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Vier gegen die Bank (English: Four Against the Bank) is a 2016 German crime comedy film directed by Wolfgang Petersen. It is Petersen's first film since Poseidon in 2006 and his first German-language film since Das Boot in 1981. It is his second adaptation of The Nixon Recession Caper by Ralph Maloney. His 1976 adaptation was produced for television broadcast on ARD.


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Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"It was not a great place to work because work life balance did not exist and the remuneration easy poor."

Reconciliation Officer (Current Employee) says

"I have grown to understand the financial industry with my little work experience through constant job rotations and job restructures."

Assistant General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Fidelity bank is an international bank founded over 30 years ago. It has over the years made impressionable marks in the Nigerian financial landscape and is today one of the the few banks qualified by the central bank as 'too big to fail'.. The bank has also over the years been voted in the Nigerian financial horizon as ' the best place to work'. The labor turnover is minimal because it pays industry competitive salary and promotes enhanced staff welfare and other conditions of service. This actually led to my staying there for over 12 years. There is also stability at board and senior management. Since inception the present MD/CEO is the third. The place is forward looking and highly computerized and parades the best IT personnel in the industry. Manpower training in Fidelity is treated with premium. In 12 years I was there I was privileged to attend so many off shore enhancement trainings in USA (severally), UK(severally),India, Malaysia, Greece etc in addition to locally organized workshops. In 2013 for instance I attended an international training for CFOs in NYC. The corporate philosophy is predicated in its Vision ' To be number one in every market we serve and for every branded product we offer' and the Mission 'To make financial services easy and accessible to customers'. Every staff understands that the customer is the reason for being employed and the customer is therefore given a paramount position in the scheme of things. Cons: promotion to next level is limited"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Most male top management staff intimidate female colleagues into compromise just to keep their. Most times sexually assaulting female staff while male staff are constantly emotionally abused for performance reason."

Team lead, product development (Former Employee) says

"Working in Fidelity bank broadened your intuitiveness, decision making and independence. The technology provided ensure you work seamless and without too much interference. Cons: delayed promotion and not too competitive salary"

Relationship Officer (Former Employee) says

"Manage customer Relationship, Loan Administration and fund deposit mobilization. Account recruitment and reactivation and report generation and rendition."

Transaction Officer/ retail marketing officer (Former Employee) says

"My experience is very bad I was not promoted all through and when I go back from maternity leave I worked hard and that very year appraisal I got a band C was expecting promotion well and be hold was sacked. With out any form of compensation I was 4yrs and 5month when I was asked to leave. No word from Fidelity bank no supervisors till date."

Cash and teller (Former Employee) says

"My typical day at work, resumes before 7:20am, signs the attendance reg,head straight to my desk,say a few lines of prayers, switch on my computer,pull out my pending file for review.clear any if there is, then gets ready to serve customers who are let in 8am through 4pm. I enjoy the kind hearted colleagues I worked with. Cons: Healthcare"

Marketing Manager/Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It's a good place to work in, i won medals for Fidelity bank in the Nigerian Bankers Game while i was there... But sometimes they are not always true to their words... Cons: Healthcare"

KYC/EDD On boarding and Remediation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Work can be very tedious and repetitive Cons: poorly air conditioned."

UNIX Administrator (Former Employee) says

"environment needs more staff. staff work beyond work duration constantly. nice infrastructure and equipment are present. there are good and nice colleagues who help to make things better. Cons: no room for career growth and promotion"

Relationship Manager (Commercial Banking) says

"The Bank's policy is unfair towards marketer, especially credit granting marketer. The Bank's structure (Recovery and Remedial Management) does not effectively support branch staff in recovery effort. You are left to suffer for what the Bank solely enjoyed"

Funds transfer officer (Current Employee) says

"Is a nice place to work because you will learn so much in the organization sonlme time you fill like you are like brothers and sisters if something happen to you example feeling not well your colleagues will come in group to see you and to give you a gift Cons: Health care is free"

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Its a good time to work with fidelity bank PLC in Nigeria ,a great experience thing to me being among in one of most economy growth banking in Nigeria"

Business Development officer (Former Employee) says

"marketing plans and meetings, cold calls and reports. Cons: long hours"

Customer Service Executive (Current Employee) says

"It could be fun to work shifts but the craziest part is where you have to work two nights at a row after working five full shifts, and then you get just two days off work."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor work environment, low motivation, lack of promotion and poor management of staff. Cons: Very long hours"

Accounts relationship officer (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is a pressure filled day to meet expected target. I have learnt to be focus and hard working. Management has a lot to do for them to meet current competition"

Industrial Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Interacted with customers and fellow employees which helped to improve my confidence and also gave me a useful insight into the financial markets and how financial corporations work. Cons: Long hours"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I found processes archaic and rigid. staff did not have a sense of belonging and were not promoted as at when due.They were aggrieved and this affects productivity. however, staff are amazing and are customer oriented Cons: overtime with no pay"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"I worked at Berenberg Bank full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Leadership does not have time for you and there is no structure around career development. Not a clear structure of power and collaboration is lacking."


"I have been working at Berenberg Bank Cons: Es gibt viele nette Kollegen hier, aber leider auch genau soviel solche, wessen Kompetenzen mit Schwierigkeiten gerade mal das Durchschnittsniveau erreichen, sich aber viel zu sehr von sich überzeugt sind. Intrigen, Mobbing, Cliquen-Bildungen, volles Programm. Die Fluktuationen der Mitarbeitern widerspiegeln das Betriebsklima."

woistmeineLV says

"Wow. I have the loan number. THEY DONT TELL ME HOW MUCH I OWN THEM. INSANE. i wanted covid aid- not possible. I think i stop paying that. Ir is too much bad costumor service. Only rude 26 years old treating you as if you were their slave. I am an MD PhD. worst costumor service. They ridicule you. If you say stop and act normal its all your fault. FXXXXXX (= forget) THIS!"

gffd gsdfhg says

"Terrible - Fledgling business and they locked my new business account (after i transferred my balance in) for 'Review' for days without even informing me"

Storm66666 says

"This company & it’s partners cannot bw trusted to provode an accuratw and wffixiant service. I have prosucts with them (had) however without warning nor reason they reduced my credit limit. Contactwd CS & got a very rusedevcall handler (eventually) from N Ireland. After my conversation I am now moving banks & services."

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