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Diamonique is the brand name used by television shopping network QVC for their cubic zirconia simulated colorless diamond, simulated colored diamond, and simulated colored gemstone jewelry (cubic zirconia is a common type of gemstone substitute). QVC acquired the manufacturing facilities, proprietary technology, and trade name rights from MSB Industries, Inc. in 1988. Starting in April 2001, QVC began limited distribution of Diamonique jewelry at Target retail locations. In the 1990s, Diamonique jewelry made up approximately 5% of QVC's sales, yet as of 2017 sales have declined.

Gerberdaisy wrote a review for QVC about the purchase of THE Diamonique x Lisa Mason Sunflower Band Ring, Sterling Silver showing disappointment and regret, she added: Not what I expected, sad to say, disappointed! "I bought both the earrings and the ring in silver. Sad to say, it's going back. I don't often return things for as much as I order. I usually will find some excuse not to send back. This ring is very uncomfortable, in just an hour i had it on. I couldn't stand to wear it the whole day. I usually wear a 9, but since this was a wider band I knew to size up, which I did. The size 10 was even a little snug. The quality just wasn't there. There was no sparkle, no shine at all, it looked like something I would have got out of the 25 cent gumball machines. Don't waste your money. The earrings are just ok... they are smaller then I expected, I did not look at the measurements, so that is my own fault. They are what I consider a huggable demi hoop, petite earring. IF you on the fence DO NOT DO IT!!"


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