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DiggyPOD is a privately owned company that prints books on demand for the publishing industry and for self-publishing authors. The company name DiggyPOD is a modified acronym of the phrase “Digital Printing On Demand”. DiggyPOD, Inc. was started in 1988 by Laura Alexander and three partners and was called Quickprint, Inc.

DiggyPOD book quality is less than acceptable, the products are sent damaged and customer service don't take responsibility, according to a customer complaint at bbb.org

"I've had books printed by this company before and had few problems. This time the quality of the work was less than acceptable for both orders. The first book shipped. 5 books of the 24 had damage to the spine with small cuts and bent places. The customer service rep blamed Fed Ex. I explained there was no damage to the Diggy Pod box and I explained what the packaging looked like. The rep said they did not pack boxes like that."


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