over 24 hours straight this is not normal. calls at any time and non stop text no respect and never really get a break even to take medication"

Former Employee - Associate Store Manager says

"Management doesn’t care for its employees"

Former Employee - Computer Systems Analyst says

"You will get cursed out a lot by end users. You work very long hours."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"bad pay random hours high expectations too little hours to complete work"

Current Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Everything is a con if you are out of high school"

Former Employee - Stocker/Cashier says

"The store itself was a mess, their bathroom was fuilty. But I love the dollar store, the convenient way to clock in. At the regerster."

Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"I’ve been with the company since the beginning of the year dollar tree is probably one of the worst companies to work for, it lacks so many employee benefits, work life balance, always understaffed and overworked the responsibilities of LP fall on cashiers and managers. I had Covid and proof of Covid 2 times and they refused to pay me for the second round of Covid horrible company horrible leadership horrible work environment work anywhere else!!!!"

Assistant Retail Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I could ever have no one appreciated anyone no matter what people were always staring drama an higher management never listened nor helped either an not sure why. NothingEverything"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Place it terrible. Work 90 hours a week no hours for store. Would not recommend to anyone. DM just yells gives you no help even after promised. I have nothing good to say about this place.NoneEverything"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I ever had worked there for 3 months and honestly the GM expected employees to do 8 hours of work in 4 hours for little pay. They treat people like slaves."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"If you want to feel violated everyday work here.. they make you feel like a criminal after every shift.Lifting your arms up and spinning in front of all customers, then they go through your purse.. also the new managment is why I left.. the place is a joke"

Assistant General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Started out hardly any hours. After a year moved up to Assistant Manager, opened and closed, mainly closed. Work all weekends, all holidays. Higher levels of placement were given to personal friends of the current managers. Let go over one coupon incident in value less than $10. Was denied unemployment from the company. Decision was overturned by a judge. Just dont work here, unless youre looking for a part time job not worth the pay"

Dollar Tree Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional and dirty worked at dogwood location had rats and roaches store manager was very nasty food would have rat holes in them and would be lots of bugs in the office It’s a jobIt’s terrible"

Assistant full-time manager/ cashier (Former Employee) says

"Good to start then they fire you because you do a better job then a the employees You get no warning just a tour no longer a good fit this company is bogus"

Cashier/Stock (Current Employee) says

"Dealing with rude people an especially when you are the only one working an there isn't no help the customer don't know how to be patient. Than you have the manage who don't know how to treat there workers."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management within this company is horrible...I worked with management & there was no support or organization from my superiors. The stockroom was a disaster & just an injury waiting to happen. As an assistant manager there was no flexibility with my schedule & even with working 35+ hours a week & often going 10 - 13 days before a day off I was still considered part time with no benefits."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"I still work there. My store manager is terrible: rude,snobby to customers and staff and has her best friend and her friend's brother working there,too. The brother is the asst. manager. THERE AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE RELATED PEOPLE WORKING AT THE SAME STORE. She treats them wonderfully...unlike everyone else. ALSO...both the store manager and the asst. manager are aware of certain employees smoking pot every day before their shifts start.. As a matter of fact, they have stood outside and smoked their own cigarettes with employees that are out there smoking pot. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. I will tell the regional manager of EVERYTHING she is not aware of that happens in my store when I leave there...but not before, because nothing is confidential at Dollar Tree.!!NoneTerrible unprofessional managers and district managers, no acknowledgement for good work, pay sucks"

Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"Two managers tested positive for Covid-19 and still was coming to work. The main boss knew but didn’t want to shut down.. Told employee not to get tested.Freezer is always broke"

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Worst experience in my 10 year career. Local and corporate leadership literally paid no attention to my proven concerns. DC10 exemplifies none of the company missions and the management will do anything to keep their comfortable positions. This means overloading individuals with unrealistic expectations then terminating for performance although regular work schedules were 12 hours daily (5 day weeks) on average. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY EMPLOYEES. NoneNarcissistic politics all around."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Average work day ringing on the register, or packing out truck, 5 trucks per week, one frozen Food truck on Saturday, no support from upper management, lots of work to be done weekly, no payroll to run store day to day operations, stores opens at 8am and closes at 9pm, most employees work no more than 4 hours shift per day, upper management expectations very high with out any support, store manager must work from 60 to 70 hours per week. Very high stress level.None really other than you have a job!Very low employees morale, no payroll to run a successful store"

Department Manager (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceIt was none stop for management,working 6 days a week,no time with your family. GM and HR runs the place like a slave plantation. Hourly associate were expected to work 7 days a week without any notice,even ALL holidays.● Pay & benefitsLook elsewhere.● OverallThere are many other companies that will respect you as an person........................................................................................."

