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Dolce Toys are based on the idea of STEM learning. STEM learning is an initiative that has been developed in top universities around North America and Europe in an attempt to give children the best possible start in life. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Educational experts have highlighted these areas as growing exponentially saying that over 1 million new jobs will be created in the next 20 years for those qualified in the subjects. As a result, governments around the world have encouraged initiatives that seek to stimulate learning of STEM from a young age. The educational theory behind DolceToys is that there is no better way to learn cognitive skills at an early age than through play. It’s no secret that individuals are a lot more engaged when they are genuinely interested in something. As a result, the more entertaining something is, the more engaged children will be.

A dissapoined customer who purchased an interactiv educational toy for thier baby said this is in a review," The paint is flaking off of the wheels and I haven't even opened the bag as of yet. I seriously thought my hand was bleeding when I picked it up, so I started to wipe it off, because it would only be on the outside of the plastic bag. Then I realized that it was on the inside of the bag. At this point, I'm trying to determine if the wait for a new one to arrive is worth sending it back. It is cute and silly, but how am I going to fix those wheels? The paint is chipping off the wheels. I bought 2 of them and they both had paint chips loose in the bag. I do NOT recommend giving this to a child."


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