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Dollar General Corporation is an American chain of variety stores headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. As of January 2020, Dollar General operates 16,278 stores in the continental United States.The company began in 1939 as a family-owned business called J.L. Turner and Son in Scottsville, Kentucky, owned by James Luther Turner and Cal Turner.

A former Dollar General employee is suing the retailer, claiming he was fired after raising questions connected to a potential $8 million fraud. Corey McNeley, who worked in Dollar General's Goodlettsville offices as a director of store operations, filed suit in Davidson County Circuit Court late last month, alleging that he was fired in retaliation for making his supervisors aware of potential illegal activity. In a complaint, McNeley says he became aware that Dollar General was submitting coupons to vendors fraudulently. He claims that Dollar General's registers can force coupons to be accepted and allow coupons to be redeemed in violation of redemption terms.


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Dollar General key holder (Current Employee) says

"First, of all our dollar general need to make a competitive wage because we have to do so much for a store and they need better district managers because there is too much nepotism in dollar general and they get away with it! Dollar General don’t care about employees but money and they need to change their company because why do store managers always get to leave at the daytime and never close but only two and there 7 days in a week. You don’t get that many hours but we do so freaking much for a stupid paycheck.For a company and they act like they can’t afford to bump up the pay. It is okay for a high school or college person to work but it not good enough for making money as an adult,"

Store Associate (Current Employee) says

"the company wants to only have 2 workers at a time during operations. The hours offered are not suitable for anyone wanting full time dome weeks can be 10-15 hours starting off upper management will be on salary and barely show up during their working week. Upper management is not accountable for their actions and will put on paper that they are working the hours but only managing the store from home do not work here a lot of time by yourselfLazy management"

Dollar General Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I ever had! Dirtiest place I’ve ever worked, rude customer, expect you to drop everything even when you aren’t on the schedule, had rats & management was everywhere but work"

Customer Service/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Customers are great, but that’s the only positive thing. They make you feel like you matter but talk about you to other employees. Don’t care about your concerns and never want to help you with customers concerns. Manager does not stay to close or stay mornings due to not liking customers.Great maskWork alone for hrs with no lunch, everybody calls off all the time, managers always get mad when you can’t cover a shift, no back up when line is long, and always negative response for everything you do."

Assistant Manager/ Acting General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Everything about Dollar General is terrible. Thats why they're being sued. Turnover is high for a reason. The company is worse than normal retail in every category imaginable."

Lead Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Poor training they just throw you on the job dont really explain or help you with anything and the manager was always on her phone when someone needed help she would give attitude"

Key Holder/Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"The work is long, hard, so much to learn and not enough patience from the manager to be taught. I try my hardest everyday to try and make a difference. It's never good enough."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"There is no work life balance, labor is very low for workload day to day. Receiving 1,000 pieces per week sometimes 2-3,000 pieces a week and must be completed with in 2 days not to mention the 40 totes you get along with 5 u boats. All while you have planograms to flip and other computer task. Not to mention you are in the store by yourself. NoneNo breaks no lunch. Working in store alone"

Dollar General Cashier (Former Employee) says

"You work ur butt off for lil pay and they do not care about their employees. They control the heat or air conditioning from Tennessee. If u dont take vacation u lose it. It's hard to take vacation or personal days , u always getting called inCant really leave for breaks"

Cashier/Sales Associate/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"the people there sucked when it came to them helping you learn new things. and eveyone was so rude. customers always complained about how they treated them and no one were a mask."

Team Member/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"This job was okay. Pay was meager but I could deal with it. The only real problem was upper management. Never before have I worked somewhere that was so unable to communicate with the employees. Good coworkers, okay wageManagement"

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"Sadly I wish I could give this company a better review, but honestly I just can't. Staffing is scarce to come by due to penny pinching and low hours given. More often than not it's you covering your store 60+ hours a week just due to these very reasons. If you have a family of any type, or a social life really I would look elsewhere or not make this a long term career. Get your experience you need, and find something better."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lots is lying from DM’s and upper Management. Low pay and no hours for employees. Tons of work loads and micromanaging all of the time. Useless conference calls even on you days off. That you had to be on. 60 to 90 hours per week and work mostly 7 days a week to get tasks done. No life balance just work balance 90% of the time. NoneEverything about the company."