Shipping Associate (Current Employee) says

"The management is the worst management I've ever had! They aren't on the same page what so ever, they don't care one bit about their employees. They all say that its a family type of business and they all have an open door, but when you go to them they completely shut you out or ignore what you have to say. I would not recommend this job at all! Nothing.Everything."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The place always had stacks of boxes all over, trucks were sent in three times a week, with tons of overstock only adding to the problem. The manager I was under was incredibly disrespectful and inconsiderate of me and whatever I did. There was so much work, that working off the clock was not only necessary but practically insinuated and forced onto you. You're expected to pack out three U-Boats stacked to the ceiling in a single shift whilst making a bale, ring, handle all the accounting, deposits and tills, and managing store employees; not to mention writing off damaged items. The store would always be a mess because there was simply too much to do to clean it, and every shift was a catch-22... you could never win and you were always told about what you didn't do. There was nothing enjoyable and it was constantly stressful. NoneUnsafe Working Environment, Low Pay, Not Appreciated, Excessive Workload, Understaffed, Turnover, Callouts, No Bonuses"

Assistant Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"My store manager was the most disrespectful person I've ever met in my life. He ridiculed every employee & his own boss (district manager), and treated nearly every customer like a pile of fecal matter. We busted our humps to a point of mental instability/exhaustion and he still told us we're not doing our job. He was also very invasive with our personal lives and insisted we come into work on a day off when we couldn't be there. When he called me to cover a shift that I couldn't work, he'd go as far as argue with me by asking "why can't you come in?" and then try to prioritize his need for me to come in over whatever my situation was - all despite the fact that I physically can't be at work right now.Everything's $1No work/life balance, awful employees, awful pay"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I wasted 5 years with this company. I went from seasonal cashier to store manager and the further you progress the worse they treat you. Yes I have some good experiences, I did have some good coworkers and managers. The bad far outweighs the good. This company claims to care about their people but they do not."

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Manager daughter sleeps with you then you get in trouble for it worst place to work at the pay is minimal with bi weekly pay as well as treatment of that of a 5 year oldNoneLow hours Bi weekly pay horrendous management"

Former Employee says

"I am a former employee of dollar tree in Toronto, while I appreciate the opportunity it was an extremely horrible experience, their District managers are horrible just very weak and lack leadership, so much targeting and extremely high turn over rates. Everyone hated it there and the VP guy Jeff is ridiculously bad and the dude in training Keith even worse. In short they don’t care about anyone and don’t know what talent is even if it hits them in the face and I don’t see it change unless dollar tree removes these bad decision makers. "

Bonnie Addis says

"I shop at the Dollar Tree on 12 Mile near Mound in Warren, MI. I paid for my $8.95 bill with a $20 - i received change for a $10. I explained to the cashier I paid with a $20 she argued said I paid with a $10. I only had 3 $20's dollar bills in my purse. I realize it is only $10 but it is the principle - pretty much calling me a liar. There was a line of people behind me - she said if my register is $10 over i will call you - leave me your number. I did - but of course I never heard back This was last Saturday - the very first register. I am still angry which is why i am writing this review. Bonnie Addis"

Lisa Cornelius-Gregory says

"Still had christmas items for sale marked down. Part was 1/2 off ($0.50). The tins that I was most interested in was ringing up for 1 penny ($0.01). The associate mgr contacted the manager and was told they could not sell those to us. We left all of it. Either you want to sell the merchandise or you don't.!"

Monique Roane says

"Very much annoyed considering I love this store. I made an order of 300 dollars online. Many items I wanted could only be shipped to my home and others were free to be picked up. I ordered a set of dishes, (large plates, small plates, bowls, and mugs) mugs arrived broken, and the small plates and bowls were canceled by the company. Basically I ended up with only the large plate. Fine, I can deal with that. I ordered candles and other items to make gift bags for Xmas and when I didn’t receive a set of 12 candles I called custom tee service. This is where I was surprised and annoyed! Woman in the phone tells me that I need to call and check with ups and not dollar tree. I tell her that I received a package from their company with gift bags that I didn’t order and Suggest they made a mistake and swapped my package with someone else’s. She then tells me I need to take this box to my nearest DT. ( I live in center city, I do not drive) I mention this to her and she can do nothing to fix the situation, I ask for someone higher up and he can do nothing either? I then emailed the company and of course didn’t get a response back. They couldn’t send me 12 candles that I had paid double for after shipping? I’m going to be a Karen and say customer service is trash and I surely will not be ordering from this company again."

