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District Six (Afrikaans Distrik Ses) is a former inner-city residential area in Cape Town, South Africa. Over 60,000 of its inhabitants were forcibly removed during the 1970s by the apartheid regime. The area of District Six is now partly divided between the suburbs of Walmer Estate, Zonnebloem, and Lower Vrede, while the rest is undeveloped land.

A traveler who visited the District Six museum in South Africa mentioned, "What a complete waste of 15 minutes of my life. Considering what a major part of Cape Town history the District Six museum involved I expected to be intrigued and interested. The place is just full of pictures of random people with a sign underneath saying things such as my dads friend it could be any person in any country on any day. There was nothing of significance or interest to pretty much anyone inside. The group I went in contained 8 people and they were all similarly disappointed as was everyone we came into contact with in the museum. It only cost R40 so at that price it's hard to be a waste of money, but they achieved it."


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Teacher (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work for a bunch of Christian zealots who exploit the native population for their own benefits, then go ahead and work for LKSD. But be prepared for incompetent leadership and colleagues. Seriously though, do not work for this corrupt institution."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I taught in a beautiful community on the Lower Kuskokwim. The students and families are absolutely lovely and highly motivated. I never once felt supported by my principal, however, and I felt they went out of their way to make life more challenging for myself and my colleagues. Many of us left at the end of last year, due to the work conditions. The benefits are also sorely lacking; you only receive 2 personal days a year at LKSD (the lowest I have ever experienced) and have to use them any time you travel and are delayed due to weather. The signing bonus is very good, but you have to pay more than half back if you sign for two years and leave for any reason after the first (including not by choice). Cons: The administration, poor job culture, lack of support"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"The incompetence at LKSD is astounding. The site admins lack basic communication and leadership skills. Being in such remote areas problems & issues rarely, if ever get resolved. Housing is poor and inadequate to say the very least. The remoteness & incompetence at the DO makes solving housing issues impossible. Emails were rarely responded to promptly if at all. MANY Lksd District Office employees lacked basic communication skills & were unable to answer many basic questions. This opinion of the DO was shared by many of my coworkers. It is no wonder why the turn over is SO tremendous. Working with the Native population & learning about their culture was great, however the constant stress of working for lksd was not worth it. Cons: Extreme incompetence at all levels, especially Site Admins & District Office workers, extremely poor and inadequate housing, lack of support, etc."

First Grade Interventionist and Special Education Provider (Former Employee) says

"I do not even have enough room to write how horrible my experience was working for LKSD. From the very beginning, there were issues with everything at the district office. From payroll to the site administration, there were a plethora of incompetent people that had no business in the positions they were in. It's true across the district. The US department of education really should be more involved."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Very badly managed. The administrator hates his/her staff, has no communication skills, and micromanages constantly, but does not do her/his job. Complaints to the district office go unanswered."

School Social Worker (Current Employee) says

"Logistics of living and working in bush AK cannot be overstated! The culture is complex, and resilient, and vitally important, but can be difficult to adapt to. Cons: Logistics of a very remote area"

Secretary I (Former Employee) says

"I liked working with students and staff. Entering data on the students, filing their reports, making copies, sending out mail, distributing mail, working with Power School"

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Started work at 8AM to 5PM, Mainly lifting furniture as a laborer position, co-worker was great, hardest part of the job was lifting 100+lbs Cons: N/a"

Student Worker (Former Employee) says

"Learned things I've never learned before."