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"It's not really a nice place to work at because the managers are super mean. They really could've help people who were mistreated there at the company."

Lead Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It's a retail company that doesn't care about it's employees. Your team members in the store are usually great, but outside management is horrible and sexist."

Lead Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Worst job ever no consideration for employees the management is horrible and inconsiderate no respect worked us to the bone and not 1 thank you at all Nothing"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you really want to know the troubles of working for the DG, the go to r/dollargeneral. It is currently filled with posts about why people are quiting. I quit because a manager was trying to force me into lifting 50 pound bags while pregnant.It's a job.Low pay. Small rare raises. No sick leave."

Lead Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Having to do everything that keeps the store to run including throwing freight doing paperwork running a register and you're only working with two people so it can become hectic and you're only getting paid minimum wage. nonebad pay, overworked, stress, feeling excluded."

Lead Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company does not pay you for your time or efforts this is the worse company I have ever worked for in my entire life the expect you to hold a management level position without compensation for such responsibilities"

Cashier/Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"They cut corners, engage in illegal activities, don’t care about their workers and hire family members and spouses who get special treatment. I recommend only working here as a temporary job or a side job. Even then your safety will be compromised.NoneNo breaks, no safety, very little pay"

Pt time cashier says

"After being asked for 3 yrs to come back I did Started out great. Working my shifts while kids are in school. Or on weekend visits with they\'re dad. Then slowly started receiving txt messenges about not to go to my shift budget cuts during the day and ECT got told the mangers and the key hold would get most of the daytime hrs and so I went 3 weeks without hrs. Then suddenly I missed 2 weeks of hrs without being told that was schedule she just said today but no actual hours were given. So I didn\'t go. They don\'t work with a single parents and scheduling thinking about quitting so not happy there anymore"

Former Employee - Lead Sales Agent says

"I worked at Dollar General part-time for more than a year Cons: No life/work balance if you're a hard-working employee No employee recognition Corporate culture of "anyone can be replaced" No corporate support for employees Poor management No breaks Pitiful salary No accountability from corporate...corporate doesn't follow their own policies & procedures Store managers are salaried and expected to work 24/7 Part time employees are expected to be available for work 24/7 "Open door policy" doesn't exist, despite how hard it's pushed by corporate"

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"I have been working at Dollar General full-time for less than a year Cons: Dg expects you to work 50hrs but you end up working 70 -80hrs because they dont gove you enough budget hours to have extra people working. You work most of the day by yourself. They cant get there truck schedules down even though it's the same each week. So you cant schedule people to work it and end up having to work it by yourself. Managers get burned out very quickly and corporate doesn't care."

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"I worked at Dollar General full-time Cons: No training and not enough labor permitted."

Current Employee - Night Shift Leader says

"I have been working at Dollar General part-time Cons: not many hours at all"

Current Employee - Key Holder says

"I have been working at Dollar General part-time for more than a year Cons: Poor wages, poor working conditions, miss managed by upper management. It’s impossible to get the work completed because store managers aren’t given enough hours to stock incoming product. Other than brand new stores or training stores they are very dirty."

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"I worked at Dollar General part-time for less than a year Cons: Discrimination, Management is immature, Dull work environment,"

Former Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"I worked at Dollar General full-time for less than a year Cons: you do not have a life and they are not consistent."

Current Employee - Key Holder/Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Dollar General part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management has power struggles The hours are crazy: expect closing and opening the next day, little to no hours, or even as many hours as the store manager. They’ll give you a promotion and expect you to be perfect with absolutely no proper training."