Dominick Giannone says

"The people that started this business cannot be the same people that are running this business today when this business first opened it was my favorite store anywhere in the city now it's just the usual piece of s*** it doesn't even have mailing fuckton labels I mean, worthless wasting my time go out of of business already"

LMarshman says

"Maplewood, MN Dollar Tree employee at checkout was rude and disrespectful. There were 32 people standing in line to checkout. One checkout employee helpful and moving people out of line. Our line employee ride and chatting constantly. We stood in line for over 15 minutes while she talked loudly with customer and helped her unload the cart of each item before ringing each item up. We were not the only customers upset with her attitude and actions. We moved to another line. She was ringing up the same customer as we were leaving the store 15 minutes later.
Will not shop in Maplewood Dollar Tree again. Happened December 23 at 3:10 pm."

Jayce C says

"DollarTree str 3402: str manager Duruan was disappointing, disrespectful, rude, wrong, calling & shouting at customers. I paid for two items he refused to give my my two items. He is out of uniform and out of line with customer service."

M LR says

"Went to a Dollar Tree at 4:00pm and there was nobody in the store. All doors were locked and a handwritten note was on the ground slowly being blown away by the gentle breeze. Irregular closing happens often at this store and it is very inconvenient. It is hard to plan a shopping trip when store hours change frequently The posted hours indicate the store is open until 10pm. How can a store like this stay in business? When open, there are boxes on the floor and few cashiers. Some of the cashiers are rude. Very sad state of affairs for this Dollar Tree. I hope things improve soon otherwise they should be shut down."

Emmanuel Devilme says

"Why exchange? Why can't I get my money back when I have the receipt. So if I don't have a receipt I can still go in and exchange? Who is running this company! Something's need to change! Sometimes PEOPLE JUST WANT THEIR, money back... Big boss where ever you are!!! Even if it's like that have a sign on the front of your store! Let's not be money hungry."

Robert Baclet says

"My wife and I was at the Dollar Tree on Ave G in Sterling,Ill and there was quite a few customers without masks and the manager cashier had one but not over her nose and said nothing to anyone about a mask even though on their site it says masks are required and it is suppose to be on Illinois. What is wrong with people they don't

seem to care about others. We are high risk and try real hard to keep ourselves safe. If they had brains they wouldn't endanger others and I think the store should be fined for not enforcing the mask requirement."

Jessica Simmons says

"Store #6828 in Denver NC is just plain dirty. There is a middle aged white male who is always standing just outside the door smoking. He has thrown down so many cigarette butts right at the entrance it is unbelievable. Very few of the clerks wear mask and the store is in total disarray. I drive about 30 minutes to a different store in Mooresville just to shop. The difference in store atmosphere, cleanliness, and wearing of mask is astounding! I tell everyone I know to stay away from the Denver NC store. I will be posting this on social media as well because it is impossible to send a complaint to corporate!"

TRACI H. says

"I went to the Dollar Tree Store located at 6503 Balt. National Pike at 11:04am on 11/7/20. I had a few items in my hand as I had finished shopping and was about to get into one of their long lines. Christmas is in a few weeks so long lines, anywhere, would not be unusal. ...we won't mention this COVID-19 pandemic. I had my Teacup Yorkie (2 lb.) in a purse carrier on my shoulder and was stopped by the manager and informed that I could not have a dog in the store. There were no signs posted indicating that this was an active policy. I started to question her but, decided not to as it could cause a bit of chaos in a busy store. I asked if it was ok to just- pay for my items, since I already had the two items I needed, and she shook her head "no". 😮 I left the the store without questioning her. In an attempt to obtain clarification on the issue, I called the store when I arrived home. There was no answer and no answering service to leave a message. I Googled the Dollar Tree Headquarters telephone number and attempted to call. Their automated system did not make it possible to speak with a representative. I considered attempting to find an email address but, changed my mind. I believed that it was unlikely to receive a reply. Plus, I really wanted to speak with someone in person. I decided to write a review. I still have questions. 🤔 Now... if I am able to shop at Walmart, Shoppers, Giant, Patel Bros, Great Wall Market, Home Depot, Lowe's, Walgreens, Subway and a host of other stores with my teacup pup in a secure purse carrier in that area without any issues, why was I NOT allowed to shop at the Dollar Tree??? Nothing was posted indicating that I could not bring her into the store. If I cannot bring her into the store, what about those that need a Service Dog??? Those dogs are usually on a leash as they walk through establishments. As stated before, I have a 2 pound Teacup Yorkie and she was in a secure purse... 🤔 Why wasn't I allowed to simply pay for the two items and leave??? Hopefully, administration will consider this issue. More people have Teacup pups and those little ones should not be left home alone. These pups are breed to be shadow companions."

