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Dish Network Corporation is an American television provider based in Englewood, Colorado. It is the owner of the direct-broadcast satellite provider Dish, also still commonly known as Dish Network, and the over-the-top IPTV service Sling TV. Dish also operates DISH Wireless LLC to offer mobile wireless service, currently offering prepaid service to 9.3 million customers with the purchase of Boost Mobile on July 1, 2020 through the Boost brand. DISH intends to offer postpaid service as well in the future. The company has approximately 16,000 employees. Like many other providers, DISH is being affected by the cord-cutting trend where people are shifting towards internet based streaming television. Ending 2018, DISH lost 381,000 subscribers in its Q4 2018. DISH had 9.9 million satellite subscribers, down from 11 million year the previous year, and 14 million subscribers in 2014. Its primary competitors are AT&T's satellite service known as DirecTV and cable television providers. The company revenues for FY 2018 were $13.6 billion.

One angry customer shared this in a review "At Dish Network they keep raising rates even though I was under a contract with my phone company(TDS). Called to cancel in May, 2020, because Dish Network said they bill a month in advance, I was informed that, the last paid date was through the date of 6/28/20. However they shut my service off at 6:30 am on 06/28/20. My understanding is that I was paid thru the 28 of June, which would have ended at 11:59.59. Have not received boxes for the equipment. They tell me they do not want the actual satellite dishes but expect me to pay for removal."


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Jessica Yarber says

"Constantly lies about prices, no one ever speaks English so they claim they don't understand what you're asking, and most recently we were told the price of a package, changed the package, and now it costs more than what we were told including a reactivation fee-and a new bill came in 15 days. Why would I pay for 15 days?! If I wanted to turn it on by paying the minimum I'd get 9 more days. When we complained they said they would listen to the recording of the phone conversation and said that we told everything. Complete lies, which was also the second time they supposedly listened to them."

Former Employee - IHS Technician says

"Nearly everyone is fearful of technology and learning new skills. Expect no professional certifications or work that is more technical than a wall drop. Metrics run EVERYTHING everyone you work with is concerned with metrics. Expect to be a boiler room sales rep, long hours, no benefits or education."

L2 Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"Currupt company run! I would rate it lower if I could. They have no care for customers or employees. Basics of performing the job are not even there. You cannot communicate between departments to answer questions and promotions are based on if you smike and drink with your coaches."

Alejandra says

"Scam! Promise promotions then don’t come through . Worst company ever. Expensive. Useless"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There are so many bad things about this company I don't even know where to begin. Promotions are not based on a persons skills or abilities, but whether or not management likes you. Inappropriate workplace relationships. Reports that show performance metrics were always having errors and not reporting correctly. If you question anything you are seen as a troublemaker. Everyday that you go to work you fear that you will be fired for some bogus reason. There is a reason that 1/2 of the management team in Phoenix left the company prior to the pandemic."

Field Resource Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The upper management was not interested in the employees. The 10 hour work day with little or no breaks was brittle. The metrics were not something the employee could control. The medical benefits were abysmal. NoneHealthcare horrible"

Aaron Mcabee says

"worst possible experience. After canceling my cable service at a 2nd home and wanting to open a new internet account at a new home I am purchasing they said I have to wait 90 days after I was on the phone for 1 hour. Terrible company to work with. I would never refer someone to them after that experience."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Management sucks, to many changes and way to unorthodox"

Advanced Tech Support II (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend to a friend. Management likes clean house a few times a year to make room for new recruits. I saw a lot of good employees get fired just to make room."

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