Former Employee - Lead Sales Associate says

"I worked at Dollar General part-time for less than a year Cons: pay and how they do there employees aren't great and the hours suck And too many different employees"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at Dollar General part-time for more than a year Cons: I asked for time off and they said it was okay. Then they text me and say I have to start working again or I'll get fired. I said I was ready to work immediately. Then I ask for a couple weeks when I'll be put on the schedule so I don't miss a day. Then I get a letter in the mail telling me I'm fired. They said they would fix the mistake and get me back on. Never happened, no word back from them in 8 months. Got fired for no reason after being a great worker, never showing up late, and coming in on days I wasn't scheduled after being asked. Also they constantly screwed up my hours and my schedule while I worked there and I would sometimes have to delay a lunch break for 3 or 4 hours."


"Only good thing about Dollar General is my SM and the customers. They overwork you expect you to do the job of five people, then they complain that you’re not working fast enough or you talk too much or you’re too nice or you’re too lazy and then they cut your hours more... who can live on $100 a week? I watched the RM come in and totally degrade the SM it was probably one of the worst days of my life. I cried for SM all night praying for peace for her"

Anthony Douglas says

"The Store #05863. I’ve shopped at this store from day one of its opening. I can not believe how sorry this store has became especially when it comes to the new management. Stood in line for over 10 minutes to purchase household items when cashier handed me my receipt it was unreadable and I asked for another receipt was told by several employees that they did not know how to reprint and I would have to go to the back of the line and start all back over waiting in line for another 10 minutes to have my items returned they could not put my money back on my credit card was given a gift card just to purchase the same thing I had already purchased just to get a receipt that was readable. The attitudes of every employee in that store was despicable. Most won’t know by the store number it’s the Elgin S.C. Store ."

George-East Bernstadt,KY says

"East Bernstadt this is so sad that a store could be as dirty, empty shelves, isle blocked with stock not 1 employee on the store floor the worst organization ever employees work at a snails pace 1 register open plenty of customers all the Dollar General Stores in the London area is a disgrace to retail, except the one on Hwy 363, someone needs to hire a district manager that can check these stores we spend our money here as customers we deserve better service put more hours available so the stores can get stock on shelves I blame the CEO with the big pay check to see things get corrected."

Melissa Akers says

"In this time of a great pandemic I would like to feel safe in knowing when I go to the store, that social distancing and mask wearing are being enforced, but this is not so at Dollar General! So to the owners and managers I would like to say "Please get your heads out of your butts, and start enforcing the safety precautions that all of the big name stores are doing, it's no wonder your stores don't get very good reviews, you don't care about your customers well being!""

Raymond Hendricks says

"We bought a v t e phone from dollar general and Verizon didn’t support the phone at this point we went to return the phone and then we noticed we had lost the receipt now we could prove when and where it was bought through the bank copy of the Reciept but that isn’t good enough so now we have a phone we can’t use or return and an extra expense of purchasing another phone we would like to thank dollar general for all there help in this matter and will assure you that no large purchases if any will be made at any dollar general and I would hope no one else has this problem because your stuck with it if you do even with other proof of purchase other than the original Reciept"

Angela Smith says

"I've been shopping at Dollar general for years period and I'm just now figuring out milk look at it it has a 4-day expiration after you buy it I only have grandchildren over on the weekend a box of frosted flakes doesn't last two weeks that you just paid $3.50 for because it's stale within a week and a half look at the expiration that's how they sell things I guess just a little bit cheaper it's actually cheaper at Walmart but because it's old products just now figuring all this out it was good to know. I should have caught on sooner this food was waste of money this frosted flakes is no good and I just bought it last week yeah the big box for 3.50 one bowl ate out of it Saturday 😭😭 maybe it isn't convenience you're paying for it's bad food. Bottom line go to Walmart and get fresh stuff it may take you a few more minutes but damn it at least you're not wasting your money"