Maggie Apkarian says

"Worst experience this cashier was the most disrespectful cashier I've ever came across,to me and my daughter she literally told my daughter to step outside in front of me her mother ,9890 s. Maryland Pkwy 89183 cashier name is Alana store #3913 I will never shop at any dollar store because of this experience! Horrible cashier"

Liliana Villarreal says

"those people have a nasty attitude I will never go back to the place thanks for nothing"

Donna Glancy says

"Normally I would not write about this and the rating is for a particular store. I would rather drive 13 miles to the store in Lewisburg, Pa. than shop at the store 2 miles away in Orchard Hills, Shamokin Dam, Pa. This store is just so dirty, the floors need scrubbed the merchandise is laying all over the floor there are boxes blocking the aisles. I think you get the drift. The board of health should be called."

Crusader says

"I placed an online order on 11/20 and went to pick it up when I was notified via email to do so at the store. Went to the store, order was not there. Delivery date to the store was modified to be 12/2. Went to the store, order was not there. This particular store does not answer their phone. Called customer service and they tried to call the store to no avail. They escalated it to their "Tier Two" support which is a fancy way of saying they are ditching you and can't do anything about it. I sent an email, got a response the next day saying that it should be at the store. Called the store before they opened two days later, spoke with the manager and she said a truck was coming in today and she would call me around 10:30. She never did. After sitting on the customer support line AGAIN listening to the most God awful music ever recorded, I finally got another support person who informed me that it should have been there 12/2. I informed her it wasn't. She only offered me the option of a refund (hello I placed an order because I needed something) saying they were not allowed to "reship" because that department is closed due to COVID. Huh? Retailers are making record profits on online orders and you're blaming this incompetence on COVID? I cancelled the order. I will never place another one. If you can't get the merchandise to the store why do you still have an e-commerce operation? Possible Answer: Well they've now been sitting on my money for 14 days???? All they've done is waste my time and lose me as a customer. This is the trashiest customer service experience I have ever had."

Easter Williams says

"I worked at dollar Tree 469. Near the Florence, SC mall.The store manager there is a dirty theif along with many of her Assistant Manager,Her previous Job she worked,She was fired for stealing,She did not like it because I went up the channels to find out about my Hours,and why I was getting less days than others.She sent paperwork to HR without my knowledge against me.She had an Assistant Manager to take money out of my till.She is a dirty heifer.The inventory was 75,000 dollars low,Why? ALLEDGELY she stole a lot of stuff to sell in Hemingway,Myrtle Beach etc.She do not hire White people at this store.Mostly ones who smoke weed,all black people. DRUG TEST IS DEFINITELY NEEDED AT THIS STORE.I will fight for my JUSTICE if it means getting in contact with the CEO of this company. I will NOT allow someone who is dirty like she is to do fraud,plot,and scheme. I have lots of evidence to show she is nothing but a low down dirty theif and the ones who are with her.They have been stealing also..She buys EBT stamps off many of the cashiers and in return,They steal the stuff from dollar tree.THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE!!!"

Joyce Wilfong Honachi says

"I have always purchased the stretchy bowl covers. They look like shower caps. I haven't found any for several months now. Please bring them back.

Sydney smith says

"The dollar tree on Hikes Ln., Louisville, KY was in there the other day had one of the workers come after me threaten me and try to attack me I’ve contacted corporate and everyone I can and not one single phone call I have received so unless you want to be threatened with no protection then dollar tree is the place to be"

Diana Montgomery says

"Okay, Dollar Tree doesn't want you to know this but I will tell you. For many years, I have doubted the quality of Dollar Tree store brands. It turns out that I was right--for the second time.

It is good to know that Dollar Tree has been in the news lately because of their growth and revenues. Dollar Tree is doing very well. https_//www_fool_com/investing/2020/11/24/dollar-tree-to-expand-higher-price-points-concept/ Motley Fool "Dollar Tree to Expand Higher Price Points Concept After Solid Q3 Results" and https_//www_supermarketnews_com/retail-financial/dollar-general-dollar-tree-stay-expansion-track "Dollar General, Dollar Tree stay on expansion track". Unfortunately, they are doing well at the expense of their customers.

Let me give you a little background. In November of 2019 the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) issued a warning letter to Greenbrier International, Inc., their parent company, for tainted over-the-counter (OTC) medications which were being sold at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores. These stores had to pull many foreign OTC medications due to the fact that they were tainted. Yes, tainted. According to the FDA, the warning letter was issued "for receiving over-the-counter (OTC) drugs produced by foreign manufacturers found to have serious violations of federal law. The warning letter outlines multiple violations of current good manufacturing practices (GMP) at contract manufacturers used to produce Dollar Tree’s Assured Brand OTC drugs as well as other drug products sold at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores." The customers who bought these medications were risking their lives but, as Dollar Tree operates, the customers were never warned. https_//www_fda_gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-issues-warning-letter-dollar-tree-stores-receiving-potentially-unsafe-drugs "FDA issues warning letter to Dollar Tree stores for receiving potentially unsafe drugs".

Right now they are selling unusable products and not warning customers, again. They haven't pulled these products and there is no recall. I checked their recall page. They are just leaving them in their stores for unsuspecting customers to buy. Other companies have recalls. Not Dollar Tree. They don't want to remove these because that is $1,875,000 that they would lose. So, they just pawn them off on unsuspecting customers. Let me explain.

I have had three children and I'm older. So, I sometimes need bladder pads. For those who don't know, they're like panty pads but for bladder leaks. Dollar Tree had some for only one dollar. So, I thought I would try them. The very first one I used leaked through. I was shocked. How could that have happened? I opened a fresh one. There was no plastic liner, just padding. Without plastic liners to stop leaks, you have a real problem.

The next time I was in Dollar Tree, I looked at the panty pads. Someone had opened one of the packs. There was one laying on top of the packages. I picked it up and looked it. It didn't have a liner either. I do like that some people are smart enough to open a package and check to find out if they are usable. I bought a third type just to examine it. No, no liner.

I did contact Dollar Tree Customer Service but I was transferred to a voicemail twice. I called back to ask to speak to a real person. A woman with a hostile voice told me that transferring me to the voicemail was all that she could do.

So, I checked how many Dollar Tree stores there are. Dollar Tree states on their about page that there are 15,000 Dollar Tree Stores. The store I was in had about 125 total packages, 25 of five items. If you multiply the number of packages of these items by 15,000 stores, you find that Dollar Tree is selling a total of 1,875,000 packages of bad merchandise. So, they have $1,875,000 worth of merchandise to get rid of. Guess what? They are getting rid of them by selling them to you without telling you that they are defective.

I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). I will keep shopping at Dollar Tree but I will just stick to buying less costly known brands at Dollar Tree, never their brands. Dollar Tree store brands really can't be trusted. Buyer beware.

For photos, see my review on Sitejabber."

ターピー says

"Dollar tree is hit or miss. Many times you get something only to find out after that it is flawed in some crazy way. I once bought a set of measuring cups, and they were sold nested together. When I went to use them, I undid the thing holding them together and attached to the cardboard backing, to find that the plastic was so thin, you could not use the handles because they just bent with the weight of what ever it was you tried to measure. Another time I purchased a set of mini screw drivers, and within minutes of using them i had one with a broken handle, and another that the handle would just turn as the screw driver shaft stayed in place. That being said, there are times I feel like you get a deal. Food products aren't bad.
I always seem to be at Dollar Tree when something is going on. Last time I walked in I overheard the local police officer tell the cashier about who ever had caused an issue "Not to worry, they would definitely being going to jail... You can't chase a kid around with a bat." several ceiling tiles were missing in one part of the ceiling. Another time I was stuck between two people who were arguing with one another, because the guy in front of me thought he was someone else."

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