C J Freeland says

"Hello,I have shopped at your dollar general store in Attica In.,for over 6 years. I've continued to be disappointed each visit. You can not get though the isles due to supplies on carts blocking or totes that have not been placed on shelves for us to purchase,employees complain,to include manager's re:not enough staff, not enough time!!!! The store has also become filthy,the floors don't get sweeped or mopped an mats don't get vaccumed. The shelves are almost always empty,while supplies are not unloaded from carts blocking isles to avoid us making a sale. I've even been told where a cart was for what I ask for an expected to get myself!!! I'm in hopes this review is bought to the attention to whom it needs to be,along with improvement,,I don't want to shop at family dollar even though it's rite across the street,, Respectfully,,"

Kristina Fickling says

"If I could leave zero stars i would. This organization doesn't care about the safety of employees, customers, or the law. I will tell everyone how risky it is to go to dollar general since they don't enforce masks policy within their stores."

Amy Smith says

"Boxes of stock all over the floor and this is not safe and you can't hardly shop with boxes in the way. While the manager worrying about how many small Lysol you can purchase he need to focus on putting up the stock so that no one gets hurt and clean up the store."

susan says

"I called there looking for a hot glue gun and was told they might have them. No I will look or they are $$$ .so now I have to drive there to see if they have them. There was no offer to look and see no let me check.....and they get paid for this"

Mary says

"Dollar General needs to change their name to COVID Central. They post signs for using masks, they paint X's on the floor for social distancing, they put up plexi-glass and the cashiers were wearing masks. It's old and we are all tired but we are also not all essential and receiving a paycheck because we are essential. I talked to the cashier about none of the other customers were wearing masks. They told me corporate office told them not to refuse to serve them and not to say anything. I called corporate and it's true. They don't understand it is a law and don't think they can say anything to anybody about wearing a mask. Their response was we are considered essential. I told them that just means they need to protect ALL their customers and it is the law that customers wear masks. I got an email basically saying the same thing. Dense and stupid immediately came to my mind. I have reported them every place I know to report them. We live in a small county and we now have 129 cases. There are 2 Dollar Stores in our county and the only "grocery" store in the county. They are ridiculous."

Mitsie Kirkman says

"Lots of customers not wearing masks and no employee ever ask them to wear a mask. Love the store otherwise. I just have a lot of preexisting health issues and just wish staff were more concerned about their customers health and safety. It's like the employees are scared to ask people to do what is required to keep all of their customers safe."

Barbara Budde says

"I thought that when they made the store in Bristol borough bigger that the store would be better than ever before. It's terrible now. Hardly anything is stocked-its all on carts crowding the aisles. They have no staff. Usually there's only one person in the store. And that person has to be the cashier so no one is stocking. What was the point of enlarging this store if there are no people to work it. You're losing money and customers! Why isn't the top management taking care of this. Are you all asleep??"

Mbeth says

"I give Dollar General 2 stars after my visit today. It is very cluttered and not a pleasant place to shop. I feel out of place there and think it’s a small Walmart...a store I can’t stand and haven’t been to for 15+ years! After today and another COVID violator there, I will NOT shop there...Not worth it!!"

ed m says

"Found some candles a few months ago on their clearance table at the front of one of the St Louis Mo stores paid three dollars each for them decided to use them today removing the $4 price tag & warning label and found another price tag & warnings label ($3 price tag). Moral of the review everything marked clearance is not on clearance paid $3 for them anyway not understanding the deceitful tactic. No longer trust the brand"

Callum Lakicuhm says

"List or Reasons Dollar General Sucks... -Dollar General (more like Too Many Dollars in General) -overpriced for garbage products -Inventory is lackluster/Shelves are often empty. -Too da** many locations, especially in small town America. -Prices are absent on many products, and with only 2 employees on shifts, I\'d rather not ask for assistance -Clerks have regularly \'mistakenly\' rang up items more than once (I\'ve noticed it happens more so with managers at the registers) -Did I mentioned overpriced? -If not, overpriced! Shop elsewhere is my advice!"

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